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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday, January 19, 2019:     

D2:  I was proud of myself for mustering up the courage to go walking this morning, even when I didn’t want to.  I know it’s important, but sometimes I wonder “What’s the use?” I stopped by the group of seniors that are always there, sitting at the table, and told the joke about the Italian grandson and his grandson. They got a kick out of it.

       Not much happened today. Roger called and asked if we could take 5-10 minutes in Sunday School, explaining how to use scriptures in Family Home Evening. We gladly accepted. Roger is substituting for Bro. Black.   The girl scouts came by and I ordered my usual four boxes.  We were happily surprised when Mark and Angie dropped in. Angie wanted me to do two things: design a math poster and translate a simple story into French—"The gnus and the crocodile.” 

        I had a lot of fun with both of them. I wanted to make the poster a little special, something out of the ordinary. It wasn’t as good as I had imagined, but I still liked it. The translation was a piece of cake and I learned that a “wildebeest” is a “gnu,” in French, “un gnou.”

        Sister Doyle and I got together later on in the evening and planned out our SS lesson. We found some good quotes and then she organized who would say what. It was fun working and studying together. I made myself a Sloppy Joe for dinner and then did some reading.        


 Friday, January 18, 2019:   MK sees new doctor / Lunch & Correlation with elders/ John meets with Dr.Z at St. Marks / FEMers meet at Boskoviches’ 

D2/MK:    We were disappointed to wake up and see just a small sprinkle of snow on the ground.  Weather forecasters had made a big deal of the storm that was supposed to come last night.  Later, however, we learned that the mountains had received a ton of new snow.    
         The first part of the morning was spent cooking up our Sloppy Joes for the elders’ lunch. Sister Doyle spent a long time washing up the utensils, pots and pans from yesterday’s lunch preparations and serving, and I did some vacuuming and set the table.  

       She set off at 10:15 for her appointment with her new primary care doctor at Alta View Hospital. She didn’t return until  almost 12:00: 

          I was met by a young lady with an offer of free valet parking, then, inside, 4th floor,  I met an efficient crew of young women, which included my new doctor, Dr. Tierney, the girl who took my vital statistics and double-checked my medical history and medications recorded on the computer, the girl who successfully took my blood with only one prick of the needle, and the girl who set my next appointment in six months.  It was arranged for me to have future INRs here at the Alta View lab, and a urine sample was sent off to see if I have a bladder infection.  It was a good, productive appointment. 

        The elders showed up for lunch on time and wearing new winter gloves – a gift from Eric Vaughn of the Sagecrest Ward.  They had walked from their visit with him.  They don’t ride their bikes in this weather because, not only is it too slick for the bikes, but they get wetter and colder with the additional movement!   They enjoyed everything we gave them for lunch: Sloppy Joes, chips, an applesauce cup, potato salad and their beloved mango nectar, as well as a cup of hot chocolate and the ice cream Klondike Bar.  Mom gave them a container of hamburger soup and rolls to take home for a lunch tomorrow or Sunday.  I drove them to their apartment to put it away. 

       John had texted us earlier that he had driven himself to the hospital for Dr. Z to see him, and to get a C-T scan. There would be some drain changing and he might need us to pick him up to come home.  He texted after everything, that he felt he could drive himself home.  We don’t feel very helpful, but, at the same time, we want to see him feeling well and strong enough to care for himself – we just hope there is a wisdom in what he takes upon himself.  It’s very hard to see him have to move so slow and carefully.  He makes every effort to be cheerful and positive, and it is very touching.  

        We were excited to meet with our FEM group tonight.  We had experimented earlier in the day to see which combination of juice & soda we liked the best for our contribution to the dinner.   We weren’t exactly on the same page and MK let me take it upon myself to choose and mix the drink.  I ended up picking the white grape and 7-Up.  I packed our orange sherbet, as well, and we were the first to arrive at the Boskoviches’ and I set up our drink concoction.

        Soon, we were a complete group – Todds, Johnsens, Boskos, us and Barnes!  There were hugs and the usual salutations.  We are always so excited to be together that it takes us some time to settle down to the dinner table. Sharon’s spinach lasagna was amazingly delicious as were the salad, carrots, and bread sticks. Pauline’s chocolate brownies and cream dessert was delicious. 

        After dinner we spent another hour or more for much discussion around the table!!!  Eventually, we moved to the family room and set about planning our year’s calendar, picking out dinner dates and possible group activities.  

       Karen had done a “12 Days of Christmas” for Doug – really extraordinary things-- for example, on Day 1 he received a suit of wild Christmas colors and figures!  He wore the jacket to direct two numbers in the Swiss Chorus’ Concert in Midway to the delight of the chorus members and the audience! 

       Another gift were tickets to a Donny & Marie Show in Las Vegas in February (This will be their last year of performing together in Las Vegas).  Well, that really got everyone talking!!!  And right then and there, with Karen on her iPhone, searching for airline tickets, prices and times, etc., Sharon and Pauline made reservations for the same show, same day – the six of them will have a great overnight experience at the Las Vegas Flamingo Theater!  Without the same price deal on Southwest, Sharon & Pauline decided that it would be cheaper just to drive down. 

       Then Doug Barnes suggested that we should all go to Branson some time to see the shows there. That set off a flurry of interest, too, and the whole group was for that!  He said he would look into the details and come prepared to share what he learns at our March dinner date at our house!  

        After that died down, Fred announced that we should all read the book of Dr. Line called Endowed with Power for discussion at our next get-together.  I had brought our copy and gave it a glowing review! And thus, our meeting came to an end.  Sharon surprised each couple with a box of her hand-made chocolates.  She is an excellent chocolatier!!!

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Thursday, January 17, 2019


 Thursday, January 17, 2019:      

D2/MK:   MK had put everything for the MLS luncheon together by the front door last night, so packing up was easy, though it was sprinkling.  I drove carefully so as not to spill the soup. When we got there and everything was set out, Sister Doyle looked at me and said that she didn’t think we had enough soup and would I go back and get the second pot? And just like that, I was off like a bat out of Hades. 

       Everything looked great when I got back, and we scooped out several ladles of the additional soup to bring it up to the top of the slow-cooker/crockpot to keep it hot for serving at noon.  The rolls looked inviting in the big wooden bowl.  Beth Stout had the tablecloth and her two pots of chicken noodle soup, a large platter of Costco cookies, and a cute basket of Cuties/Halos/tangerines. Bottled water was our drink.  We felt terrific about the simplicity!!! 

     We took our places in row three of a very full chapel for the two-hour MLS Training Meeting!   It was good to hear from the Cahoon couple—they make a great new Mission Presidency addition.  The Lansings came in from their missionary interviews in another part of the building.  Sister Lansing took us through the Book of Revelation at top speed, talking about the seven seals.  She pointed out that while 67 verses cover the first six seals, John dedicated 259 verses on the seventh. It was really fascinating.  We are living in a “crucial time” as Pres. Nelson has said. 

        Pres. Lansing always gives us interesting down-to-earth information about the mission, the missionaries, and mentioned the many necessary changes to prepare for the new President – a 41-year old Seventy who, with his wife, will bring six children to the mission!  He has a nice smooth delivery and it’s fun to listen to him. 

      Then we broke into our “districts’ to different rooms in the building for a half hour with our MLS coordinators, the Parkers.  We talked about visiting the Church History Library with the missionaries next week on the 23rd.  We indicated that we would be going and would take our elders. 

         We adjourned to the room where we had set up the luncheon.  It was well received and it was delicious and most of us ate a bowl of each. 

        The rain was beginning to come down hard when we started putting things back into the car.  We were glad to get back to our warm house!  We transferred everything inside and awaited the carpet cleaner.  Just as he came, I got a Facetime from Clark!  I chatted with him in the front room while MK told the man what she wanted downstairs. When Clark signed off, I checked everything out and the carpet looked really good. 

       Mom was concerned about (1) a major snow storm forecast for tonight and tomorrow, and me without snowboots, (2) lunch for the elders tomorrow, with a sloppy joe menu, (3) a special drink for the FEM dinner at Dan & Sharon’s tomorrow at 6:30, with juice & soda, (4) refill at the pharmacy.  SO she was anxious that we go to Walmart – her list included ingredients for each concern – I bought a nice pair of hiker boots (waterproof, leather & flexible) and we got all we would need for the other concerns, as well!  It was a productive hour.  We got home at 7:00 really tired.  It was great to get home!                        


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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Wednesday, January 16, 2019:     


D2:  I awoke at 3 and couldn’t get back to sleep. The more I tried, the more sleep fled from me. I wasn’t getting any oxygen, so I checked the bubbler and sure enough, the lid wasn’t fastened tightly.  I fixed that and began breathing again and got a few minutes sleep.


      Eventually, I dressed warmly and went out to shovel the walk of a bit of new-fallen snow. I also took out our trash and recycle bins and picked up the newspaper.  


       We went through our normal routines, got dressed and picked up the elders at 9:45 to go to the Flat Iron Mesa building for our multi-district councils.  We are 4 districts, each meeting in separate rooms.  We were greeted by our Zone Leaders at the entrance – Elder Bretschnieder’s new companion is our Elder Reyes.  Our new District Leader is Elder Lewis with Elder Carroll.  He was a little nervous as our new leader, but all went well.   Elder Ems’ has a new companion but we didn’t his name. Elder Mounce’s training was about the importance of “unity” in a companionship and Elder Lewis’s training was “love” as the greatest commandment.  AND then we had our role plays—Mounce and Foderaro OYM’d us first and then we OYM’d them.  We critiqued each other’s presentations…neither of us was up to much.  Sister Lansing dropped in to give more info about the Mission visit to the Church History Library (our zone will attend on the 23rd).  Our elders asked if they could go up with us.  Yes.  The elders and sisters had an “Expectations” meeting afterwards but said they could get a ride home.


        We changed and I picked up Larry McCleary for his doctor’s appointment at Lone Peak Hospital. After I dropped him off, Sister Doyle and I went to her doctor to get her INR – 2.1 and she is to continue the same dosage and schedule for two weeks then return to have her blood tested again.


      Then we raced out to see Kevin and pick up a bag we had left at his house on Sunday.   We went inside and said hello to his business associates – bosses and co-worker, JD.


    We stopped next at Costco to buy some paper plates & bowls, and rolls for tomorrow’s MLS luncheon.


        We ended up at Walmart where we did some produce for the for the hamburger/vegetable soup for the luncheon. I checked my phone and found that I had walked 1.4 miles in spite of not hitting the mall.  


     At home, Mom cooked the hamburger (I broke it up into a fine end product) then sat in front of the TV downstairs at a card table to cut up carrots, celery, potatoes, and onions – put it all together in two pots, cooked the soup, then stored it in the fridge overnight!  


            Mary Kaye reminded me that we had a meeting with Bro. Pontes and the missionaries at 8:30, so I hurriedly dressed and off we went.  We have a new Spanish missionary in our district, Elder Western from Alaska.  It’s a fun group.We drove our elders home.  It was almost balmy (45 degrees).  Rain expected in the night and tomorrow.




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