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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday, July 20, 2019:

             At 11:00 Steph and I met with Merlin Gray at the Memorial Utah Cemetery office to select all the parts of the marker for the grave site.  It was rather fun to make the choices!  For $3200+ it was important to make the right choices, too.  I’ m happy.  It took about two hours!

                I offered to drive to John & Aubrey’s new house.  I went to within a mile of the neighborhood without a addres (just tried to remember the one visit I had on the 4th of July. and Steph used her powers of logic to zero in on the exact street on her iPhone GPS, then I was able to point it out.  We just walked to the backyard and agreed we are anxious to see the inside!

                We decided to go to visit Angie and family!  Angie drove up right behind us with newly-purchased groceries from Costco and Walmart.  We stayed and hour or more as she, Mark and boys shared their experiences of TREK.  It had been really hot, but discomfort aside, they were impressed with the good food and the extraordinary plans to get a mini-trek to cover the main teaching experiences of a full-blown week-long one!

                Back home and to her car, we first bought snow cones from the Larabee kids – they had about 8 different syrups, and they were very refreshing in today’s heat!


Friday, July 19, 2019:     FEM dinner at the Barnes’ cabin!

                At 3:30 I was ready to go with Dan and Sharon Boskovich to the Barnes’ cabin on Guardsman Pass, between Solitude and Snowbird  Ski Resorts in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We arrived about 4:00 at the same time as Karen & Fred Johnsen with Pauline & Doug right behind us.  What great people.  What a great spot to enjoy our time together!

                Denny was a primary subject of conversation, or, rather, my well-being without Denny was.  At point I was given to believe that I should be receiving ALL Denny’s Social Security and retirement.  Well, I guess I’ll have to check with more experts on the matter.

                Dinner was marvelous – barbeque spareribs, 2ce baked potatoes, new corn-on-the-cob, orange rolls, exotic fruit drink, bowl of fresh fruit chunks, stuffed mushrooms. 

                Most of us opted to stay indoors to talk instead of trekking through the mountain glories.  We never slowed down a minute, until I was presented with a gift bag of special, meaningful items: marvelous book, a beautiful table clock, and a terrific page to add to our group yearbook!  I wish I were able to express my love and appreciation better.  I was deeply touched, but I couldn’t show it.  I love them all!

                It was a wonderful evening, and I’m sure I will enjoy future like-gatherings as a lone Doyle.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday, July 18, 2019:  

            It took me longer to get going this morning, but I made a list of things to do and places to go and suddenly I remembered I HAD FORGOTTEN that I was to see my primary care physician, Dr. Tierney, at 11:30.  I had missed it by two hours!!!  I called, hoping for a miracle but getting, instead, another appointment – in October!!!

                I did go to Costco, cashed the rebate check and asked about getting my name as the primary user of the card, account – I must bring a death certificate.  OK.  I bought some chocolates to take to the cabin tomorrow.  I haven’t been asked to bring anything to add to the dinner, so I’ll bring a treat.   Dan Boskovich called to say that after talking to Doug, he realized we weren’t expected before 4:00, so he and Sharon will pick me up at 3:30.

                I had other places to go but with chocolates in the car, I’d need to take them home first.  It was windy and hot and so by the time I got home, I wasn’t interested in going out again.  I prepared myself a lunch – tuna on rice cakes satisfies my “salty” taste needs, and I love them.

                Finally, I sorted my June journal pages and readied them to go into plastic sheets.  There is so much from well-wishers on Facebook and on the mortuary page that I’ve printed off that I decided to put them into a separate, bound “booklet” or maybe in the guest book.

                Cindy Simmons called and we had a pleasant, lengthy conversation.  We’ll try to get together for lunch next week.  Clark came to pick up the Inogen portable oxygen machine – Clark’s sister broke both arms and is staying with them for a while and has a problem with her oxygen –I sent the oximeter, too.  They may not need them, but if they do, so be it.

                I returned the call to Merlin, cemetery agent…and made an appointment to select the grave marker…Saturday morning.  I’ll invite any kids who would like to join me.

                I feel a bit lost just knowing John and family are in Mesquite and beyond, and that Angie and family are on trek.     

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