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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017:  

D2:  I was up and ready early this morning to take Kevin’s family to the airport. They got good deals on tickets and decided not drive.  The kids ate breakfast and away we went!  The traffic was light and we arrived with time to spare.  They had an 8:30 am flight.  I went over to check on Truman and was almost eaten alive.  He could not contain himself.

        The day passed slowly.  We went shopping at IKEA for a desk for MK’s computer room.  We found one that might work, but we will keep looking to find the perfect one.  The line was too long at their restaurant, so we just went home for soup and sandwiches.  We stopped by Smith’s and picked up some soda for tonight’s BYU game and some other groceries. Danny said he would be bringing  the pizza.

        I watched a few games downstairs, but wasn’t really interested.  I took the Forester to the car wash and got it cleaned up for tomorrow.  It was absolutely filthy! 

        At 5, Roger and Danny came over and we watched the most dismal game ever.  When Edie and Jolene showed up, Mary came downstairs and we were three couples, half the “Bees’ Knees group.”  We kept hoping for a miracle, but the Y lost badly….against the worst defense in the America!  It was so sad. 

           I went across the street again and turned on the outside light.  I didn't bother going  in because I knew what would happen. 

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017:   D2 to temple, tend Truman /  MK makes lemon pies /  Dinner with FEMers at Boskovich’ til midnight / Kevin and family come to stay overnight—airport in the morning

D2/MK:  I was able to sleep in a little this morning before getting ready for the temple. It was a slow day and it dragged somewhat.  I was surprised when I looked out the front door of the temple around two and saw that it had rained!  I coughed a little, but was able to stifle it most of the day.  When I got home, Mom had me go across the street to feed and comfort Truman.  He was the same as yesterday and I have several scratches on my hands to prove it! The poor thing really misses his family.

       Mom’s two pies looked delicious on the island.  We put them in a box and drove to the Boskovitches’ place where we met up with the Todds, and Johnsens.  After the usual hugs and welcomings, we sat down to a delicious chicken cordon bleu dinner.  Karen brought a marvelous green salad, and Pauline brought an attractive & yummy "quiche plate" of sliced potatoe/tomatoes/zucchini vegetables ( from Pintrest). 

During our repast, their daughter Lexie played one of her 15 doctoral pieces for us on their grand piano. It was beautiful.  I can’t imagine memorizing something that long and complex!

        Our discussion was largely spiritual in nature, talking about the challenges facing the church and its members in today’s society. We each agreed that there must be some kind of sifting going on to weed out "the chaff "of the Church/world.  They were all curious about our mission, so we explained as best we could what we thought we might be doing over the next 18 months.  Barnes will be home from Paris Dec. 2nd.  Our next get together will be January 6th at 6 at Johnsens'.  I hope we're able to keep up these regular gatherings...we expect to.

        When we got home, a little after midnight, the Kevin Doyles were here.  The kids were all on the floor in the playroom with the parents downstairs in the guest room.  I’ll be taking them to the airport tomorrow.  They are headed for Disneyland until Wednesday.  Y]ThVostis, Steph, Andy & Lil!



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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017:   D2 tends to Truman / MLS Meeting & lunch—Larsons & Murphys / Dupaixs wake D / Shop in Draper—belt, ink, scarf

D2:  After showering and shaving, I went across the street to check on Truman. He was so excited to see me that he couldn’t stop jumping on me and pretending to bite my hand. I changed his water, filled up his food dish and then played with him for a while.  He did not want me to go!

        Just before 10, we dressed up and went to our MLS meeting in a chapel near Union Middle.  We were thrilled to see two familiar couples there: the Larsens and the Murphys!  A couple being released spoke for some time on their mission and they were followed by Pres. and Sister Lansing.  They are both very impressive. We were introduced as new missionaries.  Everyone was surprised when we said that we and the Larsons had been in Switzerland together, just in different language areas.  We enjoyed a light lunch buffet afterwards.

        I was resting in bed when a knock came on the door.  It was Roger and Edie out for their usual walk. They told us that the Wallaces had tried to call us this morning, but were not successful.  Their blog says they were able to go into London with Tyler and Marjorie and they had a good time. They even got tickets to Wicked!  Edie said that Ellen really cried when they left.

        We drove to Draper to buy some ink for my printer and get me a missionary belt at Deseret Book.  Mary found a beautiful scarf at Kohls, just around the corner from both stories and she just loves it.  At home, we crossed the street to check on Truman again.  He went through his same psychotic routine, jumping and whirling around.  He finally settled down and we were able to escape.

        Death in Paradise and Midsomer Murders filled 


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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017:  D2 subs / MK shops with Bette / MLS Coordintors visit

D2:  I got to West Hills Middle with time to spare. Monsieur Maughn was there, getting ready. He gave me a lesson plan, but said I had full rein over what I did, and off he went.  I ran off a ton of copies of my Hallowe’en picture sheet plus a short, easy story.  The kids were pretty well-behaved and responsive and the day went along smoothly. They do have short attention spans, so it was a little stressful sometimes.

     Bette and I left at 10:15 to check out the selection of kitchen sinks at Home Depot -- Bette is getting new cupboards, countertops and appliances for her kitchen.  We went to the Shopko nearby and she bought her favorite jeans while I got the chain on my recent "necklace" purchase shortened.  I was thrilled.  We shopped at Walmart, too, and got her home a few minutes before her visiting teaching date.

        When I came home, Mary and I put out a few Hallowe'en drtenedecorations. We'll complete the rest later.  Mom received an email from the missionary department which suggested that we might be in the MTC for a second week!   We don't know if that's true or a mistake on their part.

        After dinner, we waited for our visit from the Parkers, a handsome couple who are coordinators over the senior MLS missionaries in this area.  They gave us a large folder with all kinds of suggestions and helps for our upcoming 18 months of service.  We are the first to get this new book!  It is very professionally done and reminds us of Preach My Gospel.  They answered our questions and we talked for an hour and a half.  We are already starting to feel the spirit of missionary work!





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