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Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017:   Partial Solar Eclipse is great / D2, Clark golf / Meet FEMers in Provo for dinner / D2, Clark give blessing to Roger

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017   St. George, Day 4: Coming Home

D2:   We slept through until 8 and took our time getting ready.  Clark cooked us some delicious scrambled eggs and I added some cinnamon toast to the mix. They had already taken their early morning walk.  He and I went out to the back for our daily putting game. The imitation putting green is very uneven and makes ordinary putting almost impossible. We are lucky to sink one or two out of ten tries! I have won every day. We gathered up sheets and pillow cases and washed them in the washer. Clark vacuumed and the rest gathered trash from around the house and washed dishes. It was spic and span when we left at 10:15.

        Clark and I stopped at Costco to fill up on gas. The place was packed!  I still had a half-tank of gas, so it didn’t take long. The girls had zoomed on ahead of us and occasionally Clark would text Ellen to see where they were. We finally ended up stopping at Fillmore where Mary and I shared a hot dog, some fries and a shake.

        The girls dropped Bette off at son Bryan’s house in Provo, so we arrived in SLC first. We stopped at Costco to fill up with gas and then came home. Mary Kaye came home shortly thereafter and I took her suitcase upstairs. The Altima averaged 35 mpg and the Forester, 26 for the trip.

       I put on my soccer gear and got ready for my game at Juan Diego.  We did the JV game first, starting at 5 using the two-man system.  The varsity game started at 7.  Both were excellent and I was pleased to be able to keep up with play with little effort. The four ibuprofen helped.

        After my shower, Danny came over to borrow my Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Aubrey had taken the time to glue on the loose earpieces while I was at soccer.  I showed him how to operate them. John was there and asked Danny how and why he was going to Samoa tomorrow.  Danny’s story was long and involved, but fascinating.  


Wednesday, August 16, 2017   St. George, Day 3! Golfing,

D2:   I awoke early and had breakfast while Mary was still sleeping. I just ate some Great Grains cereal with cinnamon toast. Clark and I headed out for the Red Cliffs golf course around 10. We played with a real nice guy named Neil who helped us read the course.  We both shot around 45, give or take a few. We both took several Mulligans.

        We went to McDonald’s for a cheese burger and a smoothie and then drove to the Southgate course on Dixie Drive.  We had planned to go nine, but the clerk offered us 18 holes for another four dollars because it was getting hotter.  The heat didn’t deter us and we had a great time. We both shot under 100, alternating between good shots and wankers.

        The girls called several times, so we called them back and told them we were on our way. They had played games most of the day. We each made ourselves a chicken salad sandwich with chips, and then watched State of Play with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck.  

       Around 7:45 we hopped into the Forester and made our way to Tuacahn where we enjoyed a wonderful performance of Mama Mia. It was a rousing affair with all those wonderful songs. We were impressed by the beautiful voices. They did three wonderful encores and then it ended with a short fireworks display. We got home around 11:30


Tuesday, August 15, 2017   St. George! Golfing, Newsies

D2:   I awoke and was dressed when Clark and Ellen came back from their early morning walk. She made bacon and eggs for breakfast and everything was delicious. Clark and I headed out to the St. George Golf Club where we played the usual nine holes. The weather was not too warm and the scenery was beautiful. I wished we had stayed and played the full course. I shot a 48 and Clark a 45.

        From there, we drove to the temple where I chatted up both Brother and Sister Dunguy at the Visitors’ Center.  They extended their mission and have been there two years We stopped off at Walmart where I bought a selfie-stick and some Chapstick for my cracked lip.  Clark also picked up a root beer and some chocolate milk.  We called the girls and they were out and about, shopping at the discount stories. We came home and made ourselves some sandwiches for lunch. To pass the time, we putted in the back on the putting green.

        Bette was anxious to see her old friends the Adophsons, so they called and made a rendezvous to meet at Costco. We put in the movie Sum of All Fears, an exciting movie about deception at the highest levels of the FBI. 

        In the evening, we went to the Green Iguana and enjoyed fine Mexican cuisine. We each split an entrée and found it more than filling.  We stopped off at Walmart and picked up some odds and ends, including some ice cream bars that we forgot to eat.

       The rest of the evening was spent watching The Best Most Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was late and only a few of us saw the entire film.  Mary Kaye and I enjoyed it once more.

 Monday, August 14, 2017   St. George! Golfing, Newsies

D2:   I picked up Clark at 7 and we were off on our grand adventure!  Two hours later, we arrived in Fillmore and checked in at the golf club course. It’s a small venture, but the course was fun enough and we enjoyed our round.  I shot a 45 and Clark a 47.

        We continued on to Beaver where we ate our lunch at Wendy’s.  Mary Kaye, Ellen, and Bette were in the Forester, but a good three hours behind us. We would call Ellen every now and then to make sure they were okay and to check their location. Eventually, they stopped at Costco and gassed up the Forester.

        We arrived at the house and quickly turned on the A/C to cool down the place.  It was really toasty outside.  Then we sat down to watch The Pelican Brief until the women folk arrived.  They joined us sometime later for the end.

        We lazed around the house until 6:30 and then headed out to Tuacahn to see Newsies.Our dinner was sparse, but edible, but really down-sized from last year. We had really good tickets, down low and in the center.  I’d never seen the movie and was unaware of the music or the story.  It was powerful and energetic and got a good reception from the audience.


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