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Sunday, April 21, 2019


Sunday, April 21, 2019:            EASTER!  And glorious rain…

D2/MK:   I put on Sabbath Day music and used my morning wisely: breakfast and clean-up, and then I iced the cake for dinner, while MK finished the potato dish.  We studied our Sunday school lesson about Easter and I wrote notes in my Bible.  

        We picked up Bette Brown for church.  Our sacrament meeting was wonderful. We had two good speakers (Joe Post, Steve Morrison) and the choir was superb. I miss being a part of the choir.   Bro. Wheeler did a good job with the Sunday School lesson, using three different videos to bring the spirit into the Easter message, plus class members freely shared their thoughts. 

        We both ate the last of the seven-layer salad to sate our appetites after church. I added some Craisins to give it a little more flavor.  We spent our free time prior to dinner with the family in our own ways.  

     Mom put the potatoes and ham in the oven, and unwrapped the two new tablecloths – really nice-looking neutrals, so she could use our brownish dishware (since 1968)! I used my time to finish my If You Take a Mouse to School translation. I cut and pasted much of the afternoon, catching little errors here and there and having to rearrange the type to fit   It was fun…and now it’s finished for Angie to use with her students!  The book is about 17”x 13” and is really cute. 

       Andy and little Carson were the first to arrive.  Eventually, we had Camie and five kids, too – with deviled eggs and peanut butter sweets for the meal and candy-filled plastic eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.  John, Aubrey and three boys came with ice cubes and Costco rolls.  Steph came with carrots and Mark, Chanelle & Atreyu brought a huge green salad, loaded with fruits & vegetables.  Mark, Angie and three boys arrived with No-Bake Cookies and colored plastic eggs to fill and hide!  The folding table and chairs were brought up and the tables were set!  A prayer was offered and we sat down to a delicious dinner and exhilarating conversation. 

     Camie and her older kids hid the 94 filled-eggs in our back yard for all the kids to find – Dallin to Gabe (13 each)!  A good time was had by all.  The rest of the night was spent chatting and telling stories   from funny to serious!  The house was put to rights before the group left for home.  It was a wonderful evening.  Damon was especially helpful. 

Things we learned:   (1) Angie was happy with the translated Mouse book.  (2) Luke’s been notified that his mission papers are ready for his “assignment”—tomorrow, maybe?  The mission calls are sent in an email nowadays!  His could come this week or next.  He has already decided to hold it until the weekly call from Lauren on Sunday of the week it arrives! (3) Mark & Chanelle will close on their new house tomorrow and get the key.  They will hire movers for Tuesday and Wednesday move-in.  The address is 1468 W. 425 South, Layton 84041. (4) Chanelle will choose a new doctor in Layton (5) Gabe’s baptism will be next Saturday. (6) Steph had a great time in Mexico.  (7) Ashley & Parker have found an apartment for them, Carson and Parker’s two little girls in Herriman, and (8) Oakley has found a job as Sprint store manager – closer to home, better pay and benefits, too. 


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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday, April 20, 2019:    First lawn mowing of the year!

 D2/MK:  I slept in until 7:30 and then made my scrambled omelet.  I dressed in my cargo shorts for the first time in many months and clocked 2.2 miles in my mall walk before heading over to Home Depot to look for a gate for our west trellis.  I would like to paint the trellis & gate, but Mom thinks we should just continue to stain it.  I didn’t find a ready-made gate, however, so I just came home.  Will I have to build one?   Probably. I've already found plans on line. It should be a piece of cake.

        Oliver mowed our lawns and it looks really good, though Mom is paranoid still about the un-levelness of the whole yard – the sod pieces were uneven in thickness, and she only sees the imperfections across the lawn!!!  I told Oliver not to bag the grass clippings, but to let the clippings nourish the lawn.  

      John and Aubs came over and we discussed tomorrow’s Easter dinner here.  After they left, Mom grabbed a couple of pork chops for dinner, letting them slow cook for a long time.   Then she and I went to Smith’s to buy some ice cream, potatoes, cheese and ham. 

     I whipped up two batches of sugar cookies and a yellow cake for tomorrow.  Mom cooked and peeled potatoes for the au gratin potatoes. 

        At dinner time, I gussied up some green beans with bacon bits and onions and we warmed up the chops and some potatoes. It was delicious. We ate while watching an interesting series called Imposters. It has some rough language but not the “f” word (rated TV14).

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019:  D2 golfs with Virgil & Larry /  5 Crowns with  5 Couples                

D2/MK:  Virgil drives me nuts with his scheduling of our golf dates. We always arrive just in time to pay and play and never have time to warm up or putt. The first few holes are terrible until we get our shots going. Thus, I went to the driving range at 9 to get some swings in. Sure enough, he picked me up at 9:45, and we barely made it to River Oaks before our name was called at 10:00 to go hit! 

        Larry and I shot 51’s and Virgil, a 47 (obviously my practice didn’t help). The weather was “glorious,” as our youngest son would say, and the course beautiful.  I would take oxygen between holes if I had had to walk any distance, but otherwise, I did fine. I may have even picked up some color on my chalk white legs and arms. 

        I dawdled around after lunch but then a short to-do list and set off to finish it. First, I called Julie at Columbus Travel to get more information about an Alaskan Cruise.   Then called Dr. White’s office to set up my yearly wellness appointment in late June.  Next, I set off for Costco to buy some new golf gloves.  Mine all are grey, wrinkled and full of holes.  Got some nice white ones.  Sheels was close at hand, so I next went inside and tried on a quilted parka that I had seen on John the other night.  It looked so nice and compact but I put off buying.   I ended up at Smith’s where I bought eggs.  We are going through them quite quickly. 

        Our Columbus Travel agent Julie called back with a fabulous deal on an Alaska cruise in May. A prestigious suite that normally costs $6000 is on sale for only $2000 for two people, not much more than for an interior cabin, and comes complete with our own concierge, priority seating, etc. She was almost breathless in her excitement. It’s next month, though, probably too soon for us to plan anything and the weather isn’t good this time of the year…but, May? 

        Ellen had called us early this morning before leaving for their temple shift to ask if we’d like to play games tonight.  Yes.  So, we went down at 6:45 and were surprised when we were joined by the Josephs, Dupaixs, and Bradshaws.  That made us a group of ten to play Five Crowns – Clark had us split up into two groups – first, with the men in the kitchen and the women at the dining room table.  Both groups ended at the same time, then we chose to join up for another game around the dining room table.  It’s more fun with husbands & wives together!  Lots of laughter!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019:            Blossoms on our trees 

D2/MK:  With little scheduled on some days, I’ve started adding bathroom break, breakfast and take meds to my to-do list, just so I can feel I accomplished something. It’s satisfying to check things off.  So it was today.  Hmmm, it appears that I ate breakfast…check!  Actually, I got off to a good start by washing the batch in the dishwasher and taking out the trash before Mom was up.  Her routine is set after she falls asleep at the end of the day (sometime between 11:30 & 12:00) – she gets up every two hours for a bathroom break (almost to the minute 2, 4, 6, 8, then from 8-9:00, she watches an old episode of Columbo until she’s wide awake!  Then she reads in the Book of Mormon (Alma 28 today), listens to Rush Limbaugh while working upstairs or in the kitchen until 1:00. 

        At 8:45, I took off for IMC to see Jenna about my heart situation without Flecanide. After a short EKG, she checked me over and suggested that we just leave things as they are for six months and go from there.  At some point, I may need to be on Coumadin like Mom.  

        From there, I went to Michael’s in Draper to pick up some silver spray paint to redo our Y plaque on the back of our car. It has turned black over the past few years. I also got a pen that writes in white for highlighting colored envelopes. I tested it later and it is perfect!  I stopped off at Costco to get my walking in and clocked 1.7 miles. Then I rounded the corner to Subaru to ask a question about a light that was on.  It turns out that it just indicates that my front lights are on.  Mom did a couple loads of laundry and washed down the dusty bedroom furniture, hoping to get to the dust under the bed & dressers. 

        After lunch, I taped up the back of the car and spray-painted the Y a bright, shiny silver, in preparation for the upcoming football season. Then, wanting to take advantage of the gorgeous weather, I zipped over to Mulligan’s to hit a few balls. I started off with a medium bucket, about 40 balls, but they went so fast that I had to go back and get some more. I don’t know what happened, but he inadvertently gave me a large bucket.  My arms were sore when I finally finished, but I got in a lot of practice! I spent another half hour practicing my putting. 

       While I was relaxing with a Sudoku, Mom prepared a seven-layer salad for tomorrow’s meals and baked four large gluten-free, sugar-free peanut butter cookies (sold at Costco, costly).  I went up to Smith’s to pick up a gallon of milk…it’ll last a week or more.  

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