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Monday, December 10, 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018:   

D2/MK:     I was just starting to eat breakfast when the elders called, needing a ride to Walmart at 8:10.   I quickly gulped down my cereal, donned my P-day clothes and was off.   While they shopped, I walked around the store to put in my steps: .77 mile. Hardly enough to worry about.  After dropping them at their apartment afterwards, I hustled over to Costco to fill up the Forester.   It was down to one bar.

             Upon my return, I ate breakfast and suggested that Sister Doyle get her nails done early…she had thought she’d go after my visit to the chiropractor.  But I couldn’t get in today with Dr.Mark, so she called and they could take her immediately.  She dressed in a flash and was off!   She had a nice chat with “John” who told her why he came to America from Vietnam, after a year as a refugee in the Philippines.  Because of the corrupt elite in the government – no humanitarian rights.  He loved his country but felt unsafe and fearful all the time. 

             His wife Anna gave Mary her pedicure and remarked that she wasn’t wearing her missionary badge and wondered if her mission was over –  oops, she had had to rush off so quickly that she hadn’t thought about it!   Anna asked about Lauren, of course. MK threw out her only Vietnamese word – Bao!  They talked about the scary storms that come up.

        I brought in the flag, left out since Friday, and put it away.   We ate a late lunch while watching the last episode of Battle Creek and enjoyed it immensely.   At 5:00, the elders asked if they could bring the Beardahl  girls over to our house to be taught. Sure!  I cleaned up the front room, got dressed up, and looked for an appropriate video to show.

            The elders arrived and set up their white board for the presentation of the Plan of Salvation. When the girls didn’t arrive, Elder Mounce texted them. Their parents wouldn’t let them come because “it was dark outside and wasn’t safe.”   We need to introduce ourselves to them one day so they will know who we are and maybe offer to pick up the girls and take them home. .Hmmm…  They rescheduled for Wednesday before Young Women at 6:00. Not wanting to waste their time, Elder Mounce had his comp practice teaching the Plan of Salvation using the white board.  After a while, I went down and offered them the rest of the brownies. They accepted with great gusto.

            Tomorrow we have our zone conference at the Mission Office, 9:30-3:00!  Bradshaws invited us to the Bar J Wranglers performing at UVU.  Yes.    



 Sunday, December 9, 2018:       

D2/MK:   We were up and dressed for our 8:00 missionary meeting with Stake President Monson, Bro. Pontes, and the six elders working in our area – two teams of Spanish elders and no longer any sisters, plus us and our Elders Mounce and Foderaro.   Pres. Monson served enormous, perfect homemade cinnamon rolls and milk.  He gets a report from each team, shares thought and gives encouragement.  Bro. Pontes had a list of the baptisms this year in the mission with the foreign country each came from – he sent a copy to us.  It is marvelous – a reminder that prophesies are being fulfilled. 

            I took sister Doyle home and then went to the Edgemont Ward Council at 9:00.  They asked about Brittany Russell and Virginia Frese.  I reported that we hadn’t seen either in several weeks but would do so as soon as possible.  We are actually trying to get Virginia to the temple. 

            Mary Kaye was to speak in Canyon Rim Ward sacrament meeting, so naturally we went there at 11:00.   Teen Lexus Beardahl gave a nervous talk (for which she had not prepared).  She is a recent convert, so has had no training nor experience in the expectations of giving talks…she giggled and shook and repeated “we should read the scriptures.”  It was sad.  Then Barcy Burns talked about the importance of church attendance. 

        Mom did a wonderful job filling in the rest of the time, speaking on her assigned topic, “scripture study.”  Earlier in the week, in the middle of the night, she felt inspired with exactly what she would say – the following day she typed it out word for word, then read through it each day, wondering about adding or subtracting anything, but felt strongly that it was complete as first written.  When she read it through slowly and like she had an audience, it was always 15 minutes long (as recommended by Steve Morrison).  She was pleased and relieved.  She’ll add the copy to the printed blog for the journal. 

            We attended Gospel Doctrine class then the joint meeting for all adults, concerning what to expect with the new schedule for church in the new year.  Our meeting time will be from 12-2. 

        At 4:30, we packed up for FHE Talent Night at Andy and Camie’s house – frozen cranberry salad, Grandma’s “talent” (a sample family journal from 1999).  She printed off several sample birthday envelopes of my pretty calligraphy that could show for my talent.  Oliver and Lincoln noticed our departure was going to be a bit sooner than that of their parents and asked if they could come with us.  Sure. 

        As usual, the place was decorated beautifully, outside and in.  Andy's collection of nativities was special.  And the furniture was moved around to accommodate everyone seated for the meal, then for the talent show.  The food was great – Andy’s specialty, roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, Costco rolls, bottles of pop or water, Mom’s salad, and dessert of brownies ala mode. 

We were missing  Janell (Mitchell ladies at Disneyland), Dallin, Emma and Adam, but Oakley brought Ellie (they were dressed in matching elf-like PJ’s) and Ashley and Carson brought Parker, Capri and Ryan. 

The talent was superb: 

·         Angela read the story, “Dress for Ellen.” It was quite touching.

·         Sam performed three magic tricks, fooling us all.

·         Gabe played a beautiful, lengthy, complicated, original composition on the piano

·         Noah did some impressive, fancy, quick footwork with a soccer ball.

·         Ashley sang a lovely contemporary piece to Shaeda’s accompaniment on her ukulele.

·         Lily did an amazing “dance” (I don’t remember the name of the jerky style).

·         Oakley and Ellie had three complicated card tricks that stumped us

·         Lincoln played a Christmas hymn confidently on the clarinet.

·         Steph played a lovely piece on the piano

·         Lana, dressed in tutu and ballet slippers with make-up (Ashley did it) twirled, leaped, and did her arabesques.  Ryan joined her after a while.  Cute little girls

·         Rylan played a strong violin with Asher’s confident accompaniment on the piano, and Tyce recited a joke.

·         The joke got such a good response from all the adults, that the rest of the boys took the opportunity to tell one each.  They were all clever.

·         I told a couple of “shaggy dog” humorous stories; skipped the calligraphy.      .

             Several pored over the photos in Mom’s journal, but didn’t take the time to read the accompanying texts.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018:   (short version) 

D2: I took the elders early to the zone meeting at 9:00 and then came home to read some scriptures and pick up Sister Doyle.  We made it back just before 10 am. We love zone meetings because Pres. Lansing gives us up-to-date information about the church and the mission. The training usually includes some interesting videos, as well.

            Lunch was delicious, as per usual, and we sat with the Larsons and another couple whose names we can’t remember.

            After dropping the elders off, we came home to change into our civvies and relax until it was time to meet Danny and Jolene and their friends Steve and Magget (?)  at Texas Roadhouse. We ordered the early bird specials. Although I ate all my meal, Mom ate her salad but barely touched her huge amount of pulled pork and we brought most of it home. The two couples took off for UVU while we were using the restrooms and promised to save us a place. Our drive down was easy. I dropped MK off at the stairs and then had to drive a country mile to find an open parking spot. My walk back to the UCCC center was long and very difficult. When I got there, the stairs almost killed me.

            The show was pretty much the same as we had seen in Heber with our FEM friends, but they did doll it up with some beautiful Christmas songs.  They really are good musicians and singers and their show is very family friendly.

            I hadn’t remembered exactly where I had parked our car, so we wandered just a little bit. Thank heaven for beepers!  Our ride home was easy and quick and only took us half an hour!

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Saturday, December 8, 2018


Saturday, December 8, 2018:   D2 mall walks / Linc, John help with outside décor / D2 helps take down tables & chairs at church /  


D2/MK:   At 8:00, I zipped over to church to help set up chairs, but when I arrived, everything was done! Many brethren showed up and the work had gone quickly. So, I came home, grabbed my earbuds, and headed out to the mall.  I’ve never seen so many people there so early!  I was pooped when I got home.


            I texted Lincoln and asked him to help me bring out the Christmas decorations from the shed, for the front lawn. He was really helpful!  We set up the green artificial Christmas tree (formerly used as our indoor tree but the lights were no longer reliable) and reindeer.  Later, I wrapped the garland and lights around the light post. I hit the switch, and everything came on!  MK dressed up for Mary  Orwin’s  funeral, arriving for a 12:00 service, only to learn it started at 11.  Oops.


            I rested until 3 when Danny came by to pick me up and take me to the church to put the chairs and tables away. We were four: Danny, Jason Alexander, Joe Post and I.  It barely took 15 minutes. When I got home, I called John to help me with my last Christmas task for the day, putting up the colored icicle motion lights. John tied the string between our two trees and then hooked them on individually.  I still wish we had lights on our house.  I thought that I had kept them, but it appears that we have given them away. 


            We rode up to Kaysville with Angie and Mark. The “gender reveal” party was held at the large beautiful house belonging to a brother & sister-in-law of Chanelle.  Her family was there in full: 3 sisters and 4 brothers and their spouses and children, her grandma, and parents!  Mark’s 2 sisters and 4 brothers and spouses and some grandkids, plus great-grand baby, Carson came with Andy & Camie.  Us, too.  It was a very compatible group, all together!!!!!.  There was a beautiful spread of appetizers – a variety of cheeses, crackers, slices of salami, grapes and dips! 


       Then the adults were invited to sit at the lovely decorated tables downstairs, while the children were kept upstairs for pizza.  I was asked to offer the opening prayer and blessing on the food.  We had a variety of soups with rolls.  We particularly enjoyed the “white chili.”


     We sat across from Chanelle’s grandmother, Beverly Johnson and Chanelle’s parents and got better acquainted.  I tried to memorize everyone’s name, but my mind is like sieve and new information flows out of it like water.  We were grateful that group photos of both families (w/o children) were taken!  Maybe we’ll learn names eventually.


            Finally came the big moment. Mark and Chanelle cut into their cake and we could see that the inside was PINK!   It’s a girl!  Hip, hip, hooray!  We love little girls!   We learned that Chanelle had gone to a particular company that takes the ultrasound that reveals the sex of the baby in the womb, then the info is put into an envelope.  The couple hand-delivers the envelope to the specified bakery, and they, in turn bake and frost an appropriate layered cake!  So even Mark and Chanelle were surprised!  Great fun!!!


       We talked with various people for a while before leaving at 8:00.  What a fun evening!   We came straight home.  John’s family and Kev’s family went to downtown SLC, hoping to walk around and through Temple Square!!!





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