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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017    

D2:   I woke up with a desire to get something worthwhile done today.  Filled with new-found enthusiasm, I went to IFA for pre-emergent fertilizer and two tomato plants: one cherry and one beefsteak.; spread the fertilizer over all three lawns; turned on the sprinklers to (1) see if they still work and (2) to push the pre-emergent into the soil.  I grabbed my clippers and cut all the shoots off the apple tree (filled the trash bin) and then used the chain saw to cut off a huge dead branch.

        Tired of the dirt and debris, I took the broom and swept off most of the patio carpet. I probably will need a power washer to get off the candy/ice cream stains. Finally, I dug along the back wall to hide/cover our house ground wires (we’ve hit the steel post a couple of times when mowing or digging.

       Priesthood Leadership meeting at 4 was good.  The adult session was terrific, too. Courtney’s husband Randy gave his first talk and it was a good one. His(non-member)  family sat in front of us and got two hours of gospel teachings. 


Friday, April 21, 2017:   D2 to temple / MK receives shoe order, washes wig / Oliver mows our lawns /  Dinner out with Clark & Ellen/ Andy calls to say thanks

MK/D2:   I got Denny’s lunch packed and waved goodbye when he was picked up for the temple shift. 
       I was happy to get the shoe/boot order delivered by UPS and tried on each pair – the boots and khaki Crocs fit well, but the black cloth Crocs were a size too small.  Because I like them, I’ll attempt to have them exchanged. 
       I followed the directions and washed my wig.  It didn’t look different afterwards.  I never seem to have it looking the same two days in a row, or even two hours in a row.  It doesn’t look natural to me, and though I really love the color and like the carefree cut, I wish I felt more comfortable wearing it!  I wear it from morning to night everyday…what to do?  I want to just walk into the store where I bought it and ask the girls what they think.
       It was “short day” for Oliver and his brothers, and he came right over at 2:00 and began mowing our lawns.  With all the rain we’ve had, the need was great.  When he finished, he mentioned that there are an awful lot of weeds throughout the grass.  Yes.  Denny has plans to remedy that himself.
       Andy was back in town and called to thank us for helping out with the kids earlier in the week.  He is desireous of giving his kids memories with us – what a tender thought!

       When the group got home from the temple, we and Wallaces decided to go out to dinner together.  Clark had looked through his coupon book and found a place none of us had visited – PizzaPieCafe on 7200 South 6th East.  We sat in an enclosed booth, which was fun, and had an open, all-you-can-eat buffet of pizza, pasta, and salad!  It was a comfortable experience. 
       Dallin & Becky Sohm from years ago in our stake, were there with grandsons.  We had a long visit while catching up on each other’s news.  Becky listed only a few of her 19 operation on body parts, which included 2 surgeries on both hips, shoulder replacement, thumb surgeries, heel and more.  I remember them moving from our area for a single level house.  Pres. Sohm was released as their stake president just two years ago.

       Jeannie Wade has been in agony of pain and was diagnosed with 2 herniated disks in her neck and has two weeks to wait for surgery.  Two sons timidly asked if she were going to die.  Though she felt like it, she assured them she was not.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017:    D2 hits balls, refs game / MK gets travel stool from BB, makes chowder, does laundry

D2/MK:   I looked out the window and beheld a beautiful sky outside. I texted Clark about golf, but he told me to look to the west.  Dark, menacing clouds were approaching. He said to wait until 11 and we would see, but I knew it wasn’t going to get any better.  I dawdled around for awhile, working on two crosswords, but not having any real interest in solving them.

        Finally, I got dressed and drove the Altima to Schneiter’s, while MK walked down to visit with Bette.  I had accumulated enough receipts (9) to give me a free bucket of balls.  The manager told me to take a big one and away I went. I started off with my driver and worked my way through all my clubs. I hadn’t realized how many balls were in a big pail!  I was tired afterwards and glad to get back to a warm and dry home.

       In our phone conversation, I mentioned to Bette that I was searching online for a travel stool – I’d decided a wheelchair was overkill for our trip.  Last Sunday, Steph had mentioned that Mark had taken a portable, camp stool on their France trip and she each time she saw him sitting, she wished she had one, too.  There was a large selection online, so I was optimistic.  Bette blurted out, “I have one you can use!”  She explained that Doug had bought it years ago for an air show, and then Bette used it after her back surgery each time she went Christmas shopping that year…so I walked down to see if it would be helpful for me.  It’s an “umbrella cane” and when opened up is a like a camp stool.  After an hour-long visit, I walked home, using the cane and determined it could also be useful as I walk over cobblestones and such!  I’m happy and relieved to have found it!  I hope the airlines will let me take it as a carry-on.

        I was surprised to see that I had been assigned a sophomore game at Cyprus and taken off the West High games.  It was a long drive out there and the weather got worse the farther west I drove. The game was already going when I arrived and the teams were playing in a driving rain. I left my windbreaker on and joined my Mexican cohort on the field. He had started the game early.

       While he was away, I made a potato/cheese chowder – I did a better job than the one I made for Oaks & Lil.  This one is creamier, plus I had diced ham to include in Denny’s serving (I prefer mine plain).  I remembered the chicken broth this time, too.

       By halftime, the rain had stopped and the sun came out. It was beautiful and a welcome relief for us all. An old referee buddy came out of the stands to give me a warm hug. His grandson was playing for Cyprus.  I came straight home, showered and hopped into my PJ’s. Mary had prepared another batch of potato chowder. It was delicious and just what I needed!

       I watched a couple of recorded programs after Denny and I watched New Tricks together. I got two loads of laundry done while there.



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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

 Wednesday, April 19, 2017:   Saw Oaks & Lil off / Returned home separately / Walmart / Carpets cleaned

D2:   I forgot my PM sleep medicine and woke up at 4:30.  I stared at the ceiling for the next two hours, using every trick I knew to get to sleep.  Finally, 6:30 arrived and I got out of bed and woke up the kids. They are professional procrastinators, and barely made it out the door in time. We grabbed our stuff and headed home. 

        We went shopping at Walmart so Mom could pick up her medicine and buy some more ingredients for her potato chowder. We arrived home at the same time as the rug cleaning team.  We just had them do the main level. Everything looked great when they left!Roger called me and asked if I wanted to hit some balls at Bear Park. We both agreed that we should have gone golfing. The weather was sunny and beautiful.  We hit for about 45 minutes and then returned home. It felt good to get out and get some exercise. 

        I was relaxing at home when I got a call from Edie and Roger asking me to Lone Peak Hospital. Sister Kidd was going to undergo a gall bladder operation and wanted a blessing. I got dressed and met her boyfriend Steve outside the door. I did the anointing and Steve gave a sweet blessing.  On the way home, I dropped by Costco to get gas and taste the free samples.

        I was watching TV when Clark came by to help me find my water turn-off valve in the front yard. It’s been covered up for some time and we couldn’t find it.  He said that he would come back and we would look some more. Apparently, I’m supposed to turn off the water every winter.

        I heated up some lasagna for my dinner and worked on the crossword before coming upstairs to work on the blog. 


Tuesday, April 18, 2017    

D2:   I had a free morning today.  We got the kids off to school and left thereafter.  

        In the afternoon, I sped out to Corner Canyon for our usual two games.  Todd Hyer was there, so we used headsets to control the game. Not being used to them, I sometimes forgot to utilize them when I could have. We would signal substitutions, offside infractions, fouls, etc.  We had to go into overtime to determine a winner, so the game ran long. We suggested cutting the JV game to 30 minute halves and both coaches agreed. Just then the storm rolled in and it began to rain lightly.  It continued on for some time and was miserable. Finally, in the second half, we had to stop the game for lightning. I was glad because I was completely soaked.

        I rushed home and took a quick shower followed by a long warm bath complete with bubbles and a jet massage.  I dressed and went to Herriman. On the way, I stopped off at Subway for a sandwich and ran into some Herriman students. I asked one girl if she knew Lily or Oakley and her face lit up. “Yes, and we love both of them!” I promised to say hi to Lily from Morgan Winterton.

        Mary was alone when I arrived. Oakley had taken Lily to her indoor soccer practice. I watched a French movie and Mom read her book. The kids didn’t get back until late. Later on, I had to force them to turn off their phones and get to bed!    



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