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Friday, March 16, 2018



Thursday, March 15, 2018:           

D2:  We were pleasantly surprised to find snow on the Forester as we left for our MLS Training at 10. It’s always fun as we listen to Pres. Bishop and Pres. and Sister Lansing. They keep us apprised of the state of the mission.  I got a text during the meeting from Mark V asking if we could take them to the airport at 1:30. Of course, I said yes.

        As usual, we broke up into individual groups with our coordinating couple, the Parks. We discussed how to improve our role-playing in district meetings. I’ve actually grown to enjoy it, but others are still intimidated. Then we broke for our “light refreshments,” a chicken-salad sandwich on croissants, grapes, and “la pièce de résistance,” chocolate Easter eggs from Diana and Bob Larson.  Everyone was just amazed and delighted. Most said “Happy Easter,“ but ours actually had our names on them!

        We bid farewell at the end and headed out to Draper.  They were ready to go and we made good time to the airport.  They will be attending Grandma Dolly’s funeral in San Francisco.  We will pick them up on Saturday night.  We were a little low on gas, so we stopped at Costco to fill up.  $2.05 per gallon!  We came home and changed into our civvies to rest.

        When John got home from work, he came across the street and asked for my help in giving a blessing to Sister Ochsenhirt.  We went to their house and were let in.  She is looking so frail! She really should be in the hospital, but refuses to go, so they compromised and gave her a fanny pack with a device that dispenses an anti-biotic every four hours. John gave her a beautiful blessing.

        We were dressed and in the chapel, ready for the Bellview blitz at 7.  We were given two families: the Coons and the Marions.  We stayed for an hour at the former as they told of their lives and health problems throughout the years. They were hesitant at first, but warmed up quickly.  We were willing listeners, wondering what message we could give them because Bro. Coon is in no condition to go to church. We left them with a prayer and blessing on their home.

        Bro. Marion let us in willingly, but his wife was out on errands.  He is the one that re-did our downstairs basement room so beautifully.  They are very active, so I’m not sure why they sent us there, but we had a very enjoyable visit with him, his son Brady, and a young man just off his mission from Birmingham, England! He had helped Don re-do our basement!

        At home, as we were watching The Coroner and Midsomer Murders, I realized that I had forgotten my appointment with Dr. Jensen…again!  Shoot!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018:         Pi Day (3.14) –no pie for us! D2 shops Walmart, MK goes mall walking with BB, D2 to Dr. Laura,  MK to Dr. Hunter/ Dinner at La Costa / visit Jensen family

D2/MK:  Elder Bowen had given me an empty bicycle tube box last night, so when I went to the bike section at Walmart this morning, I knew exactly which tube to buy.  I had thought to pick up MK’s prescription refills on this same trip, but the pharmacy wasn’t open yet, so I just pretended I was in the mall and began walking briskly up and down the aisles.  It was really interesting.  At 9, I slipped over to the pharmacy and picked up two medications.  I also went to the Granite Credit Union to pick up the necessary cash to put in birthday cards for March & April family members.

         I stopped by the elders’ apartment and texted them that I was outside.  They came out quickly and I gave Elder B his new tube.  They needed it before 10 because that is when they begin their work.  I came home and ate breakfast.  I got a call from Doug Barnes saying they wouldn’t be available to come to our FEM dinner on Friday because of a funeral.  They will be hosting all the out of town relatives that day, but if we were able to change the date, he’d do the calling…we said we were free Saturday and the next two Fridays. 
        By the time he got back to us to report that all were happy with the Saturday, he and Karen had learned that the fiancé of her youngest daughter had been found dead in his apartment and daughter and siblings were arriving for the weekend!  Dinner will return to Friday and the Barnes will miss.

        Mary Kaye and Bette went for their first mall walk in a long time.  When she returned, she said they had had to call it short – after two laps, Bette’s back began hurting, but the walk had been great and they’ll keep it up until it’s easy again.  They’ve missed the talking mostly!!!  Mary mentioned Ashley’s announcement and Bette responded, “Welcome to my world!” 

       At 1:30 I took the Forester to my appointment with Dr. Hardman, completely forgetting that Mary had a doctor’s appointment, too!  The good “Doctor Laura” told me that the next step for me would be an invasive biopsy of my lung, wherein I would be hospitalized for four days. I agreed to it, and she called the doctor, asking him to notify me soon of an open date.  I’m a little nervous, but anxious to get to the bottom of this cough-causing malady.

       In the meantime, Mary drove the Altima to Alta View Hospital for her appointment with podiatrist Dr. Hunter.  Free valet parking is available there now, and she was very grateful!  Doctor said, yes, there was infection in the area of the ingrown toenail surgery, and while he quizzed her on family and mission experiences of the past week, he cut and cleaned and scraped up the toe, even trimmed the nails on both feet, and put Neosporin and a Bandaid on the clean toe and called in a stronger antibiotic.

       At 3:20, we were interrupted by two tearful boys who came running in and shouting that Truman was gone!  They were distraught and scared.  We all hopped in the van and drove slowly down the street, peering through the rain.  The boys suggested we check at Morrisons’ house! Voilà!  Emily had picked him up earlier in the day to play with their new puppy. Aubs hadn’t thought to warn the boys. Anyway, we brought him home and all was well.  We were quite scared, too!


      It was 7:00 when we decided to pick up the antibiotic at Walmart and then go to La Costa for dinner. We went out into a cold, rainy night. While we were enjoying our meals, John texted us about checking in on the Theresa-Steve Jensens. We told him we would drop by their house on our way home.  We did so and found everyone home.  They gathered in the front room to visit with us, and we had a really enjoyable half hour -- no signs of tension or stress between them or with us there.  We said we were happy to see Theresa at Church the last few Sundays, and McKinley spoke up to say she had been at YW last night for a library treasure hunt (hmmm, clever idea).  We showed our pleasure at such good news!  We wished them well and left with a good feeling.  John was pulling into his driveway at the same time we were getting home, so I walked across the street to report that all seemed well and he was reassured.





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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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 Tuesday, March 13, 2018:         Pulmonary Test at Alta View, District meeting, return router, D2 haircut, Costco, keyboard to elders, Ashley announces pregnancy, Luke gets poster made

D2/MK:   I went for my breathing test at 9:00 -- I'll learn at some future time what the results show.  We picked up the elders at 9:45 and made our way to district meeting.   We had a full house today: three sets of elders (Butikofer, Mortenson, Chase, Elliott, Bowen, Mang), three MLS couples (us, Murphys, Winders)and the two zone leaders (Owens, Richards). Although the agenda is always the same, the elders were excited because the zone had picked up 40 new investigators last week, a new record. Training was good and we did a good job on our role play. I actually don’t mind them anymore. 

        We stopped by the dry cleaners and the elders picked up their cleaning. Then we took them home. They said the Heckers were planning to take them to Walmart for their shopping.

       I called Dr. Jensen’s office to apologize for missing yesterday’s appointment and got a new one for Thursday, the 15th at 3:00, right after our MLS training. 

        Then I zipped to the Comcast store to return my router/modem. That will save me $10/month. Next, I drove to the Barber School and got a close-cut haircut from Christian, probably the only person there without a tattoo.  I learned that he is from California and served a mission in Mexico and is engaged to a girl from Puebla.  I gave him a $5 tip for my best haircut in a long time! 

      Later on in the afternoon, Mom and I went to Costco.  Because of our tags, a couple (Ron and Julie Smith) stopped us and we started talking about missions, the church, and how some members are opting to leave the Gospel, including friends and children.  We had worked with the Smiths on Wednesdays at the Jordan River Temple!  We chatted earnestly for quite some time and they ended up telling us about their son who has just bought a Chinese restaurant out on 126thcalled Fong’s.  We promised that we would try it.  We each got a smoothie to drink on our way home – it reached 70 degrees this afternoon.

        We were watching TV at home when Nixon came over crying. He was playing in the kitchen and realized he was all alone in the house!  Aubs had shouted to him that she was taking Emily home, but he hadn’t heard that.  While she was here, she shared the video Ashley had posted about the love of her life, Steven Francis Wachowski, and their excitement of a baby due in October.  She asked that anyone who couldn’t express excitement with them not comment.  Denny and I are heartsick…guess we’ll keep quiet for now.

       John showed up after his soccer game.  He does enjoy playing each week!  He stayed for a long time and we chatted about a wide variety of subjects.  He has started reading our copy of Life Everlasting and had an opportunity to share some comforting thoughts with a co-worker who is concerned about the imminent death of her grandmother. 

     When John left, I got a call from Luke asking me to help him with a poster for his SBO run, so I told him to come right over.

     Mary Kaye reminded me that we were going to loan Elder Bowen our keyboard for the time he is here in Sandy, and I needed to take it over to him at 9:00.  Mary brought out a large hymnbook for Elder Bowen and a Hymns-made-easy booklet for Elder Mang and then put our address labels on the books, as well as, on the several parts of the keyboard, stand, plug, and bench!  They were pleased!!!

        I got back in no time to do some artwork for the handsome Luke!  I blocked out the major things and let him finish off the rest so he could say he had a hand in it.  It looked pretty good!  Grandma impressed upon him that one trait of a good leader is to know where to go for help – the leader doesn’t have to do everything himself!!!   We made our bed with the newly-cleaned sheets, and it was quite late again before we got to bed.  A simple hours change causes so much havoc with sleep patterns…daylight savings time is rough.


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Monday, March 12, 2018


 Monday, March 12, 2018:         Missionaries to March Madness, new water heater for John and Aubs! 

D2/MK:   I picked up Elders Mang, Bowen, Ralph and Merkel who had driven their car from their apartment at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, to join the others, and I took them all out to Riverton for their March Madness competition.  When I came home, I called around to see what putting in a new water heater would cost. I chose J&M Plumbing and they said they could come out around 11:00 (to John’s).  Great.

        Then I headed back out to 12600th South and Bangerter to pick up the missionaries.  I brought them back and then took Mang and Bowen to the dry cleaners to drop off some clothes.  And then back to their apartment.  I was home in time to let Nick into John’s house to determine the cost.  He warned me about the Lowe’s water heater and showed me why. I texted John, gave him the info, and we decided to get an up-graded heater, installed with everything up to code, and a warranty to boot.

        While Nick was working, I took Truman for a walk. He pulled me all the way down to the Morrisons’ place and plopped in front of the door. Emily came out and put on a different collar for the rest of the walk -- a prong collar, used for training.  It did slow him down. On Sego Lily, he made a small deposit in the gutter and Bro. Roberts came out and yelled for me not to leave that *** stuff there.  I apologized, saying I had no bag, but would be back.  The two of us went back to the house where I retrieved a baggie and then we continued back down to Opal and around the corner to collect our deposited specimen.  Then we went back to Emily’s and returned the collar and put on a different leash.  When we got back home, I let Truman wander around our house until Nick finished.   I admired his work, paid him, and watched him take the old heater out to his truck.  The job looks great!  I checked my phone and Truman and I had walked 1.5 miles!

        Mary Kaye and I let Truman loose in his own house and we went to Kneader’s for our lunch (on a gift card from Kev & Janell).  I had the Club Classic and Mary the Turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich…huge and beautiful!  We took them home and ate them in front of the TV -- while we binge-watched Collateral, a very good British mystery.  The Mayre girl delivered our  Girl Scout chocolate mint cookies. She had quit piano lessons just before Edie and Roger left on their mission, so I encouraged her to start up again. Her father agreed, so I hope she takes up again with Jeannie.    

       When John and Aubs got home from Costco, I took John downstairs to the laundry room and explained what the technician Nick had told me.  Everything looks so clean and professional!



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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018:         Missionary meeting / talk in Bellview Ward / to Spanish Fork for Ry’s ordination / FHE /  Happy Birthday to Camie /  talk with Lil & Steph

D2/MK:   John came over at 8:00 to have a hot shower in the spare room bathroom while we went to the monthly 8:15 missionary meeting with Pres. Monson, Elders Bowen & Mang, the two Spanish Sisters and the two Spanish Elders.  We were especially impressed with the Sisters announcing they had picked up 14 new investigators this week!!!

        Afterwards, we went directly to the Bellview Ward sacrament meeting (same building) and sat on the stand, next to Elder Bowen and Elder Mang.  Elder Bowen was also asked to speak on "a Christlike attribute" and chose "charity."  He did a terrific job, referring seldom to his cell phone for occasional references!  Sister Doyle did a marvelous job, speaking confidently and with the spirit as she spoke about faith in Jesus Christ" and used only about 1/3 of her written material...focusing on the omnipotence and omniscience of God and Christ and her faith & trust in them when she had thoughts of serving a mission at age 20.

        After an intermediate hymn, I had to cut my talk down somewhat, too, but managed to get in my major point: "trying to make our lives conform to the attributes of our Savior," and ridding ourselves of the “barnacles of sin” that can drag us down.   It was a very good meeting and we finished on time!  

       We stayed for Sunday school class and enjoyed Bro. Knott's lesson on Jacob & Esau.  In referring to last week's lesson on Abraham & Isaac, it was mentioned that the Romans had changed the name of Mount Moriah, the site was the sacrifice of Isaac, to Golgatha, the site of Christ's atoning sacrifice.  That was new to us.

     We came home to freshen up and have lunch before driving to Spanish Fork.  We had hoped we could take Sam, Oliver and Lincoln with us, but, nope.  We went by ourselves.  It was a pleasant trip in sunny 60 degree weather, and I noticed that in order to keep up with traffic, I had to increase my speed to 80 mph!   Mary remembered that we turn on Center Street to get to their building – then Kevin sent us directions on his Mappen app, too!

      Kevin did a good job of conferring the Aaronic priesthood on Rylan and ordaining him to the office of a Deacon.  He looked very handsome, all dressed up.  We got photos before leaving the building, then Asher and Lana asked to go to Sandy with us -- hey, yes!  Kev transferred the carseat over to our car.  Our trip home was pleasant, and we got home at 5:00 with little to do to get ready for the FHE group. 

      Asher ran to find Lincoln and Lana ran to our toy room.   Dallin & Lauren came up together from BYU (Dallin with his laundry, too).    Andy and Camie arrived with Gabriel and Ambree – Shadae & Dallin were attending a fireside in their stake, and Lily also had a fireside in her stake (but came to FHE at 8:30).  We were missing Emma and Adam, and, of course, Ashley.  Everyone else was here.

      Our hosts, Mark and Chanelle, had prepared a wonderful, healthy meal with different recipes for the taco meats and tortillas.  There was guacamole, refried beans, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, taquitos, fresh fruit chunks alongside our tray of sliced apples & caramel dip, and vegetable tray & ranch dressing, ice water and chocolate chip cookies!  Everything was eaten.

       Dinner went fast but before leaving the table, we discussed ideas for posters, t-shirts, memes, slogans and themes for Luke’s run for Student Body President at Alta.  Along with the Star Wars references, was “Luke’s Middle Name is President.”  We had lots of laughs.  Matt had printed out ideas for Luke to consider.  While we were thus gathered, we gave Luke his belated BD card & cash and sang Happy Birthday to him.  He was at a soccer tournament last month.  Angie mentioned that Mark’s grandma passed away and they will be going to San Francisco for her funeral this weekend.

       Then we adjourned to the TV room to see the video taken two weeks ago at Tucci’s in SLC, where Camie was meeting high school friends for lunch.  Andy had arranged with the restaurant owner and friends to surprise Camie with an official marriage proposal, including a gorgeous diamond ring!!!  They are a cute couple and we all ooh’d and aah’d and congratulated them again.  Today is Camie’s birthday, and we sang to her, too! (Don’t know what year she was born).

       I interjected an impromptu spiritual message by asking Mom to give a portion of her talk, relating her experience with the miraculous answer to her prayer in 1960 “if I should go on a mission.”  It went very well, so I added my testimony about my mission call as well.  

       Things were cleaned up and put away lickety-split and then Matt presented Mark & Chanelle with several t-shirts in a variety of sizes and colors with the Swivelhead dinosaur  on the fronts, suggesting ways they can be used in their online “Mucus & Cheese” campaign/promotion.  We two aren’t followers, so we weren’t able to follow the discussion!

      Stephi took two of her storage totes to her car and then stuck around until 10:00 to participate in a fun talk with us and Lily (who arrived at 8:30).  Lily showed us pictures of her prom dress and shoes – Angie and Steph had taken her shopping yesterday (and tended the 4 Spanish Fork kids afterwards at the Vosti house).   Lily was hungry, so we introduced her to Mom’s hamburger soup.  She and Chad are still true to each other – Chad has been home-school’d and actually “graduated this month, though he continues to attend seminary at Herriman.  He will be 18 in December and expects to go on a mission then.  With him so goal-oriented, Lily finds herself doing the same for herself, hoping to be available when he gets home from his mission.  She looks so young, but she is growing up just fine! She was going to follow Steph home and then continue to Heriman on the Mountain Corridor.

        To wind down, we watched Foyle’s War, and MK set her hair.  We were shocked when we saw that it was past midnight before we were ready for bed!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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