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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


 Tuesday Oct. 16, 2018:       District Council / Lunch out with Elders L & R /  visit to S. Dawes, Sauna Wms. / MK has cough 

D2/MK:  We picked up the elders at 9:45 and arrived at the district council meeting at 10:00.  We were welcomed warmly by Elders Vegamora and Jessop.  Shortly, the rest appeared. The council followed the usual agenda.  We skipped role-playing to the joy of Sisters Doyle, Winder and Murphy.  It was Elder Lyse’s last district meeting and he was given that time to bear his final testimony.  Then lots of photos were taken!  We got permission to take our elders out to lunch at the Schezwaun Chinese Restaurant – we had asked Elder Lyse what he’d prefer, Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian or Italian…we don’t get him for lunch on Friday because missionaries going home, attend the Salt Lake Temple!

       The food was very good and Sister Doyle and I each left with a box of sweet & sour chicken for tomorrow. We drove across the parking lot to Marco’s Pizza, hoping to find Stephanie Dawes working – a nice surprise from her missionaries.  However, she had called in to report her car wasn’t running and she couldn’t work today.  Instead of going straight home, we dropped by her house.

      When the Lord isn’t first in your life, that means you are taking your life in your own hands -- she has a broken car, broken water heater, and broken furnace and frozen (broken) pipes, as well as landlord problems and a brother boarding but not working.  When she does work, she has no one to watch her two sons, so she drives them a goodly distance to an elementary school in her mother’s neighborhood.  It’s heartbreaking and frustrating and maddening.  What can be done? Where does one begin?

        We got home before the 5 Star Painting guy came to apologize for the mix-up and delay on the painting of our trim.  He promised to do the job for his cost. We looked over the job together and I pointed out some problems, which he will repair, too.

        At 3:15, the missionaries called me to accompany them to a single, inactive member in the Bellview Ward.  Sauna is an older woman who claims that “Church kids aren’t allowed to play with non-member children, the Church hasn’t done enough for the gay community, and Church members follow the prophet blindly, like sheep,” pretty much the same litany of complaints that anyone not "living the commandments" makes, hoping to justify their own faults.  

        We answered her questions, and she became more friendly towards us. She has never been endowed, and I suggested that she might want to be sealed to her husband. That gave her pause for thought. She didn’t want to commit to coming to church, however.  If she does, she says it will be with her neighbor Peggy.    

        Mary has developed a horrible cough...we're quite a pair.  She didn’t want to go out.  She filled out her official ballot for mailing.


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Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Oct. 15, 2018    

D2/MK:    I got a late start on my walking today and had to cut it short—2 miles.  We wanted to be ready for our visit to Sister Lee at 11:00.  The dog announced our arrival as soon as we exited the car, but he sat quietly throughout our visit.  We stayed forty minutes and talked briefly about the temple. We left the pamphlet, “Families and Temples,” and told her to read it through to “warm up to getting herself ready her own recommend.”  She seemed totally unfamiliar with the difference between going through the Temple Open House and going through the temple for her endowment.  We’ll need Bishop’s advice.  

        We drove up to Smith’s from that visit and bought butter and eggs, apples and sandwich rolls.   It was noon, and we made our lunches.   

       The two workmen showed up and picked up where they had left off last week, installing edging and weed cover.  At 1:30, we went to meet Scott at Glover’s nursery.  It was bitterly cold, even with our jackets on.  Scott made some suggestions and pointed out some pretty perennials that he thought would go well with our scheme.  We had no objections and just chose between colors. We were happy to get back into the car!  

       Kenyon worked hard on our sprinkling system. When the plants showed up later, his dad placed them in front by the mailbox and along the front and side of the house.  After some discussion, we switched a couple plants around to accommodate the water feature, and he planted them all and added drip lines.  We have the water feature between two windows to see what it would look like.  The decorative rock will be here tomorrow and the sod on Wednesday.   Hooray!  


        We were well-prepared for our FHE with Jenn Jones and three kids, but two minutes before leaving the house, Elder Lyse called to relay a message from Jenn.  Her kids weren’t home, so our appointment needed to be changed.  I called her back and set Wednesday at 6:00.  I made a few calls for visits – Clarks will see us Thursday, Jardines prefer Monday because she’s off work, and Karlene Piper on Mumford doesn’t have a phone number listed on “LDS Tools,” so we’ll have to just drop by.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Saturday Oct. 13, 2018:    D2 busy / visit Ashley and Carson / Bookstore / BYU- Hawaii football 49-23 

D2/MK I went to Walmart and picked up an extendable curtain rod, came home and hung the bathroom curtain, then put our address numbers on the mailbox.   I was on a roll, so I returned the borrowed posthole digger to the Jensen’s house and while there, talked with Steve about his 16-year old daughter Bella.  She is institutionalized again, after an incident that occurred three weeks ago. She has several behavioral problems and a very low IQ. 

        Sister Doyle and I spent some time looking up quotes and material for our talks.  The main difficulty is our topic – missionary work.  We were both trying to find an unexpected approach.  I also designed an envelope for Lana’s birthday card (which we missed on the 2nd--a chaotic week).  

        I called Andy about Ashley to see if it would be okay to visit her and baby today.  It was Camie on the phone, and she encouraged the visit, adding that she, Andy and Ambree and Gabe were going down shortly also!  We found the small, new Timpanogus Regional Hospital and Women’s Center in Orem easily and were directed to Ashley’s room.  She looked fresh and happy and baby Carson was in her arms.  I don’t think we expected to fall in love with him instantly, but, WOW, we certainly did!!!  And he is adorable!!! 

       We stayed long enough to be there when Andy, Camie, Ambree and Gabe came – they came bearing more gifts for both mother and baby!!!  Before we prepared to leave, Parker arrived with flowers and items Ashley had specifically requested.  It was a room of happy people!!!

     We stopped at Deseret Book in Draper to buy a booklet and a teacher’s manual on temple preparation for Betty Lee.  We got a late lunch on the way home. Sister Doyle got a Son of Baconator sandwich from Wendy’s, and I heated up the last of the chowder from Friday’s lunch. 

        We worked on our talks and recorded the BYU-Hawaii game, then at 9:00 we watched the best football game from BYU in many, many years.  What a thrill.   It was so fun to see the Cougars get off to a fantastic start under the hands of our young, freshman quarterback, Zach Wilson – a graduate from Corner Canyon High School in Draper.  He was fabulous.  This was such an amazing feeling for fans that it’s disappointing to have a bye next weekend – we want more!!! 

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

 Sunday Oct. 14, 2018:     Speak in Sego Lily Ward / MLS visit to Janalyn Schab / game night with the family   


D2/MK  I was up relatively early and worked on my talk.  I woke Mom at 8:00 and she had just enough time to dress and fix her hair and face before we needed to leave for Sego Lily’s 9:00 sacrament meeting.   From the stand we realized just how many members were part of the old Ninth Ward of the 70’s.  It was amazing, and the friendships are deep.  

       Sister Doyle talked about the “gathering of Israel and the “covenant path.”  I focused on the importance of missionary work.  After the meeting, LaRae Summers, Donna Johnson, the Rogers couple and Janalyn Schab came up to the stand to hug and welcome us.  Janalyn was the soloist today in the choir’s “Because I have been given Much.”  I became a friend of Janalyn years ago, when the stake put on the production of “Pirates of Penzance,” and we’ve been in many stake choir performances over the years.  Her name was given to us by Bishop Knecht to visit, but we’ve been unsuccessful. Today  we made a rendezvous to visit her at 4:30.  Then on our way out, Sister Hever-Horst caught up to us, She was eager to tell me that years ago she had had a conversation with me about her teenage daughter Ariel as to whether or not she should go to Hillcrest’s IB program and that it had proved to be the stepping stone to great educational decisions!  She excelled at Hillcrest, then at the U, then at Harvard, where she is completing work on her PhD (Intelligence & cyber…).   

       At 11:00 we attended the Canyon Rim Ward because Lexus was being confirmed.  Her mother and sisters were with her.  Bishop John was in attendance, which thrilled ward members.  He had instructed his counselors and leaders to not make too much of it. He was weak and stayed just for sacrament meeting.

       Justin Hosman taught his final Gospel Doctrine Class – he and his wife have found a house and will be moving.  We’re disappointed.  Bette led our discussion in Relief Society about the four invitations Pres. Nelson gave to the women of the Church. 

        At 2:45 I went to ward choir practice!  Sister Lydia Black is our new chorister. She does a nice job. I was able to sing without coughing. 

        At 4:30, we knocked on Janalyn’s door and were welcomed in.  She explained her situation to us and we were relieved to know that she has been active and wants to be re-baptized at the bishop’s approval. She said that we could come to visit at any time and we left with a hug.  She encouraged me to join the stake choir tonight in preparation for stake conference. 

        Things started popping around 5:30 when families started arriving for tonight’s get-together.  There had been text messages between them all, agreeing to meet at our house for a “game night.”  We were the Vostis, Mark & Chanelle, Steph, Kev and family, Andy and family, Matt and three sons and John and his family.   

       Stories were told, and the laughter was almost non-stop. We sang “Happy Birthday” to Lana and delivered our overdue card & cash.  She coyly told Grandma that she’d like a present – nothing in the way of clothes, but a toy.  The toy she has in mind is a stuffed animal like the one she gave to a friend this week. Hmmm....where to find it?

       Soon we were all engaged in a rousing game of “Catch Phrase” in a circle. Although we started as boys against the girls, eventually, we were too excited to hold back and we quit keeping score and just blurted out our guessing on each clue!!!  Asher, Oliver and Nixon joined the adults. 

        Sister Doyle mixed up a bowl of batter with which to make crêpes.  Everyone loves crêpes – we used the last of our eggs and we only had enough for one each.  We’re hoping they’ll make them at their individual Home Evenings. Kevin said that Rylan has been interested in making crêpes, so Grandma invited him to make a few tonight.  He watched her do one, then made about a dozen! Great!  

 Suddenly, I got a text from Janalyn. They needed tenors! And off I went to support the stake.  I went from 7:30-8:30 with my oxygen turned up and did an okay job of learning/singing the two songs. I was surprised (and pleased) at my lack of coughing.  When I returned, everyone was packing up for home – school tomorrow. Mom made herself a sandwich and I fixed myself a Sloppy Joe for our late, late dinner.   Mom watched recorded shows, Durells in Corfu and Poldark, while I wrote a skeleton blog for Saturday and Sunday, hoping she’ll flesh in the details and forgotten facts tomorrow. 

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