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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2014:   MK walks a mile / D2 golfs with Steve / We see Lana greet 3 princesses / Dinner out

D2:  I was up early and worked on my (difficult) crossword this morning. Thursdays are usually really hard, but doable, and I was pleased at how far I got.  I took my golf sweater with me and made my way to Forest Dale where I met Steve Gillespie who had just arrived, as well.  We enjoyed a great round of golf, hitting both brilliant and mediocre shots, alternately.  The weather was rather chilly at first and I was glad that I had that Pebble Beach pullover with me.  But around the fifth hole, things turned warmer and I shed it. He and Connie are leaving for Oregon tomorrow, so I gave him a hug and bid him farewell.  They had had dinner last night with Judy & Reiner.

        Back home, I contented myself with a PB&J sandwich and some cookies for lunch and watched some TV to relax.

        We relaxed until 5:30 and then headed south to Spanish Fork for the “Make-A-Wish” official announcement that they will be sending Lana and her family, all expenses paid, to Orlando, Florida, to DisneyWorld!!!!!

       We were plenty early and after a while, Janell’s family began arriving – two parents, three sisters & families and one brother and family.  The three Disney princesses (with 2 officials from the organization) came a little after seven with large Disney character princess balloons and a princess outfit for Lana and another for her doll!  She wasn’t too shy about putting it on and even went to each princess quite willingly.  The “princesses” stayed in character and the cousins were enthralled…even the boys – for a half hour photo op!

        The second event of the evening occurred after the Princesses left -- a birthday party for Lacy & Adam’s 4-year old twin daughters!  We said our goodbyes and stopped by the Arctic Circle for dinner. Yes, we could have gone to any number of places, but MK was struck by the thought of halibut!!!  While ordering, I was shocked to see an old friend, Dwayne Wheatley, the coach of Wasatch HS, come in after us!  They had just played Spanish Fork and were on their way home.  We chatted and exchanged stories off and on before leaving for home.  I have some great friends through my soccer years as coach and referee!!!

        Then as we rode home, Clark called and said he was going to try to set up an early tee time for tomorrow. Roger called, too, and said he would be content to play at our local ghetto course, Pebblebrook.  It’s not too bad, but is a little run-down.  Earlier I had had a long conversation with Janell’s dad about some great courses we had each played over the years!!! 

      Mom left her purse at the house – hopefully, Kev will remember to bring it with him in the morning to work, then we’ll drive that short distance to get it.  He and Janell are mourning the unexpected death of a dear friend in the neighborhood/ward--just 35 (pulmonary embolism(?)  He and Kev were just made home teaching partners.  Janell is going thru a box of the family's photos to put together a "story" for the day of the funeral!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016:   Walked with Bette / MK Dabbles / D2 practices golf / Angie & Levi come over / John visits with Dad

D2:  I was a little tired and sore after yesterday’s games, but I woke up with a list of things to do.  I took out the trash and recycling bins, washed the Altima windows, made a poster for Angela, and wrote Uncle John, thanking him for a pair of sunglasses that he sent me from Guam (still not sure why).  I love getting things done and feeling productive. 

        I called my good friend Charlotte (former French teacher at Copper Hills) and asked her if I could visit her at her new school, Skyridge.  I was there yesterday for soccer.  I went to Mulligan’s in the late afternoon to hit a bucket of balls, trying to improve my swing. It was a mixed bag and I’m not sure anything has changed.  Roger is working tomorrow and Clark is busy tomorrow morning, so it will be just Steve and I.

         Angie came over and was excited about her first experience of teaching French. She was pleased that it was so easy and that the kids loved it.  She said that Dallin went down to spend the night at BYU and that he has a grounds job.



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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2014:   

D2:  We chose to not go golfing this morning as planned because Steve forgot that he needed to be at the temple with his brother Harry and family marriage. Virgil can’t go tomorrow either, so we opted to cancel that date, as well.

        I got a call from Clark asking me to help give a blessing to Sister Moon, who has had a high temperature.  He was just starting his shower, so I dressed leisurely in white shirt and tie and awaited him. It was a tender experience.

       While I was still dressed up, I went to Costco for gas and some milk.  I came home and watched some golf for a while and then went to Indian Hills at 1:30 to help Angie decorate her room.  We put French labels on many classroom items along with two posters. I still have a few more items to make for her.

        I came home and got ready for my soccer matches between Skyridge and Corner Canyons. I ran a line on the varsity game and then did the center for the JV.  I felt really good being able to cover the field.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2014:   

D2:  It was fun waking up with an entire family in our house.  Cousins did not sleep in and the 6 boys were excited to be together!  They found the greatest fun under Aubrey's supervision --Legos, big and small, blocks and figures.

        Kevin went to the task of cleaning up, packing and seeing to the organizing of their stuff while Janell tended to Lana's needs and clothes-changes etc.  It was noon by the time they set off for home, having had a great "Last Hurrah" before school starts!  

        I read the SS lesson for today before getting dressed and walking down to the Wallaces’ for choir. We had a pretty good-sized group and sounded good.  Church was nice with a returned missionary from the Philippines speaking along with high councilman Bro. Tuckfield.  After Sunday School, the men all went to the chapel for the stake priesthood meeting. Our own young Anthony Colunga spoke and did a great job.

        Steve Young and I went home teaching immediately after church to Missy and Chloe Crandall.  They were very glad to see us and we enjoyed our half hour visit.  Mom made me a delicious super taco for dinner and I watched golf downstairs.

        John came over later and we gabbed for a long time about his kids and soccer. They are really busy! We finished off the evening with our usual lineup of British mysteries—Inspector Lewis and The Tunnel.  Both were season-enders.

        I got a tee time for Steve, Clark, Roger and me at 10:15 on Monday at Murray Parkway and another at Forest Dale on Tuesday.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2014:   

D2:  We were going golfing today, so I drove up to Schneiter’s to hit a small bucket of balls.  Roger picked Clark and me up 9:30. We met Steve at Murray Parkway and played the back nine. Not only do we keep score, but we play a game called “Wolf,” where one player chooses a partner for one hole and they play against the other two.  It adds another level of competition and ups the fun.  I shot a 52 and tied for first. Clark and I walked the course, while Steve and Roger rode carts. My iPhone says I walked 4.2 miles!

          I came home and relaxed by watching golf on TV.  I was so relaxed that I missed my appointment with Dr. Vosti!  MK spent time going through letters written in the first half of the year 1970 (our final months in Naples).  Her exerpts were wonderfully informative and interesting.  Since her stroke, though, her typing skills have been lost, so the work is painstakingly time-consuming.  She and Bette had gone walking at 8:30, then she showered, washed her hair and set it, then it was almost noon.  I went to Arby's for our two sliders for lunch.

          Young Lakely and her mom came over to the house at 4:30 for some French tutoring. She’s taking an online course from BYU, which, like most foreign language classes, is virtually useless, but she’s smart and will read what I wrote for her.

        We had planned on delivering some pots, pans and cash to Dallin, but the family went to the movies.  Earlier in the day Lauren interviewed Grandma over the phone about her teen years -- job, fun, prices etc.

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