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Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016:     Both walk / MK sees Doc, buys boots / Stay indoors during rainstorms

D2/MK:   Denny and I both left to pick up Bette for our mall walk.  Denny had weights to get the most out of his time.  Bette’s feet were really sore and got worse as time went on.  She walked without her shoes the last little bit!  She called later in the day to say she was on pain pills with her feeet elevated and wouldn’t be walking tomorrow.  I offered to take her shoe shopping tomorrow.

       I had a 2:00 wellness appointment with my Primary Care doctor – I got the Prevnar 13 pneumonia shot and had blood drawn for lab work.  From there I stopped at the Quarry Bend Payless Store to get some boots, shoes for the trip.  I’ll keep them around a while to make the final decision.

       In the meantime Denny went to Costco to see if his new coat was waterproff or water repellant. He continued on to his appointment with MarkV.  Afterwards he stopped by the house to visit with Angela.  He was surprised to see that Finn has a sweet doghouse in the dining room now!

     Doug Barnes’ meds were delivered to our house today … we are to take them to Paris with us.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016:   D2 Ward council, choir / Church / dinner at Wallaces’ / D2, DaveJ walk gully

D2/MK:  I tried to get a lot done as soon as I got up: scriptures, shower, HP lesson, breakfast, etc.  At 10, I was off to Ward Council, followed by choir practice.  Steve dismissed the women after half an hour and the men stayed to practice “Come, Oh Come Emmanuel,” a beautiful Christmas song.

        When we got to church, the chapel was packed -- a lot of visitors for the Primary program.  It was nice and our grandsons did well – speaking parts and singing.  Our Primary is growing in numbers!  We were impressed to see that the children knew every word to every song!

        Afterwards, while Mary went to Gospel Doctrine, I went to the Teacher training class.  I suggested we discuss the section about creating a nurturing, loving and relaxing atmosphere in our classes.  The discussion really took off after that, and it was the best class we’ve had yet.  Mary mentioned later that Jeannie had taken the message to heart and removed the last two or more rows in the Relief Society room so that the group of women was close!  Better!

        Because Elder Besara was using the high council room for a meeting with stake presidents, we held our HP meeting/lesson in the choir seats of the chapel.  It was really quite nice. Tim Shaw gave a well-prepared lesson about “Choices” by Pres. Monson (given in Apr Conf).  We ended a little early and went about our trash removal jobs.

       After we got home, we got a call from the Wallaces to come down to dinner. They were feeding the missionaries and had invited Paul, as well.  We were appreciative of the invitation.  Dinner was really good, too -- roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus, tomatoes, homemade rolls and sherbet. We got well-acquainted with Elder Robinson from Anchorage, Alaska, and Elder Budge of Cape Canaveral, Florida.  They left a message and a prayer before leaving.  They are teaching Courtney’s husband, Randy and hope he’ll be ready for baptism in two weeks.

       When we returned home, Dave Joseph came walking by on his evening constitutional.  We talked for a moment and he invited me to join him.  I ran inside and put on my running/walking shoes. We went up Serpentine to the gate and then wended our way to the gully, going all the way east to the Smith’s parking lot and back down Sego Lily, a little over two miles!

MK:       I did something unusual for me – I shopped on Sunday.  I was on Facebook and noticed an ad for a new painting by Greg Olsen.  It was exactly what I have wished for!  I ordered it --“The Lamb of God.”  It’s his latest, so it was a pre-order special until tomorrow –1/2 price, 16x20” with a free 11x16” as well.  Just Saturday I was looking over the selection at Seagull Books without success.  My very favorite is “The Healer” by Greg Olsen and this new one may be the same model…the colors are white and gray, though.  I’m thrilled.



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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016:      Conference Call with Todds, Barnes / shop Target / MK to baby shower

D2/MK:  Doug & Pauline Todd had called yesterday to ask that we talk on a Conference Call today at 10 about our expectations on our Paris trip.  Barnes would be with them.  When Mary got up, she typed up a list of possible places in and around Paris that we’d be happy to see while visiting then emailed it to Pauline so we’d have a tangible list to refer to while discussing.  She’d made the list during the week.  They called about 10:15 and we talked for half an hour. They were as excited to hear from us as we were to hear them!  We firmed up a couple trips and discussed some other possibilities and felt good about our decisions.  We are excited about next month's trip to Paris!

        We went shopping for Courtney’s baby shower at Seagull Books and Target for a book and some diapers and generous gift card, so after we came home, she took off for the shower (at Ellen’s), and I left for Walmart. I had the jewelry clerk change my Armitron watch battery. Their policy says that they are not supposed to do it, but I promised that I wouldn’t sue if my watch broke or were inoperable.  She seemed surprised when the cover clicked on and the watch worked, and I was happy.

       The Shower Open House was successful with ward friends and Burton relatives!  Courtney had done the decorating and her grandma, Bette, had prepared the luncheon – chicken salad in croissants, potato salad and Jell-O salad, chips, water, cookies.  Lots and lots of gifts!!!

        I came home and ate my left-over steak from Sizzler for lunch. Then I went downstairs to watch the Utah/UCLA game.  I ended up watching several other shows, as well. 



Friday, October 21, 2016:   MK does hair, naps / D2 has temple shift / Long Dinner with Bradshaws

D2/MK:   Although I was up for the early morning walk, I was so terribly sleepy from a late night watching BYU football, I called Bette and said I was too tired to go.  She said she had much to do and the extra hour would suit her fine.

       I went to the task of putting Denny’s lunch together for his day at the temple. I washed my hair and set it, ate a little cup of rice pudding while in front of the TV downstairs then promptly fell asleep, a deep, deep sleep!

        It was wonderful to wake up fully rested and no bags under my eyes!!!  Dan called to ask if we’d like to go out to dinner whenever Denny got home from the temple – he was on the 3:30 session.  Denny got home at 6:00, tired and achy, but got into date-night mode in short order and Dan and Jolene picked us up.  What truly beautiful weather to be outside.  We decided on Brick Oven for our destination.

       Denny and I had our usual Senior mini-feast, which is a salad and mini pizza.  Dan had lasagna and salad bar, and Jolene had a mini-feast, too.  We were encouraged to stay as long as we wanted, and we wanted to stay a long, long time!!!  Families and groups were being seated continually, and we just continued to talk!  We had a good time.   

D2:   I took my car to the temple because I had the late session. I saw Mark and Angie there, and then Roger was in the 3:30 session with both Edie and me as session workers.

           We came home to watch New Tricks and Midsommer Murders which we had recorded last night.  I had to work at staying awake but Mary was totally alert!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016:    MK walks / D2 gets haircut, golfs / MK to Book Club, Walmart / Stephi visits with good news / Dinner out with Clark & Ellen / BYU loses ro Boise State!

D2/MK:     Bette and I went to the mall and added a fourth lap!  Yippee.   For me, it’s how steady my left hip is – sometimes it is slightly off center, which causes me to hobble – sometimes severely, sometimes almost unnoticeable.  Today my left leg/hip was perfectly aligned and the walk was easy and natural and the additional distance was easy.

       Denny had made an appointment to get his hair cut at 10:30.  Nice.  At noon, Bette and went to the Book Club luncheon at Barbara Elkin’s house.  With us were Carol DeMill, RosaLee Joseph, Aletha Haueter, Alease Guymon, Edie and Ellen.  Everyone had loved the book (The War That Saved My Life), but there was little actual discussion.  We sat to eat Barbara’s sausage/potato chowder with cornbread…many of the group asked for the recipe.  We acknowledged that next month’s book will be Loving Leah and RosaLee will be hosting our gathering.   We chatted for an hour as good friends before heading home.

       Denny went to Walmart to do some shopping and to cash some soccer checks at Granite Credit Union. He also waited in line for 20 minutes to fill his car at Costco.  Later, he drove Clark to Forest Dale where they played golf with Roger and Clark's son-in-law, Jeff.  I made a good shopping list and went to Walmart for an hour.  Good day for us both.

       Stephanie is off today for the annual UEA weekend.  She went to the Granite Credit Union before she came to see us.  She has been having promptings that it’s time for her to go out on her own – get her own home.  She learned that her financial cred it is great, and she is in a good position to buy.  Soooooo she’s beginning the search.  Exciting!

       I whined about my inability to import the DVD of slides onto my computer, so she imported them!  How in the world?!!!  WOW!   How thrilling!  Thanks so much!

       She had put together the Christmas names for the family and gave them out.  We got ours…traditionally, they’ve been kept a secret, so I’m not telling.

       Denny and golf buddies called on their way home from a wonderful afternoon together.  We and Wallaces were going to go to dinner at Sizzler.  Steph was invited, too, but she had her own plans so we went our separate ways.  She has plans for the long UEA weekend – Disneyland, I think.

       Our Sizzler date was fun, but Denny just ate his salad and dessert and brought his steak home.  I picked at my house salad and mashed sweet potatoes and ate four fried shrimp (Ellen was happy for the other two).  Ellen was feeling much better today and even suggested Dominoes, but then it was remembered that the BYU-Boise State game was taking place in 1 ½ hours so we split up instead.

       At 8:30 Clark, Danny and Roger joined Denny and me for the BYU game … a pathetic loss for us!!! …the craziest game ever! It ended in a one-pint loss for BYU....again.

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