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Friday, October 19, 2018

 Friday Oct. 19, 2018D2 walks / taco soup for lunch with elders, plus District Leaders / D2 drives Elder Lyse to and from Trax  / Plumber works / Why this cough? 

D2/MK:  The day started on an odd note as I looked at my calendar and found that we had missed our appointment with the Clarks last night at 6:00. Mom had it on her calendar, too! We’ll have to call and apologize.  I made it to the mall by 9:00 and got my 2.1 miles in by 10:00. Halfway through, my ankle started aching slightly, not enough to stop me but enough to be annoying.  It has continued all day.

        I showered and dressed while Sister Doyle was preparing Seven-can chicken taco soup.  What an ingenious recipe – and really delicious, too!!!  Because Elder Lyse was going to the Salt Lake Temple for an endowment session with the other departing missionaries, they needed to come for lunch at 11:30, instead of 12.  I picked them up so they didn’t have to ride their bikes and get sweaty.  Lunch was delicious and as we were finishing, Elders Vegamorra and Jessop drove up to take Elder Redmon with them.   They admitted to have missed lunch, though, and jumped at our offer to join us!  Time was not an issue.

        I left the four of them at the table, while I drove Elder Lyse to the drop-off spot at the TRAX station. When I came home, it was evident that Sister Doyle had really learned A LOT about the three of them and they had spent a goodly amount of time pouring over the world map on the wall, too.  The bare minimum info was: Elder Jessop is one of six children, Samoans living in Alaska.  Elder Vegamora is one of six children from the Philippines.  Elder Redmon is one of five kids from Smithfield, Utah. 

       They were finishing up their apple crisp.  I couldn’t resist and had to take some for myself, as well.   Still hot and delicious!  They took everything from the table to the kitchen and thanked us kindly and left together for their 1:00 appointment. 

        Soon, our plumber, Brady, showed up to check out our water heater.  He was great and checked our solar water heating system. He replaced the expansion cylinder with a bigger one and improved some of the fittings.   

        Mom’s coughing had been severe all day, so we didn’t go out tonight.  Around 7:00, we finally got a call from Elder Lyse to come pick him up.   After the temple session, the group had eaten at the Nauvoo restaurant in the Joseph Smith Building, guests of the Lansings.  He said he had ordered a chicken salad sandwich and it was delicious!  Elder Redmon was delivered to his apartment to meet up with his companion.   

        I went over to check on Truman, but he was gone! I looked everywhere and then texted Aubs. She said Emily had picked him up up for a play date.  Whew!  I had suspected as such and was glad to have it confirmed. 



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Thursday, October 18, 2018

 Thursday October 18, 2018:  cobble rocks fill the flower beds /   MLS Training meeting / MK to lunch with Bette, Verona / D2 drives elders here and there  

D2/MK We leisurely went about our usual morning routines before getting dressed for our MLS couples’ training meeting at the mission office at 10:00.  As we left, our landscapers showed up and began laying down the cobble rocks in our flower beds…we  expected white rocks, so seeing the tan color was a surprise, but we looked at each other and agreed we liked it…better than white even.  

         All three couples from District 1 showed up at the same time and walked in together. It’s always fun to be in the midst of such wonderful, dedicated people. We sat up front with the Larsens. I had my oxygen with me but turned it off after I sat down because I don’t really need it until I’m under physical stress (walking, going up stairs, working, etc.). The training was good, as usual, and informative.

         Sister Parker gave a cute talk, using various props used when she spoke on ”the gift of the Holy Ghost” at her granddaughter’s baptismal service recently.  In the gift bag were a small comforter, a flashlight, scriptures, and other items depicting what the Holy Ghost does for us.

       Bro. Parker talked about getting newly baptized members to the temple as soon as possible, within a week, if possible. We call it “Twice in White,” meaning they are dressed in white at their baptism and then again in the temple as they do baptisms for the dead.
       Sister Lansing came in then to do her training, using some items to demonstrate the power of suggestion and how the mind controls the body.  President didn’t come in because he had “departing interviews” with eight elders going home next Wednesday.

        At noon we two slipped out of the chapel, so I could get Sister Doyle home by 12:15 for her lunch date with Bette Brown and Verona Lewis. As we pulled up to the house, we were surprised to see that the sod had arrived!  Yippee!!!  I dropped her off to be picked up by Bette and then raced back for our MLS luncheon…my own lunch date.

        I got a call from Elder Lyse saying that he needed to be at the mission home at 1:30! I grabbed my food (baked potato with toppings wrapped safely for travel) and came straight back to their apartment. I took enough time out to cancel the appointment with the plumber who was scheduled to come about the same time.  Done and done!  Whew! 

       We just made it to the mission home in South Jordan for his interview -- Each elder comes to the interview with a questionnaire he has filled out, then President gives advice on life and love.  He shared his own love story with Elder Lyse!  (Then Elder L shared it with us on Friday’s lunch).  Elder Redmon and I sat in the living room.  Sister Lansing offered us some orange slices and packets of potato chips.  I took the orange slices.  Elder Redmon drifted off to sleep until awakened by Elder Lyse some time later. He was out like a light! 

        I came home to a front lawn being sodded!  Beautiful! Mary Kaye came in a little after three.  She and friends share September birthdays – they had some memorable years together when Verona was Stake RS President, and MK and BB were her counselors.   Verona’s daughter Shelly picked up three gourmet sandwiches and three fancy desserts and cans of Fresca at a quaint little café in Draper for our lunch at Verona’s house.  Great idea. They enjoyed a wonderful time together.  Verona had a fall a few months ago and has had serious instability ever since so she doesn't like to go out.  Tough to see.   

       When Mary saw the sod going in, she was giddy with excitement!!!

       I went across the street to check on Truman.  His family is vacationing in Mesquite. We don’t know for how long.  He’s always glad to see me.  I would have taken him for a walk, but I was still in my suit. Danny and Dave Joseph were there, checking out the space where the cement sidewalk will go (around the grate from Oliver’s basement bedroom) eventually. We will need to make it wider, so people can get by easily. 

       The "Candie" Doyles and Vostis are in Disneyland!

        Sister Doyle sent me to Smith’s to pick up some items for our lunch tomorrow with Elders Lyse and Redmon.  I heated up the chili/potato dish that I had saved from lunch.  It was good! 



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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

 Wednesday, October 17, 2018:   Anniversaries of the death of MK’s dad John Phenoi Deschamps (1963), MK’s mission start (1961) and conclusion (1963), and our Senior Couple Mission start (2008) / power outage is a tender mercy / FHE with Jones family / shop Costco / weekly with Bro. Pontes & 6 

     D2/MK  Just as I walked into the mall, I saw Bro. and Sister Curtis from the temple.  I haven’t seen them in ages! They were shocked to see me on oxygen. I told them I was, too!  I stopped by Claire’s to see if they had the plush, colorful fox that Lana had given to her friend, but wanted for herself.  No luck. During my walk, Five Star Painting called and said they would finish off the trim and gutters for another thousand dollars. I told them to wait. I think I’ll check around for a better price.

        I came home and saw an Any Hour repair truck in front of John’s house. I went in and he told me that the guy was there to repair their electrical issues in the garage and then change out their main junction box, as well.  They also had a problem with flooding in the basement bathroom.

       Later, our power went out.  I crossed the street to see if their work could have affected our outage. The electrician said no, but he came over to take a look and noticed two major problems in our laundry room area – (1) our main junction box was not finished off correctly (and should be).  He wiggled some wires to demonstrate, and voilà, the lights came on!

       (2) As he was exiting the laundry room, he showed me that the pressure relief tank on our solar water tank system is leaking and about to explode I told him to call one of his buddies to come fix it. He said he would. (a plumber is scheduled to come on Friday to repair it).  The power outage was definitely a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father. 

        Then I called Scott to see where our lawn guys were.  He said they will be here tomorrow. I texted Don about the electrical work and he says he will come tomorrow night.     

       Our FHE with Jenn Jones and kids was scheduled for 6:00.  We considered sending a reminder by text but feared being cancelled, so we just showed up.  Jenn had forgotten, but she invited us in, called her kids down and turned off the dinner.  This time Cohen joined us, but Ryker stayed in his room, but the time spent together was wonderful!!!

 Sister Doyle reiterated the Joseph Smith story and then I showed a child’s version of the entire story  All were glued to it.  The same information was in the first chapter of Children’s Book of Mormon Stories that we read aloud together.

       The kids had been afraid to say the opening prayers, so I gave a mini-lesson on the four steps of prayer. When we asked for a volunteer for the closing, Ireland volunteered. Cohen looked at me and whispered, “I was going to volunteer, but she beat me.”  Cute. I think we’re making some progress. 

       Sister Doyle told of the prayer their Mom had given last week that had been so special because she had told Heavenly Father how much she wanted the family to love each other and hoped they could make FHE special for them every week.  Then Sister Doyle read a quote from Elder Brough that she had noticed after Conference that emphasized the blessings for families who had a tradition of regular FHE – exactly what their mom was seeking.  She left the quote with Jenn who was touched by what had been said.

        It was just 7:00, so we zipped over to Costco to pick up an HP colored-ink cartridge for Mary’s printer.  While wandering, we met a woman wearing oxygen, Betty,  and her daughter, Jill.  We had an instant bond. They asked many questions about the portable concentrator.  We had the most fun conversation and promised to come by Jill's "Hot Dog On A Stick" in West Jordan soon!  We shopped for cereal, raspberries, and butter, then bought a hot dog and pizza at the snack bar to take home for our dinner.  

        At 8:30, we went to the Flint building for the weekly meeting with Bro. Pontes and the six other missionaries. Elder Lyse gave the training message, the last such meeting of his mission. Next Wednesday he’ll be on a plane for home!  He has been especially good for shy, QUIET Elder Redmon who seems to have come out of his shell the last little while.


       Son Mark texted me about printing off his resumé sent to our email -- nice looking with a long swath of black on the length of the sheet.  I recommended he take it to FedEx for a better job than we could promise him.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


 Tuesday Oct. 16, 2018:       District Council / Lunch out with Elders L & R /  visit to S. Dawes, Sauna Wms. / MK has cough 

D2/MK:  We picked up the elders at 9:45 and arrived at the district council meeting at 10:00.  We were welcomed warmly by Elders Vegamora and Jessop.  Shortly, the rest appeared. The council followed the usual agenda.  We skipped role-playing to the joy of Sisters Doyle, Winder and Murphy.  It was Elder Lyse’s last district meeting and he was given that time to bear his final testimony.  Then lots of photos were taken!  We got permission to take our elders out to lunch at the Schezwaun Chinese Restaurant – we had asked Elder Lyse what he’d prefer, Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian or Italian…we don’t get him for lunch on Friday because missionaries going home, attend the Salt Lake Temple!

       The food was very good and Sister Doyle and I each left with a box of sweet & sour chicken for tomorrow. We drove across the parking lot to Marco’s Pizza, hoping to find Stephanie Dawes working – a nice surprise from her missionaries.  However, she had called in to report her car wasn’t running and she couldn’t work today.  Instead of going straight home, we dropped by her house.

      When the Lord isn’t first in your life, that means you are taking your life in your own hands -- she has a broken car, broken water heater, and broken furnace and frozen (broken) pipes, as well as landlord problems and a brother boarding but not working.  When she does work, she has no one to watch her two sons, so she drives them a goodly distance to an elementary school in her mother’s neighborhood.  It’s heartbreaking and frustrating and maddening.  What can be done? Where does one begin?

        We got home before the 5 Star Painting guy came to apologize for the mix-up and delay on the painting of our trim.  He promised to do the job for his cost. We looked over the job together and I pointed out some problems, which he will repair, too.

        At 3:15, the missionaries called me to accompany them to a single, inactive member in the Bellview Ward.  Sauna is an older woman who claims that “Church kids aren’t allowed to play with non-member children, the Church hasn’t done enough for the gay community, and Church members follow the prophet blindly, like sheep,” pretty much the same litany of complaints that anyone not "living the commandments" makes, hoping to justify their own faults.  

        We answered her questions, and she became more friendly towards us. She has never been endowed, and I suggested that she might want to be sealed to her husband. That gave her pause for thought. She didn’t want to commit to coming to church, however.  If she does, she says it will be with her neighbor Peggy.    

        Mary has developed a horrible cough...we're quite a pair.  She didn’t want to go out.  She filled out her official ballot for mailing.


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