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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Monday, December 5, 2022:


            At 5:00 in the morning, I got a bloody nose – I got up to treat it, rather than trying to take care of it while in bed.  It took about an hour and a half . . . I really appreciate the nose clamps I was given months ago when I went to the ER for just such a nose bleed!  I played my Monday game challenges on the computer to help me stay upright and awake.  Then I finished my Sunday blog and posted it.  Rylan and Tyce did a good job with their blogs, so I copied and pasted them to my own.  I started the reading of the Book of Mormon anew for this new year.  I didn’t get far into the first chapter before my whole body experienced tiredness!  I returned to my bed for an hour and a half.  I was not alert even while awake and accomplished little. 
            At 1:00 I cooked a pork chop (2 skinny ones) to go along with mashed potatoes and creamed corn.  It was a wonderful lunch!!!  I watched the finale of “DoDoSolSolLaLaSol” – Hey, I was not expecting that ending – rather unbelievable but . . .why not?
            I slept for another hour in my rocker, then went upstairs to sleep in my bed.  When I got up, I felt almost good and got involved with wrapping the grandchildren gifts.  Great feeling having that well underway!  I watched some of my recorded programs – among them was Jeopardy when winner Cris won on this 21st day!  Amazing!!!


I love these words from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf: “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before.” 



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Monday, December 5, 2022

 Sunday, December 4, 2022:  Happy 13th Birthday, Nixon /  Church / Matt, Noah, Steph, Angie Mark, cousin Will, John, Aubs, Oliver, Lincoln, Nixon, Andy came to set up Christmas

            I was happy to see a dry day, leaving my car clear of ice or snow.  I tried to listen to a podcast on the subject of today’s Sunday School lesson, but I wasn’t able to concentrate, so I left without any preparation on the three small books Nahum, Habbukuk, and Zephaniah!  Bette and I went together to church, as usual.  She mentioned having talked with Ellen yesterday on the phone.  Ellen had been to see her doctor the other day for the results of tests she had had regarding the shaking in her hands.  The previous doctor had dismissed it as a common thing that often comes with age, but his P.A. took it more seriously and had the tests done . . . results show Parkinson’s.  Bette said that Ellen just stated it without comment or emotion.
            We had the sacrament portion, then a baby blessing of a new young couple, the Hortons on Sego Lily Drive.  They moved in 9 months ago.  The husband had been introduced as newly-called, with Bro, James, to teach the Boys Achievement Days --is that a Sunday School class now, for ages 8-12?  I need to ask. Testimony meeting came next and was very nice.  Sunday School class was large.  I wanted to listen and learn but I could only think that if it were my lesson, I would be disappointed – I worry so much about my role as “facilitator of discussion” . . . 
    "Whatever our church calling we can pray to Heavenly Father for guidance and direction.  We will be guided in matters large and small."  PRES. NELSON

             After class I found Bro. Guymon in the foyer to hand him my “Gift of Love” contribution.  Instead of cash, we’ve been asked to buy gift cards, preferably from Walmart or Target, in amounts less than $25.  I was excited I remembered yesterday when I passed the display of gift cards before checking out at Walmart.
            When I got to my own driveway, after dropping Bette at home, I was surprised to see Steph’s car and Matt’s behind hers!  How exciting!  Noah had come with his dad to pick up their 3 Advent Calendars.  Steph had brought leftover croissants and scrambled eggs from yesterday’s ward Christmas breakfast, which was catered by Kneader’s!!!  We each had one.  She and Matt had been in a deep discussion when I came in, so I went upstairs to change my clothes while they wrapped up what they were saying.  Matt opened the cans of peaches for me and Steph helped me cut up the sliced peaches, making 2 9x13 pans.  (I’ll take the 2nd one to Friday’s ward Christmas party (bring a dessert to share).  I had mixed the crisp before going to Church, so putting it together was a snap.
             Matt & Noah didn’t stay long because they were having a special dinner to celebrate Sam’s birthday (Nov 28) and Emma and Adam were coming from Provo.  Interestingly. Emma was told she could invite her beau to come with her, but she said she’d rather have him come to the Doyle FHE because there would be a more fun atmosphere for his 1st look at her family!
             Shortly after the 2 left, Angela, Mark, Finn, and Mark’s cousin, Will, with small dog, Bella, came!  Will is from Monterey Bay, California – he had been to visit his sister, mother and others in Colorado and stopped at Vostis’ before returning home.  It was his first time actually stopping in Utah.  I really liked him almost immediately – he felt like a long-time friend.  From our house, they were going to Temple Square.  Angela put the autumn wreath, basket of flowers and pumpkin to storage and set out the moose and Jingle!
             John, Aubrey and three boys came in next!  Pictures were taken.  Oliver went straight to the dining room table with Boggle, anticipating a rousing game.  First, though, his brothers brought up the Christmas tree and tote with the plush toys to decorate it.  John and Aubs put it together, then Steph and Aubrey fluffed the branches, after which, John and Step joined Oliver was several competitive rounds of Boggle!  Nixon opened his birthday card from me!  We all had a bowl of peach crisp. Tall Oliver put anta hat on tree top!
             When that family left, Andy came in.  He had the weekend alone with Camie going to Idaho with her sisters to celebrate one of them turning 40, and Ambrie & Gabe going overnight with their dad.  He hadn’t been idle – he had swept, dusted and mopped around the construction in the house and PLAYED SANTA FOR 2 PARTIES – his ward breakfast and another’s ward party!!!
             He, Steph and I visited for an hour and a half or more, discussing a million things.  I listened, for the most part, because they are both so interesting!  It was almost 9:00 when they said their goodbyes.

             I refilled my pillbox and watched “Rookie,” while starting my blog.   Watched #1 & #2 of The Chosen!  It was 12:30 when I went to bed.         


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Sunday, December 4, 2022

                  Byu loses to South Dakota / shopped / someone cleared my snowy driveway!

Saturday, December 3, 2022:  

            Cold, overcast and dry.  I thought I could get around in that weather comfortably – once I swept the snow from my car’s front window!  I put on my snow Crocs, gloves, sweatshirt and scarf, broom in hand, and brushed the icy snow from the car – it took a lot of back-and-forth-from side-to-side and-in-and-out of the car to get the job done!!!  Then I drove to Dollar Tree first, hoping for a matching Thanksgiving glass to replace the one I accidently broke, but no such luck, although they did have matching mugs.  Instead I bought some paper plates to serve my peach crisp tomorrow.
            I drove to nearby Walmart and found the only free parking spot – a handicap spot directly in front of the entrance!!!  Then I knew my shopping experience would be a smooth, successful one!!!  Oh, it was a busy, crowded place!!!  I stuck to my list and got all that I wanted, but I was surprised when I found the canned peaches – only the store brand was on the shelf and only sliced peaches and only 1 size.  When I took 6 cans, there were only 2 more.  I bought 4 frozen entrees from among a meager selection.  I bought some Christmas cards and odd ‘n’ends – all on my list.  I checked myself out an hour later.
            It was 1:30, so I went to Arby’s for a chicken/bacon/Swiss sandwich.  I went inside and asked if I could have the sandwich made with an oblong roll – the chicken is really too large for the round bun.  The young lady was agreeable and she put it together where I could watch – perfect fit!!!  I rang the bell when leaving and the three young people working, all shouted out “thank you!”
            When I pulled into my driveway, I was touched to realize someone had shoveled and salted the whole space.  I took in only my lunch and the bags with items needing refrigeration.  I was huffing and puffing as I put those things away, then I went downstairs with the sandwich and Crystalite lemon water drink!!!  I watched the recorded BYU-South Dakota basketball game.  We lost by 1 point, for heaven’s sake.  They were down by 20 points at one time, but they didn’t get excited about the play until the end!!!
            I changed my clothes and went back to my car for the remaining bags and brought them inside.  I returned to engage in the arduous job of covering the front and back windows for the night.  I wonder if a short carport could be legally built to protect my car for the few snow storms we get each winter?
            I tried to work in my computer room once I got everything put away, but I kept falling asleep, so I went to my bed for an hour’s nap.  It was helpful.  When I got up I offered a prayer for begin mmy fast  -- tonight and tomorrow.  When praying for Mark, I always include Chanelle – they both need/deserve Heavenly Father’s attention through thid ordeal.
            I put together a birthday card for Nixon – 13 years old tomorrow!

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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Friday, December 2, 2022:   I was in a daze all day, did next to nothing / Angie here

            Oh!  It snowed a lot in the night!  My car was deeply snowed in, so I knew I had a whole day to myself!  I fixed L’eggo waffles with walnuts for brunch.  It was yummy, but it knocked me for a loop – I could not wake up and sat like I was in a daze all day. 
             At 4:00 I thought I could maybe leave my computer chair – the phone rang.  Angie was in her car turning into Costco, and she would pick up the chocolate nutrition drink for me.  She had had an unusual days’ beginning because of the forecasted snow – “Remote Day – teachers had to give their classes online today. Mark is in Minnesota for an orthopedic course (for chiropractors).  He was sightseeing before coming home.  Luke is working in the IT building west of the Helaman Halls…new to me.  The travel time from Draper on Legacy train and then the Provo bus is over an hour.  Angie lets him take her car sometimes and Levi takes her to school.  It will nice for Luke once he is living in Provo.  Levi is continuing work at Starbucks and is doing well in his SLCC classes.
            Knowing Angie was coming to deliver the drinks, I put on my “hair” and lipstick and clicked on the Christmas lights, too.  I put the dirty dishes from the kitchen sink into the dishwasher.  Then I returned to my computer chair and listened to “The Five” until she arrived.  I’m grateful for Venmo so I pay her for the drinks without cash-in-hand! ($30).  I’m grateful for the drinks, too.  We talked about the classes she had for her students . . .sounds so fun for them.  And shared the good movies on PBS.  She was able to put up the 6 stemmed water glasses to the top shelf!  She suggested that Sunday be when family comes to set up my Christmas tree and other decorations.  That would be so great!!!
             I had a chocolate drink and a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich as soon as I said goodbye and then watched a Christmas movie on BYUtv – “Blizzard.”  I watched Jeopardy, too --  Cris Pannullo won Day 20 – has accumulated $710,865.  He’s so calm and so good.  (7th place among Leader Legends).
             Well, I hope that I’m more alert tomorrow.  I have a long shopping list.
              I noticed on GroupMe that family is invited to help set up my Christmas on Sunday.  I said I’d serve peach crisp.  It’s Nixon’s birthday.  Andy suggested we fast for Mark as a family that day.  Andy mentioned that with the remodeling project in their kitchen, they will not be able to hold the 2nd Sunday FHE, Christmas talent Night . . .
             My 1st Christmas card arrived – as usual, it’s from Marilyn (Plowgian) Hendry.
             UofU football team beat USC, winning PAC-12 championship 2nd year in a row  (47-24) – will play in Rose Bowl New Years Day!

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