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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016:   Sad loss for BYU….

D2:   I woke up early and couldn’t get to sleep, so I got on my computer and goofed around. I found out that I could replace the deteriorating earpieces on my Bose noise-cancelling headphones and sent off for a new set. I read the (wet) newspaper and started the Sudoku.  I watched some football until it was time to take Oliver to his soccer game in Riverton.

        I programmed the TV to record the BYU game and then took Ollie to a tiny field out past Riverton High at 11:20. We were there an hour early, so I returned home to eat lunch (a meatloaf sandwich!) and watch a little more football.  At 12:25, I zipped back out there to catch the second half.  He played well and his team won, 5-3.  We didn’t get home until almost 2.

        I called Roger and said that I would wait for him before starting the game and he came down shortly thereafter.  The Cougs played better than before, but Taysom made some critical errors that led to our demise. We both agreed that the best thing about recording the game was that we got to skip those annoying commercials! The team was in it until the waning moments and then gave it away on an interception. Rats…

        I was replacing a bulb in our outside light post when the girls came home around 5.  They had had a wonderful time and were excited about their purchases.  I was thrilled to receive a t-shirt from Mary that said “Captain Obvious.”  Hmmm…

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016:   Girls’ Night Out!

D2:   It was a chilly day when Clark picked me up for the temple. We were pleased when we saw Roger in initiatories.  We left at 4:45 and it was raining very lightly.  When I walked in the door, I was greeted by Angie, Stephi, Janell, Aubs and Mom.  They were all packed and ready to go. Because there only the five of them, they only needed the Subaru.  They put their stuff in the back and off they went to Park City.

        I went shopping at Costco to buy some Kleenex and Bacon Crumbles. I also picked up a case of Gatorade and some chili.         

        Mary Kaye had made me a delicious dinner: funeral-type potatoes and meatloaf!  It was yummy!  I relaxed until 7 and began watching the USC/Utah game.  Roger and Edie came down a little later and watched with me.  At halftime, I made them some hot chocolate (Stephen’s Raspberry!).  They left at the third quarter because Edie was getting tired. I lost interest shortly thereafter and went upstairs to research things to see between Geneva and Paris.  I was lonely without my Mary Kaye.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016:   Subbing for Angie

D2:   We got up early today for my subbing job at Indian Hills.  Mary made my lunch and then went back to bed. I was plenty early to school and reading her lesson plans when she came in.  She explained everything and then took off for home and Finn. The kids were good and most stayed on task. The French class was fun, but too short because I wasn’t able to accomplish all that I wanted to do.  Her last class is for slow learners and disruptive students and it was a challenge to keep them focused.  It’s not her favorite.

        I put two new light bulbs in our porch light and it makes quite a difference.  I went up to Smith’s for some random shopping, coming back with more than I went up for.  Mary made us delicious bacon and tomato sandwiches which we ate downstairs while watching a new season of the BBC’s “New Tricks.”  I had already seen the Midsomer Murders episode, so I went back upstairs and watched golf and did a crossword puzzle.

        It was refreshing to hear the rain coming down outside, hopefully clearing the air. 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016:   Our walk together / D2 Echo test at IMC / Todds call from Paris / Carpets get cleaned / D2 and Steve Young Home Teach 3

D2/MK:   We slept in a little bit today before getting up to face the day.  Mary suggested that we take a walk around the block for her exercise.  I was pleased to go!  I went to my Echo test to at the IMC in Murray and the tech mapped out my heart for 45 minutes (ultra sound). I came home for a while and made myself a sandwich before returning at 1:30 to meet with Dr. Day.  If you are interested, he was featured in the B section of the Deseret News yesterday (what a coincidence!) and is really a fantastic doctor and one of the top A-Fib specialists in the world.

          He was thrilled with my test because it clearly showed the irregular beating of my heart – he said that my heart rate was over 250 several times. I don’t notice it happening, except sometimes at night when I get up to use the restroom, and then I wonder if it’s my imagination.  He is giving me some medicine to slow that down. I will also be back on a lower dose of Diltizem (the medicine I quit several years ago when I first passed out at Alta ViewHospital).  If the medicine works, we may go with that.  If not, he has a procedure to bring my heart back to rhythm. He doesn’t think I need a pacemaker.  I felt very confident in his opinions.

         We were relaxing at lunch when we got a phone call from PARIS. It turned out to be our good friends the Todds, the ones working at the Paris temple!  We were thrilled to hear from them and grateful we were both available to participate in the conversation!  Weeks ago, we had written an e-mail to them saying that we were thinking of visiting them and wondered when might be a good, best or worst time.  Today they suggested early November would be best because Doug & Karen Barnes will not be getting a missionary group in that transfer rotation!  After a long chat, we said we’d get back to them as soon as we were able to work out something!

        We checked our calendars and Delta’s calendar and decided we could leave on Nov. 8 and return on Nov. 21, which gives us time with Todds and Barnes AND time to drive to little places around the area alone, as well as a possible visit to Geneva and Lausanne friends.  We waited for feelings of doubt or fear to stop us, but we had no negative feelings. 

       I called Columbus Travel immediately and talked with Judy.  She worked her magic and got us a reduced rate because we also chose to rent a car and travel while there. We paid our money and it’s a done deal! We were both surprised that we were so spontaneous in our decision (after talking about it for a year).  Whew!

       As I gave passport info etc. to Judy, Mary was greeting our workers from Deluxe Carpet Cleaning and pointing out the spots of greatest concern, including the area rugs in our computer rooms.  We accepted all extras and bonuses, so the final cost was more than we anticipated, but the carpets look and feel brand new AND in one year we’ll get it done again PLUS the carpets we skipped today!  Thanks, Brad – as good a salesman as worker.

        Knowing the Vostis were bringing home their puppy today, we gave them a call and asked if they were home yet --  they said they would be arriving in just a few minutes, so we took off.   They had had to travel to New Haven, well over an hour away, to get him from the breeders/trainers!  On the drive home, in his excitement, Finn pooped on his “blanket,” and Angie was disappointed to have to wash it because it was given to him because it had his mother’s scent!

       We saw them all on the front lawn playing with “Finn,” the cutest, tiniest, and most adorable little thing you’ve ever seen (next to Copper at the same age).  Several neighbors and friends came over to check him out, too, while we were there.  Angie said that they were told to keep him outside for a long time, so when he entered the house he would realize he was a guest.  Finn is a GoldenDoodle (a mix of Golden Retriever & toy poodle) – when Mom heard that, she scrunched her nose and said quietly,”cruel.”  Luke smiled and said, “Artificial insemination, Grandma.”   

         I needed to dress for my home teaching, and they needed to go to Mutual, so we left the happy family and came home. Mary went up to Arby’s to buy us a couple sliders for our dinner while I was getting ready.  Steve and I visited the Farnsworths, Nada Linarz, and Jamie Hutchinson and her (unruly) kids.  Farnsworths will be going to St. George on Friday for their annual Snowbird move.  We’ll see them in the spring. 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday, September 19, 2016:   Subbing and Soccer….

D2/MK:   I got up early to prepare for my second subbing assignment, this time at Ft. Herriman for French. Mom made me lunch and I was off, arriving at 7:15.  It was an easy day. The kids were all working on computers, trying to learn how to express the time in French. No one was catching on, so I ended up explaining it to them on the board. It would have been easier to demonstrate and practice, but the district is all caught up in teaching by technology and no one is willing to go against the so-called “experts” in the district.

         Back home, Mom had left a note to let me know she had left at 2:30 to get Luke to shop for a pair of soccer shoes.  They went to Sheel's and Team Gear Int. (and learned Sports Authority stores are no longer anywhere in SL County) without success!  He taped up his shoes for today's practice.  Angie called later to say thanks for taking him to at last learn what was and was not available  -- she went online until she found his preferred Nikes in his size 9!!!  They went to buy the new shoes after practice at Dick's in American Fork -- hooray!!!

      When I got home, Roger called and asked me to go hit some balls with him.  He picked me up and we went up to Schneiter’s.  It was fun and I hit some splendid shots. I can hardly wait to get back on the course! We had to rush home so I could get dressed for my two soccer games at Juan Diego. I barely made it in time (at 5), but my partner was even later!  We were only two, so I was tired at the end of the second game (which went into overtime!).

        I stopped off a Wendy’s for two junior cheeseburgers and a chocolate Frosty. Then I showered and collapsed.

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