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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Friday, June 24, 2022:     Supreme Court decision against Roe vs Wade / A Day of Leisure for me



                I had a good night and a good morning – I read the chapters of Isaiah at the close of 1 Nephi and will start 2 Nephi tomorrow.  I was eager to hear if there were more Supreme Court decisions announced this morning and turned the TV to FoxNews.  I was surprised to learn that the decision regarding Roe vs Wade had been announced!  I was grateful that threats on the lives of the conservative judges and their families had not influenced their “leaked” decision, that it was overturned – meaning abortion laws are not under federal law anymore . . . individual states will make those decisions!
            I was grateful to have my printer working and printed my journal pages through June 22nd.  Yea!!!  I set the dishwasher to wash.  It has been a relaxing, do nothing day.



Satan's end goal has nothing to do with morality or agency. That is just a facade. His goal is to get us to sin. He does this by legalizing and normalizing sin.

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Friday, June 24, 2022

Thursday, June 23, 2022:  Happy 21st birthday, Adam / Committee Meeting at LN’s / Angie checks out mission clothes / John came by

            At noon I picked up Bette for our emergency preparedness committee meeting.  Ellen let us know of the Stake E.P. Fair to be held Saturday, September 9th.  Our ward will have a booth on Financial and Documents – Bette and I will do the Documents part.  She and Toni will concentrate on the Financial part.
              At 1:00 Angela came over to see the things I bought yesterday … she liked everything, too and sent a text to Lily advising her to make a point of coming to try the clothes on.  I mentioned that I missed weekly emails from Luke.  She said he hasn’t been writing them, but she hears from him personally and lets the other go!  He’s happy, the mission is receiving new missionaries regularly now, allowing the cities that closed after the majority of missionaries had been sent home in the Covid period, so he is being transferred to such a city to be a companion to the elder he trained originally.  When Ange left here, she and Levi were going to pick the cherries, hoping the discs hanging from their trees had been successful in keeping the birds away!!!
              Knowing Lily was meeting with Andy today for dinner to discuss things related to her mission – her farewell is set for the 24th of July, her homeMTC week will be with Dad & Camie beginning the 8th.  I suppose shopping and temple endowment will be discussed.  Andy said he would tell her that she needed to call me.
              It rained off and on in the afternoon.  John called while taking Lincoln and Nixon to soccer practices and got caught in a powerful thunder & lightning storm – soccer was cancelled, so they stopped here to see how I was doing . . . I mentioned my printer was acting temperamental, not printing.  He monkeyed with it a bit and all was back to normal.  YEA!  I sent the last 2 Snickers ice cream bars with the boys as my appreciation for letting their dad stop by!

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