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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tuesday, January 25, 2022:    Spent 3 hours with Dupaixs and 2 Gillespie couples in the evening

My mornings generally include watching the flock of 12 quail hanging out in the upper branches of the tall poplar trees in Butterfields’ front yard!!!  Fascinating . . . I never tire of watching them.  It was the same when we lived in Ferney-Voltaire and the crows came to the trees beyond the rock wall every morning!!!
            My breakfast was the carbanara.  So very delicious!  I tidied up the kitchen, emptied the waste baskets, then took the trash bags out to the bins and the bins out to the street.  Such a good feeling to have it done before dark.  I kept thinking I would make a quick run to Walmart but the arrival of the Gillespies kept changing (the time & the place), so I put off Walmart until tomorrow afternoon.  The last phone call was at 5:30 – Roger said I should just come down at 6:00 and be here whenever the two couples pulled in, so I was there at 6 and Harry and Ellen arrived at the same moment, then Connie and Steve were right behind them.  We couldn’t have been more excited being together.  It was perfect being in Dupaixs’ house so we could talk about anything, as loud as we wanted…we could laugh outloud and squeal.  It was so great.
            Edie had made a chowder and iceberg lettuce salad and Ellen had a cottage cheese & Jell-O salad and Connie had a loaf of homemade bread (she had a separate one for me to take home).  I just had a bit of the salads, having eaten my carbanara again at 3.  We sat around the dining room table talking about how each couple met, crazy antics at BYU, our youth in San Fernando Stake,  our early days married, and much about temple experiences.  At 9:00 Edie called Clark to come down and take our group photo!
            Just before leaving, Connie asked me and Edie about our journaling and told us of her positive experience with “StoryWorth.”  On her phone she gets a weekly or monthly subject assignment to write or talk about – ie:”high school dress fads” . . . I believe this is what Jan Crawford is doing  . . . a book is then printed.  I related my favorite quote and both were as deeply touched as I had been (and still am) –
“I hope that someday when I am gone, someone, somewhere, picks my soul up off of these pages and thinks, ‘I would have loved her.’ “

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Monday, January 24, 2022:

            My game challenges were necessary to help me wake up, and I did eventually, then I ate breakfast while watching SportsNation.  Then I was sucked into the movie “Back to the Secret Garden.”  It was okay.  I set the dishwasher to wash.
            Clark came with 4 bags of salt for the water softener – he poured 2 in and set 2 bag to one side.  I paid him with cash and gave another $10 for the plant and cash to Jeanette Ochsenhirt.

            I made a batch of spaghetti carbanara – several steps.  It looks great.  I put it away until tomorrow and ate a bacon, cheese, tomato sandwich for my afternoon meal.
            I marked the birthdays in each of the remaining 11 months in my calendar.
            Jeopardy continues with Amy winning day 39, 2nd longest streak in Jeopardy history, and she’ll continue tomorrow.
            Missionaries have been taken from the Ukraine and taken to other European missions because of the escalation of Russian military build-up on their border.
            I caught up with all my recorded weekend series’s.
            Edie called, inviting me to join them tomorrow at 4:00 for a visit by Steve & Connie Gillespie,  coming up from St. George – they’ll stop on their way to Harry & Ellen’s house in Farmington.I forget to mention each Monday that I receive Luke’s email from his mission – interesting work and sweet testimony!!!

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Monday, January 24, 2022

Sunday, January 23, 2022:

          Same beginning . . . it is wonderful having all morning before 1:00 church.  When I left the house to pick up Bette, she was sitting on a lawn chair in the sunshine by the car!!!  I was certainly startled when I looked up!!!  We joined a larger congregation than last week, but we were all in masks and in every-other-row.  A couple who moved in a year ago, converts, were our speakers and did a fine job . . . the Castro-Bennetts.  Wish they had explained the name.
            For the second hour Young Women and Relief Society Sisters met together in the chapel for a discussion on Ministering – who, what, how, where, why and when – the areas we talked about.  It went over pretty well.  I’m hoping personal revelation will come to me gradually, as I listen closely and with real intent for help with my own Sisters!  I reach out pretty well to others, but I don’t feel I’m very close to the women I’m “assigned to.”
            I hadn’t eaten anything yet, so as soon I got home, I went to the kitchen, got a bowl of leftover rice and poured milk and sugar over it…I took it to the computer room and changed out of my church clothes and dressed in my casual things and slowly devoured the rice treat!  So good.
            I brought up my photos on the computer, hoping to find a picture of Werner Ochsenhirt.  I didn’t, but I had hundreds of pictures of missionaries from the ’08-’10 years . . . why did they show up? And where have they been hiding?!!!!!  There was one photo, though, that I made a print of – Pres. Peterson and Pres. Murdock at a moment of “hi and goodbye” on July 1, 2009.  Both of our mission presidents in one photo.
            I watched “The Indian Doctor “and “Vera” (I fell asleep last night when it was showing, so I needed to play it again from the beginning.    In the evening I heated the last of the rice and heated a bag of frozen acorn squash and mixed them with butter, salt and pepper.  Good.

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Saturday, January 22, 2022:   Werner passed away / Angie came to return bills / watched BYU beat Portland 78-65 on BYUtv / Pleasant day for me

            Good sleep . . . I was again happy getting up at 7am.  It’s getting lighter each morning!  It was a marvelous day of ease.  I did print the January journal pages through Thursday!!!  They’ve been put in a new white album.  Bette called to let me know that the sirens we heard while in our committee meeting on Thursday were paramedics headed for Ochsenhirts – Werner had passed away.  His funeral will be Wednesday.  It is a blessing, of course.  I will talk to Jeanette tomorrow.
            Watched a podcast on Moses 7 with guest Avram Shannon.  Really good!  Watched a very cute movie, “Monte Carlo,” on YouTube.  Angela stopped by at 4:30 and we had a nice hour of visiting!!! 
            At 7 I grilled a cheese sandwich to eat while watching BYU beat Portland78-65 in the Marriott Center…halftime honors 1981 BYU team (Danny Ainge, Fred Roberts etc) How we loved that era!  Watched “Vera.” Then filled my 2-week pill box.  It was a very pleasant, restful day.

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