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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday, May 24, 2018:     ,

D2:  I was up early to get ready for my technology meeting at the mission office at 8:00 am. I learned a few important things about putting videos on my iPad.  I hurried home at 9 so MK could go walking with Bette.  But Bette couldn’t go, so Mom stayed home. We both continued our reading in The Chronicles, looking for spelling and grammar errors and thinking about suggestions to help the story move along.

        Sister Doyle wanted to return several outfits that she had  purchased at Shopko.  We went shopping at Walmart to buy some things for tomorrow’s luncheon with our elders. We will be serving spaghetti and a salad.  I also picked up a small apple pie for dessert.

        We left after 7 to begin our visiting.  Our first visit was on the doorstep, one of those “Thanks for coming, but we’re good the way we are.”  Our next visit with the Ovards was nice. The husband hasn’t been coming because of his Hep-C, but he knows he needs to come.  His wife is very active and directs the music in sacrament meeting.    Two families weren’t home, and at the other one, only the children were there. We’ve gone several times, but haven’t been able to find the parents!  When we got  home, we took Lincoln's BD card and present to him.  We wanted to do it last night, but they were out.

        I’ve doubled my lung pill dose, but my lungs seem to be slightly more painful than before. Our TV night was shortened because the Coroner wasn’t on and the Midsomer Murders program was one that we had already viewed.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018:     

D2/MK:   Sister Doyle picked up Bette at 9:30, as usual, and they went to the mall for their 3 laps.  Our front window was spotted from the early morning sprinklers, so I took some vinegar and sprayed it on and then let it sit for a while.  I then took the rough side of our sponge and tried to get off the calcium that had dissolved.  It helped, but the windows are too pitted to be saved.  

         I rested a while and then took my oxygen tank up the street.  It’s uphill so it’s a bit more strenuous.  I didn’t meet anyone, but enjoyed the fresh air and the exercise.  I was supposed to take the elders to their interviews at the mission office at 10:55, but when I got back to the house, the car wasn’t there – the ladies are usually just an hour – where were they?   Then I looked down the street and saw Mom parked at Bette’s and they were just talking!   I walked down to them, hopped in with my oxygen tank in back, and announced that we just had a couple of minutes to get the elders!  We tooled over to the elders’ place, then got a text reminding me they were waiting at the stake center!   We made it to the Mission Office with time to spare!  

        MK and I came home and made ourselves busy I read the paper until the elders called for a ride home.  Sister Doyle stayed home to continue printing off the rest of the April blogs!!!!!  Finished!!!!!  

       After dropping them off at their bikes at church, I went back to Wendy’s and got her a Baconator.  She needs red meat every two or three days.  I got myself the four-for-four deal (small burger, four small chicken nuggets and a tiny serving of fries and a small drink) with a free Frosty to boot.  We ate while watching another episode of Crossing Lines.  The final scene  revealed a lesbian relationship.  That’s our last time watching!!!!!  Stupidity.  

        I’ve given myself a schedule to translate one chapter of the French booklet per day and review whatever number of pages in The Chronicles that I can in a certain time period.  I’m finding fewer errors as I get deeper into the book.  Mary and I are at about the same point.  

        After a dinner of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, I dressed up, as did Mary.  We were to meet at 8:00 with Bro. Pontes and the other three tams of missionaries.   We stopped by Virginia’s house first to check on her, and she was glad to talk.  We gabbed until 7:55 and then went to the Flint chapel to meet with the group.  We had a very productive meeting and found out that the Galena Branch Ward Missionary Leader is on fire, doing all the right things, while our WML’s are just the opposite.  It’s been very hard on Elders Bowen and Queiroz not to have the support they need to be successful.  We brain-stormed a bunch of ideas and will come back next week to find out more.  These weekly meetings have been “ordered” by Pres. Lansing and his counselors!





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Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018:     Mall/street walking, last laser treatment,

D2/MK:  Sister Doyle got a call from Bette Brown saying that was free to go walking earlier than usual. MK got dressed and picked her up around 8:30...3 laps.  I struck out on my own with my oxygen in tow somewhat later.  I only walked 1.8 miles in our neighborhood, then showered and shaved and got ready for the day.

        We left for the Granger Clinic at 11:15 and Mary Kaye was taken right in for her laser treatment.  I watched Marley and Me while waiting and found it relatively cute.  On the way home we stopped at the Subway on 7th East (The one near Smith's on 13th has closed down, for heaven's sake) and got the special 2 for 1 deal.  We ate in front of our TV.  The missionaries called and asked if I could take them to their P-Day activity at 3:20.  Sure!

        We watched Crossing Lines while we ate.  I kept my eye on the clock and left to pick up the elders. I transported them to Mt. Jordan where they played “Lightning” basketball, lining up to shoot free throws and then having to put their misses back in before the next guy does, etc..  They texted me around 4:30 and I went back to retrieve them.

       When I got home, the two of us went shopping. We stopped at Walmart first to get  new sheets for our bed.  I had worn a tear in the bottom sheet with my rough heels!  We had purchased them from Costco but Mary never liked them because the top sheet seemed too small.  We paid a lot for the 600 count weave today and hope they'll be an improvement.  We went up to Smith’s from there to buy milk, potatoes, bananas, and some personal stuff for MK.

        I spent the rest of the evening doing two things:  translating the first story in Ann Beus’ temple book into French and reviewing, correcting Steve Hanson’s book, The Chronicles.  I was pleased with myself for the focus I maintained and the progress I made.  I finally felt as though I had accomplished something.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018:   

D2/MK:  We picked up the elders at 9:45 for our usual district meeting. The zone leaders, Elders Richards and Horne, were with us today – but, we were missing the Christensen couple. In the accountability portion of the meeting, we chose Virginia again – she says she wants to get a temple recommend, but hasn’t made an appointment with the bishop and doesn’t attend church.  The suggestions focused on getting her to understand the importance of attending sacrament meeting first!

        Afterwards, we took the elders to Subway for lunch. They each had a gift card (a family had given them instead of a dinner, and the elders saved the cards for today).  Both got 12-inchers.  We contented ourselves with the 6-inchers and shared a drink.

        When we got home we found we had missed the oxygen delivery man by ten minutes.  I gave the office a call and he returned half an hour later with seven tanks, five large and two small.  I use the large ones for walking.  

        I spent the rest of my afternoon reviewing The Chronicles and translating Bible stories into French. Both tasks keep me busy and I feel good about achieving something.  I also went through the video library on my iPad to find short videos appropriate for teaching both children and adults.  I found several and downloaded them.  Mom is reading and commenting on The Chronicles, too.

         At 4:30, we found ourselves in front of the Leaser house, knocking loudly on the door.  After a long time, Karmyn finally came out.  Her mother, who had confirmed the meeting earlier, was nowhere to be seen.  We gave her a short lesson on the porch. Sister Doyle sat next to her and held our iPad so she could watch a short video about the Word of Wisdom.   She said Mom has not called the bishop about taking part in Sunday’s stake baptism.  Well, it’s Memorial Day weekend. 

        We left for the Hale Center Theater about 6:45 to see “Music Man.”  We parked on the top level, near the elevator.  The show was wonderful!  It was very uplifting, and we found ourselves clapping, tapping our toes, and humming some of the tunes in our minds.   We had our picture taken to post on Mark & Chanelle’s phone to thank them for the tickets!  They responded from Disneyland!  We are pleased to see that The Scarlet Pimpernel is returning in September.  The Wallaces have raved about that forever!

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

 Sunday, May 20, 2018:     Jordan River Temple Rededication / Mary downloads her dad's novel to iPads / Steph comes and we all visit on lawn  

D2/MK:  We decided to go to the 9:00 session of the rededication, thinking that most people would want to sleep in.  We were there at the prescribed 30 minutes early and found that a great many had had that same idea because they had to add chairs in the back (into the cultural hall) to accommodate everyone!  We sat in the chapel next to Dale & Jaylene Brinkerhoff on the west side, second to the last row, enjoying the reverence.  Some people had brought reading materials, but I just closed my eyes and meditated.  .  

        We enjoyed the hour and a half experience as we suppose all of you did, too.  Sister Doyle really liked the temple president’s wife’s (Sharon Schaefermeyer) talk about “remembering” and wishes she could get a copy to accompany our framed “remember” we gave to our kids for Christmas.  It was a wonderful meeting with short, meaningful talks!  The actual re-dedication prayer was interesting in that Pres. Eyring took lines from the original prayer, which seemed appropriate! 

        We changed our clothes at home, ate salads for lunch, and then Sister Doyle, in her rocker, slept through Batman Rising and everything that followed.  I watched it, and while doing so, a storm warning came up on the screen.  I went upstairs to check the outdoors, and sure enough, the skies were dark, and the wind was blowing hard.  I didn’t see any hail, though, which had been predicted.  Later, the news said that there had been areas of high winds and heavy rains. 

        Unable to download Steve Hanson’s new book on my Kindle, I called Mary to ask for her help!  She said she & Matt would be over after dinner.  We noticed that Stephi had come, was parked out front, and was sitting with Aubrey on their lawn, so Sister Doyle took our one lawn chair over to join them!  Steph had seen one car and assumed we weren’t home.  Soon John and Matt joined them, while Mary and I went up to our computer room to see what could be done with the Hanson novel.   We ditched the Kindle idea and decided to put it on our two iPads.  Mary made it look easy!  She and I joined the conversation across the street until M & M felt the need to get home.  The sun had gone down and it was getting very COLD.  

        I read up to page 63 in The Chronicles, making notes, correcting punctuation and grammar, and giving suggestions.  By then, it was 11:00, and I had to stop.  Mom had turned off her computer and gone to bed by 11, too.  It had been a very relaxing day. 


Saturday, May 19, 2018:    Peterson Mission Reunion. 

D2/MK:  Though I got up after Sister Doyle this morning, I felt relaxed and refreshed.  My To-do list was dependent on my lawn being mown, so I didn’t get much done because Oliver was still on his scout camp. 

       We drove to the Deseret Book store in Draper, and Mom bought a couple white hankies for the temple Hosannah shout.  They’re quite pretty with the Jordan River Temple embroidered on them.  I met a fellow teacher from Hillcrest working there, and he updated me on the new construction of Hillcrest High School!  I was surprised.

       I called Andy to see where to take Lily’s belated birthday card, and he suggested meeting him at Costco on 10400 South & Bangerter – Lily was on a Fun Run for something.  We parked alongside each other and had a long talk and found out that Ashley and her boyfriend have broken up and she is coming home – a road trip with her mom.  It’s assumed she’ll stay with her mother & Keven in Springville when she gets here.  Wow!  Andy was on his way to meet Steph at his house with Jared’s truck to pick up the guestroom bed and take it for use in her spare room for guests.  Lily is moving her bed and stuff into their “guestroom” for her own bedroom so Camie’s two daughters can move into Lily’s present room.  The two brothers will make Oakley’s old room theirs.     

       I vacuumed the car yesterday and took it to the car wash today.  I dried it off and it looks quite nice. The Jarvises picked us up at 1:30 and off we went to Highland for the Peterson era mission reunion.  It was fun being together with a few senior couples (Wirthlins, McGurks, and newlywed Mo Gardner, Jarvis, Doyle) and some of the younger missionaries that we knew while we were there Chae & Amanda Gardner, Kade Hansen & wife, Kevin Bellamy & Soeur Rachel Hammond, Elders Hendricks and Goins, Soeurs Wiseman, Simmons, Quinn – some with spouses and children.  It was a good time, good hot dogs and hamburgers, too – holding it at the park was a great idea.  I was having so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures!  McGurks want to know when we go to see the Barnes in Willie Wonka and go with us.  

        After settling in, I went downstairs and changed the furnace filter. Although installed in November of 2017, it wasn’t very dirty.  I put the new one in anyway.   

       I heard the mower going and I looked out to see Oliver mowing the lawn!  He’d had a fun time with the scouts.   I crossed the street to talk to Aubs and stayed for a long time. She loved the embroidered handkerchief that we bought for her.  

       Later on, I poured the Weed ‘n’ Feed into the spreader and fertilized the three lawns.  I was exhausted when I finished, but I didn’t want to give the weed a chance to get a foothold in our backyard. I cleaned up and then turned on the sprinklers to soak the fertilizer into the soil.


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