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Sunday, June 24, 2018

 Sunday, June 24, 2018:       Meetings galore / elders sing / Visit to Adam et al 

D2/MK:  I was up early and dressed for the 7:30 Bellview Ward Council.  The bishop was in a stake meeting with Pres. Monson and other bishops, so the first counselor took over.  When Bishop Koch did arrive, he was full of purpose.  He had just been told that the MLS couple and elders needed to have names!  And the names started to come out immediately.  It was great.

        Next, I went to the Canyon Rim Ward Council at 9, where the same thing happened, except that the names were more like social visits to shut-ins rather than to less-actives.  Both kinds are good for us.   Bishop John also asked if MK and I would give the opening and closing prayers in sacrament meeting.

       I came home to refresh myself before leaving with Sister Doyle to the 11:00 Canyon Rim Ward sacrament meeting.   As we neared Barium, we saw Oliver signal us for a ride the rest of the way!  As a Deacon, he needs to in place early.  The talks today were  about the stake “Book of Mormon Live” event that took place a week ago.  It was really powerful with Brent & Jeannie Wade and two girls, Johanna Nielson and Abby McCoy.  John gave a wonderful closing talk about the experience’s influence on him.  He was tearful and Mom was, too! 

       We stayed for Sunday school and enjoyed Bro. Hosman’s lesson on Eli and Samuel’s early calling as a prophet.  We left class five minutes early to go to the Park Ward sacrament meeting.  It’s almost like being in our own ward with the welcoming hellos from so many familiar friends and faces!!!  Young Max McCormick was giving his mission farewell, and we heard some great talks from his mother and two other mothers whose lives have been bless because of their children going on missions.  The last speaker was the missionary-to-be who spoke at machine-gun speed, but his thoughts were deep and exceptionally well-put.  The musical number was marvelous – Elders Pearce & Queiroz!!!  The first verse was sung beautifully by Elder Pearce, then the second verse was sung beautifully in Portuguese by Elder Q; then the two sang the third verse in English, beautifully!  We could not have been more proud if they had been our own grandsons!

        We came home for a late lunch of leftovers, and Mom put together a delicious meat loaf for later!  Smelled so good.

        We called Matt and asked if we could come over to give Adam his card.  Yes.  Mary’s brother Ben, wife Judy and their son and daughter were visiting – they had just come from a stay in Bali and were headed for a visit with the Hanson parents in Washington, and then on to Canada to visit Judy’s parents.  Ben is a computer whiz for Costco and works from “home,” or where ever he is, so they are world travelers! 

      Adam shared some of his experiences at EFY during the past week; he went with his cousin Ethan.  Next week he’ll be with his stake on Trek!  Mary has taken a pro-active role in Gabe’s soccer experiences by speaking with his coaches and by having Matt build “moveable (slanted) walls” to aid in home practice periods!  They’re great!  Matt says he uses them as much or more than Sam, Gabe and Noah!   They have a larger sized goal, too!  It all looked really cool.   They’ve worn out one trampoline and have a new one set up!  It’s a fun back yard.  Sam is in a class play all next week (Greek mythology).  It’s his final week of  school.  He’ll start Middle School in the fall.  We’ll try to get to one of the performances.  Cake and ice cream were served before we left!     

     We had wanted to visit Stephi, but she was out walking just then and didn’t get my call.

       When we came home, I tested the meatloaf.  It was the best ever!  I contained myself to one slice, but I can hardly wait until tomorrow to put it into a sandwich! 






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Saturday, June 23, 2018

 Saturday, June 23, 2018:       Adam’s 17th birthday!  / Aletha's funeral / Simmons visit / Baptisms galore!    

D2/MK:   We dressed up and went over to the church for Aletha Haueter’s viewing and funeral.   She had written her own “Life Sketch” and it was read by a grandson.  She had written instructions for the service – all five children were to speak BRIEFLY, and they did so -- their talks were all spiritual, telling of her qualities, skills, service, testimony, love, humor and influence.  Dan Bradshaw spoke and did his usual good job because he had had a wonderful friendship with her over the years and shared many personal experiences with us.  She probably chose the music – a duet by a granddaughter and grandson, “Going Home” (to the same melody as the French hymn, “Souviens-Toi”) was positively beautiful.  John’s closing remarks were short and appropriate.  Aletha must have smiled to see the service lasted exactly 55 minutes.  She has been a sweet, wonderful woman!!!  She and MK had a few years together in Book Club and Temple & Lunch dates.  It was great to visit with old friends – Vera Eddington, for example.  

        Afterwards, Sister Doyle began making her Cheesy Potatoes for the luncheon and I zipped out to the Vostis’ to give them a check for our upcoming Family outing at Bear Lake.   When I got home, I pulled out my Old Testament Institute Manual and studied our upcoming lesson.  I love the extra information provided therein.  I’m also keeping up with the mission reading plan in the New Testament and am up to Matthew 22.  I’m going back through the Book of Mormon, too.    

       Cindy Eklund Simmons called to ask if she and Leon could stop by at 4:30 for an hour’s visit on their way to a dinner date in Midvale.  Yes, of course.  

       Elders P and Q, called to ask for a ride to a baptismal service at our district building at 5:40.  Elder Queiroz was asked to be a witness.  Yes.  The Spanish sisters called and asked if we could transport them and investigator Javier to a baptismal service in Draper at 7:30.  Yes again!    
       In between times, I watched World Cup Soccer (played in Russia) Germany vs. Sweden, an exciting game which Germany won with a goal in stoppage time, 2-1.  Sweden led most of the match. 

      Sister Doyle worked on her lesson for the Sego Lily Ward Relief Society council meeting on the first Sunday in July – on “How to be a member missionary.”  Around 4:45, Cindy and Leon arrived, and we had a good visit with a promise to meet for dinner somewhere soon.  They make good friends!   

    We picked up the elders at 5:40 at the stake center and drove to the baptism.  The young man, Jaxon Anderson, is 16 and has had many a missionary over the last three years!  Elder Queiroz had been to teach him while on splits with Elder Bucklein and was asked to be the witness.  Elder Henley, AP, performed the baptism.  We sat with an MLS couple, Christensens – Mary asked them about their six-month mission call and learned that after their 18-month MLS mission, they were home for nine months when their stake president asked them to serve again “for any length of time.”   Jaxon looks really sharp. He and the rest of the ward youth had just gotten back from a youth conference in Zion’s National Park, so a lot of his friends were there.   It was a happy occasion for his Grandpa Anderson, especially!  We loved being there.  

        We dropped off Elders P & Q at 7:00.  They handed us a hand-written thank you note.  Sweet.   At 7:30 we met Sisters Villaroman & Rogers in the parking lot of the Flint Building.  They left their car parked and came with us to pick up their investigator to attend a baptismal service.  Mom gave up her front seat and sat with the sisters, letting Javier sit beside me.  A gentleman was being baptized in the Spanish Ward in Vostis’ stake.  Sisters Hill & Marcias (here six days from Mexico’s MTC) were credited with the baptism.  Elders Furhiman & Fletes were on hand, too.  The service was presided over by Bishop Becerra.  We put on our headphones and enjoyed another extraordinary baptism.  The talks and testimonies given were excellent for him to hear, for any investigator to hear.  There was great support from the Spanish Ward members, all ages.  There were a couple of guys from Accra, Ghana even.  Javier was introduced to everyone there one by one.  We loved being there.  Our ride home was informative, as Javier explained he is from Mexico, by way of Minnesota and Chicago.  He is working at laying tile, but he is actually a cowboy – knows and loves all aspects of horses!  We dropped him off and then the Sisters at their car at 9:45!  

    We had thought to drop by M&M's to give Adam his birthday card, but we got home too late.  We'll do it tomorrow.  We did go to Smith’s for milk, though. 

        What a wonderful, busy day!






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Friday, June 22, 2018


Friday, June 22, 2018:       D2 Mall walk, Lunch/planning with the elders
D2/MK:  I had a bit of a panic today.  I couldn’t find my car keys!  I looked everywhere, but to no avail.  Finally, I just used Mary’s.  I put on a new oxygen tank and headed for the mall.  There were very few people there.  Even some of the old regulars were missing.  I put my oxygen level on three and away I went.  I just have to remember to breathe through my nose.  I got in 2.2 miles.

        While I was gone, Sister Doyle cut up the ingredients for chicken salad sandwiches, put together an orange Jell-O salad and a pasta & tomato salad and brought up a can of baked beans.  

       When I got home, I continued my search for my missing keys.  I looked high and low, inside and out, but they were nowhere to be found.  Then, when I put on my pants after my shower, there they were, right where I had left them.  How embarrassing!  I could have sworn I checked those pockets! 

        Elders Pearce and Queiroz showed up a little late and we began our meal. Everything was delicious. Elder Q loves the beans!  Neither touched the Jell-O salad, but I had a double helping.   The pasta was eaten and we all made a sandwich and loved the strawberry shortcake!  We did a couple of minutes planning for Sunday, and they were off, and we got the dishwasher going.  

        At 2, Mary Kaye took the car, picked up Bette and went shopping at Macey’s for sliced ham for the funeral lunch on Saturday.  Disposable pans were passed out to the five women making cheesy potatoes, too -- MK being one.  

       I went to the Flint Chapel at 7 for the English class, but no Spanish folks showed up.  The sisters were there first and then the elders showed up later.  I suggested they start over, have a beginning and an ending date, and not make it continuous.  I think that will make it seem more like a class.  

        John came over and we chatted for a while and watched a little of the Brazil v. Costa Rica World Cup match.  He left early for Aletha’s viewing.  He will be conducting the funeral on Saturday, but isn’t sure if he’s expected to go to Midway for the interment.     


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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018:       MLS meeting at mission office

D2/MK:  Something wasn’t quite right when I woke up at 8:00 this morning, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then, when I got a call from Elder Finlayson asking me if I were going to come to the tech class, it hit me. I had forgotten!  It was already 8:30.  I apologized and said I would be there next week.

        We both got ready for our 10:00 MLS meeting and headed out for the mission office.  It’s always fun to be with this group of exceptional people.  Pres. Bishop introduced “Twice in White,” a “theme” used in the Provo Mission that has everyone consciously working to get new converts and newly-activated members to the temple (white at baptism, white in the temple).  The idea is that once a person is baptized, to get them to the temple as soon as possible.  It’s not a new concept, but it’s a catchy phrase and may give everyone a new focus or impetus.

        We had our usual talks and training by Pres. and Sister Lansing and then a song by the newly-organized MLS choir. I hadn’t practiced, but I could tell they needed voices, so I removed my oxygen tube and went up. We sang “Be Still My Soul,” a hymn with which I am very familiar, so I felt right at home.  Our leader, Sister Winder, was glad to see me take my place among the tenors, next to her husband.  She did a great job—only upon arriving this morning was she asked to lead—she’s an old-hand at directing a choir (and accompanying, too).

        In our break-out group with the Parkers, we shared ideas and/experiences, then dismissed for lunch, which was delicious, as always -- pulled pork sandwiches, two salads, chips and a giant brownie.  

      Pres. Lansing was having missionary interviews with our Sandy Zone and Elders P & Q were there!  We took them back to their apartment.   I got into my civvies and washed the car and watered the dry spots on our lawn.  The dead areas are slowly coming back, and I think I see our grass seed sprouting, too. 

        We went shopping at Smith’s for items for tomorrow’s lunch & planning meeting with the elders. Sister Doyle decided to serve strawberry shortcake for dessert, so we needed those items.  We’ll have chicken salad sandwiches as our main meal, along with a Jell-O salad and Bush’s Baked Beans (Elder Q’s favorite). 

        Dan Bradshaw had driven Pam Dale to the county debate being held in West Valley (she is her precinct chairman) and asked if we could pick her up later.  Yes. We were there at 9 and she came out to say it would be another hour or so, so we said we’d entertain ourselves and return.  We drove leisurely to the closest Sonic Drive-in and enjoyed half-price shakes and slushes (after 8).  We went back to the American Prep Academy, and, while MK stood beside the car with her large raspberry ice cream slush,  I went inside to search throughout the building for her!  It was after 10 and she was tired. She was glad to see us, and we, her. 

        We got home at 11. MK set her hair while watching “Endeavor,”and I checked Facebook -- I was shocked to see the photos of the young Rosencranz’ girl who had been attacked by a dog: 34 staples in her scalp, 11 stiches on her arm and three more on her side. I suggested a blessing when they get home on Monday.   

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