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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Friday, January 28, 2022:     I finished my cards / Kevin visits

            I wasn’t out of bed until after 9, so my day seems to have taken all day to get through!  I wrote personal messages to Luke, Janell, Stephi, Boskoviches, Gillespies, and Jeanette, plus I made copies of the journal story of Mothers Day 1987 for Edie and Barcy.  All that took a long, long time.  Then I listened to a talk by Pres. Nelson and another by Bishop Caussé.  Through red, damp eyes, I heated up a frozen entrée, steak & corn, for a late lunch…very tasty.  I bet Kevin will be here in an hour.
              Yep, he got here at 5:30.  The 2 restaurants he loves – expensive high end foods – salads with all the trendy ingredients, are called FUEL and AUBERGINE (French for eggplant).  He has lost 10 lbs. eating healthy meals and giving up sweets/snacks.  He recovers more quickly after pickleball and feels better overall.
              I told him I didn’t really have a project or job for him to do, so he sat in the other computer chair and we talked.  In the course of  our vivid conversation, I remembered that I had had some confusion when trying to bring up my official tithing info for income taxes . . . it required me to choose a new password, for example.  He described going through the same thing and together I we were successful in making the change in passwords and finally pulling up and then printing off the page for my taxes. 
              That was very encouraging, so then I asked how I can erase the unnecessary icons from my computer screen – 75 “Adam” icons.  When I copy pictures and memes from Facebook or email, I usually have to go through “save as,” and somewhere along the way, I discovered I could save as Adam.  I will want to continue that but I can eliminate 70 of the icons -- and now I know how.  Steph had volunteered to do it for me a month ago, but I was fearful it would mess up a good thing.  I’m more comfortable with the idea since counting the number I have!
              Our conversation was two hours long – fun.  The last subject was impressive to me.  He and Janell are faithfully studying the “Come Follow Me” scripture reading with their kids and have added 5-minute training from John Bytheway’s book and and another 5-minutes from a book on manners and etiquette for teens.  I love the idea! 
              Kev left at 7:30 and planned a visit to John & Aubs then a visit to Angie & Mark, getting home about 9:30.  Tomorrow Janell and Asher & Tamara and daughter Abby (both 13 on last birthdays with promise of Disneyland with Mom) are going to Disneyland for two days!  Rylan was excited getting his first paycheck from Wendy’s this week!  The family is going to see Hamilton at the Eccles Theater in SLC Tuesday night!  Lana’s baptism is a week from tomorrow.




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Friday, January 28, 2022

 Ken Jennings . . .  won 74 times consecutively. From June to November 2004, he won $2,520,700. Taxes were taken out — 35% federal tax, 7% California tax, and his 10% tithe to his church — still leaving Ken with plenty of winnings.  Jennings also won Jeopardy! The Greatest Of All Time in 2020, taking home the $1 million prize, and in 2020 he became a consulting producer on the show. 


The Church Educational System (CES) announces that all new employees who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be required to hold and be worthy to hold a current temple recommend. Church members already working at CES institutions will be invited to adopt this standard voluntarily. This aligns with the historical temple recommend standard applicable to Church employment. This adjustment is effective immediately and applies to all faculty, staff and administrative employees at each of the CES institutions.


Thursday, January 27, 2022:

            Turns out that I did miss an appointment with my new Primary Care Doctor this morning – phooey!!!  I had no reminder call on either phone, and I had nothing in my 2021 calendar nor in my 2022 calendar!!!  And though I did register online, no where was an appointment date mentioned. . . that software should be upgraded!!!
              A snippy nurse or receptionist called to inform me of my negligence and said I’d have to go to Instacare for my INR until the doctor sees me – earliest appointment now would be in November . . . yes, that’s what she said.  I asked about other doctors available to take on new patients, and she gradually became nicer. 
              She gave me the clinic names and phone numbers in south Sandy, Draper, and Riverton.  I called the Sandy Clinic – I used to take Grandma and Denny there in years passed (10th East 11400 South).  Yes, there were 2 doctors taking new patients, both men.  I had already had a brief conversation with myself about accepting a male, so I didn’t hesitate and accepted the guy suggested, Dr. Joseph Gitt.  I have since looked him up and the patient comments were very good.  My appointment is April 25th. Sheesh!  I am not paying to have my INR done  . . . I’ll just continue with the same dosages I’ve had for sevreal months.

             My day was pretty easy from then on.  I chose the words-of-wisdom-memes for the birthday cards and sympathy card for Jeanette and did little else.                         

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Wednesday, January 26, 2022:  Attended funeral of dear Werner Ochsenhirt

I guess my waking up at 7:30 every morning these last two weeks is because I’m going to bed earlier . . . hmmm.  I don’t know.  This morning I made plans and preparations to go to Werner’s viewing at 11:00.  Bette had volunteered to drive, and were were there before the masses arrived.
               Jeanette was in “bad mood”, which surprised me for some reason – Werner looked wonderful in the casket!!!  When I mentioned that to Jeanette, her response was that it “was not how he looked when he was taken from the house!”  Then she went on to describe the apparati the paramedics had placed on him – for heaven’s sake!  I whispered to her that she is responsible for how she chooses to remember him!!!
            Marion had set up two long tables in the foyer with pictures of Werner at various stages of life from 17 years of age – when he immigrated to the USA.  He and Jeanette were a cute young couple.  The display was a masterpiece of artistic arrangement, framing and such!!!  I was touched!!!
            They had 5 or more rows of family members.  The ward members were the same folks who are a nucleous in church each week, too – Sorensons, Burns, Jones’, Wallaces, Dupaixs, Collinsons, Bishop, Bette, MK, Jaylene and Bonnie.  The service was available on Zoom also.  I was so happy when Marion’s husband read the Life Sketch, and it was the talk Werner gave in sacrament meeting a couple years ago!!!  It told much about his childhood in Germany during WWII.  Marion and her two sons spoke and did well to describe a fun dad, granddad.  It was a lovely hour.
            I made my quick run to Walmart for a sympathy card, milk, cider packets and Crystal Lite and a refill prescription.  I needed a break from the carbanara, so I bought a KFC meal (chicken and coleslaw) to eat at home for dinner.
            The phone was ringing when I got home – it was John.  AltaView had called him when they couldn’t reach me.  I checked my 2 phones for messages.  There was nothing on my landline, but my cell had a message reminding me of my INR tomorrow . . . I have the appointment recorded for next Tuesday, so I will call the office early in the morning to clarify things.  I did pre-register on my email this morning . . . there was a new section to fill out:  (1) What is your sexual orientation? (my answer: straight, heterosexual), (2) What is your gender identity? (my answer: female), (3) What is your assigned sex at birth? My answer: female), (4) What is your preferred pronoun) (my answer: she/her).  Good grief.  I am officially in the WOKE culture now, I guess – except for my standard answers maybe!
            John said he is still very sick and wonders if he has pneumonia.  It hasn’t stopped him from working – another plus for “working from home.” 
              I received a text from Oakley: “Hi, grandma, I got your card!  Thank you and I loved the story about the nervous boy singing from your journal.  I hope you have a wonderful day!”  My response: “Thank you, Oakley!  I love thank you notes and I am thrilled to hear from you . . . Are you still able to work from home?”  Oaks’ response:  “Yes. ma’am.  Right now the expiration date is March 31 but the company has experienced so many people testing positive for Covid I wouldn’t be surprised if it got extended again.” (he works for the same company as John while living now in Fort Collins).
            Steph and 4 friends were headed to San Francisco tomorrow for the theater production “Harry Potter” and were just informed the show has been cancelled – “guess I’m just flying there for no reason now.”  Of course, the group of friends will find something to do.  I look forward to hearing just what!
            Kevin has texted that he will visit me on Friday this week.  He says that Lana will be baptized February 5th – by Rylan.  In Janauary, because Rylan will be 16 this year, he is eligible to baptize her … that’s why she has waited since her October birthday.
            Which is the more importnt news?  Justice Breyer is going to retire his seat on the Supreme Court, allowing a Democrat president to chose his replaement OR Amy Schneider loses her 40 day winning streak on Jeopardy!!!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tuesday, January 25, 2022:    Spent 3 hours with Dupaixs and 2 Gillespie couples in the evening

My mornings generally include watching the flock of 12 quail hanging out in the upper branches of the tall poplar trees in Butterfields’ front yard!!!  Fascinating . . . I never tire of watching them.  It was the same when we lived in Ferney-Voltaire and the crows came to the trees beyond the rock wall every morning!!!
            My breakfast was the carbanara.  So very delicious!  I tidied up the kitchen, emptied the waste baskets, then took the trash bags out to the bins and the bins out to the street.  Such a good feeling to have it done before dark.  I kept thinking I would make a quick run to Walmart but the arrival of the Gillespies kept changing (the time & the place), so I put off Walmart until tomorrow afternoon.  The last phone call was at 5:30 – Roger said I should just come down at 6:00 and be here whenever the two couples pulled in, so I was there at 6 and Harry and Ellen arrived at the same moment, then Connie and Steve were right behind them.  We couldn’t have been more excited being together.  It was perfect being in Dupaixs’ house so we could talk about anything, as loud as we wanted…we could laugh outloud and squeal.  It was so great.
            Edie had made a chowder and iceberg lettuce salad and Ellen had a cottage cheese & Jell-O salad and Connie had a loaf of homemade bread (she had a separate one for me to take home).  I just had a bit of the salads, having eaten my carbanara again at 3.  We sat around the dining room table talking about how each couple met, crazy antics at BYU (Harry), our youth in San Fernando Stake, our early days married, and much about the temple in these latter-days – Harry works in the Bountiful Temple, St. Grorge has 2 temples in consruction so patrons must go to the Cedar City Temple, making reservations is not very practical, Dupaixs are still workers in the Draper Temple.  Harry & Ellen have 8 great-grandchildren and 2 “on the way.”  Connie wanted to hear about Denny’s health before going to the hospital and the hospital experience.  I liked being able to relive those days for those few moments.
             At 9:00 Edie called Clark to ask if he’d come down and take our group photo!  I like when our social groups get acquainted!

            Just before leaving, Connie asked me and Edie about our journaling and told us of her positive experience with “StoryWorth.”  On her phone she gets a weekly or monthly subject assignment to write or talk about – ie:”high school dress fads” . . . I believe this is what Jan Crawford is doing  . . . a book is then printed.  I related my favorite quote and both were as deeply touched as I had been (and still am) – “I hope that someday when I am gone, someone, somewhere, picks my soul up off of these pages and thinks, ‘I would have loved her.’ “

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