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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Tuesday, July 17, 2018:   District Meeting with photos / MLS visits / weekly stake missionary meeting with ice cream bars


D2/MK:  We picked up the elders for district meeting.  It was quite a group with four pairs of young missionaries and four pairs of MLS Couples and one pair of zone leaders.  We were glad to see Sister Murphy back on her feet after her knee operation.  It was a worthwhile meeting – or council, as it is now referred to in the latest edition of Preach My Gospel.  Afterwards, we took pictures of everyone there – Married missionaries in individual twosomes, and young elders as a group.  On the way home, we treated our two elders at Skippers for lunch because all the others were going to Hawaiian Grill (in their area), where they get a free lunch once a month.  It was okay, but I doubt we’ll go back there again. 

        After relaxing at home for a short moment, we went to Costco to cash in our rebate check and buy some avocados and grated cheese.  

       At home, we had lunch and ate while watching the recorded episode of The Tunnel (final series #3).  It’s quite gripping and we like the interplay between the two detectives, one French and the other English.  It’s quite a contrast in personalities and cultures.   

        Sister Doyle put the Spaghetti Carbonara together for later, after our visits.  

       We left a little after seven and stopped by Virginia’s house. She wasn’t there, but her step-daughter Natasha was sitting on the front step.  She’s visiting from Granite Falls, Washington, not LDS.  We asked her to tell Virginia the Doyles had come by. 

       Our next visit was with Melissa Hansen and her little boy, Jonas. The husband is a chiropractor.  He wasn’t there because he was cycling in the mountains with friends, a cycling club.  Hmmm…a chiropractor coincidence?  We will drop by on Sunday when they will be together and have more time.  

       Our last visit was at the door with the 19-year old daughter of the White family.  The mother is Korean and the daughter looks it.  She is a Hillcrest High School graduate, so we had bit of a conversation about it.  She didn’t think we should come in because her father wasn’t there. We agreed and said we would return Sunday afternoon.  Our last two attempts found no one at home.   We had a brief conversation with the Wildes, too.  They were just out for a walk in the neighborhood.  He works on the Friday afternoon temple shift with Dan and Rick and looks forward to my return. 

        We had some time before our 8:30 meeting so we went up to Smith’s and bought ice cream bars for our elders, Bro. Pontes and the Spanish elders and sisters.  We also bought a padded container to keep them cold.  Our meeting was good with Bro. Pontes, the Sisters, and Elder Vorkink giving spiritual thoughts from the scriptures.  We reported our week’s doings and then pulled out the ice cream bars. They were well-received.





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Monday, July 16, 2018

 Monday, July 16, 2018:   D2 mall walks , photos from Costco, drives Elders / MK has hip check up    

 D2/MK:  After the required hour wait before eating, I enjoyed my scrambled eggs and sausage breakfast. I put on my cargo pants and polo shirt and went to the mall to walk.  I outdid myself with a 3.1 mile walk and wasn’t tired.    

       I continued to Costco and picked up two pair of shorts and the bunch of photos MK selected from Bear Lake and beyond that I, in turn, ordered online at Costco.  They turned out really well, but I had to text Stephi to see if she had some pictures of individuals that I had missed shooting at Bear Lake.  She didn’t respond all day, so we’re guessing she’s still on her marathon of 24-hour adventures with guys and dolls!!!!!  The life of this school counselor during her summer time off is pretty jam-packed with fun, food, friends and films!!!!!  Oh, my!!!!!   Today incIuded the following, for example – I thought I should document my early mornings as well! Gym - school - parade voting - FHE - friends #planetfitnesscircuit6am #Oplus5 #schoolworkinthrsummertimesadface #ivotedforthedragonfloat #Robvotedfortheselfiebisonfloat #daysof47paradefloatsareamazing #speeddatingbutforfriends #goingtoplessfiat500 

      At 1:30 we got a call from Elders P & Q wanting a ride to the mission office so Elder Queiroz could use their computer to get some info about his after-mission schooling and then to Draper’s Boondocks for a P-day activity with the rest of the zone.  Sister Doyle had a 16-month check-up for her hip scheduled for 2:10, so she called Bette Brown to ask for a ride, so I could accommodate the missionaries.  Bette was glad to help.   

      I picked up the two of them (with their P-Day clothes in bags) and transported them to the mission home.  It was too hot in the car, so I just waited in the lobby and chatted with the elders and sisters that happened by.  Finally, Elder Q. finished and the two changed into their P-Day clothes.  I took them to meet the other missionaries.  They said they would get a ride home with Elder Bucklein.  I was grateful.   

     In the meantime, MK’s x-rays showed that both titanium hips appeared to be well- surrounded by strong, new, healthy bone and all was well.  She asked him to check her spot in the crease/joint of her right big toe to see if the “sore” was a bone problem or something like a sliver – he said it was just within the skin and maybe a wart, and suggested a topical wart remover.  Hmmm. 

        I opened the Pillar of Light email from the mission and checked the dates of our meetings. I also made sure that I was up to date on my mission reading: Luke 4-10 and the lesson on The Restoration, along with my personal re-reading of the Book of Mormon.  Following that, I delved into a couple chapters of Gaskill’s The Lost Language of Symbolism. Fascinating stuff!   

       MK called Seipels and talked with Suki.  Rudy had come home from the hospital the same day as the surgery, walking without pain.  Since the anesthesia has worn off, however, he is suffering greatly.  They were waiting for daughter Tanya to deliver a prescription to him. 

        Sister Doyle had cooked up a pound of bacon to make Spaghetti Carbonara, but needed to get off her feet and decided to complete the recipe tomorrow.  I thought I’d just make me a BLT sandwich, but we didn’t have any lettuce, so I drove to Smith’s to pick some up.  I took our coupons and made a real shopping trip out of it.  Everything was fresh and the sandwich delicious!  She had cottage cheese and pears. 

        Then I went on the computer and checked out the Wallace and Dupaix blogs to see what’s happening in those two areas of the world. The Dupaixs’ Angi, who lives in Canada, had a touching story to tell. She and her husband were at the beach and she took off her wedding band to put on some sunscreen.  Just as her husband was pulling it out of his pocket, their son threw a football at him and the ring went a-flying! They searched for hours, but to no avail.  Angi was devasted and cried all the way back to their apartment.  They put out a call for help and an older woman offered to help with a metal-detector.  It took them some time, but they found it in eight inches of water!   The story got into the local newspaper and is worth reading.    

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday, July 1, 2018:

 D2/MK:  At 9:00 I found myself in the Edgemont Ward Council and reviewing some of the visits we had made during the week in their ward. They gave us a new family to work with which we will add to the others.  At 11:00, we attended our own Canyon Rim Ward sacrament meeting and enjoyed the talks of Bro. Fabio Pontes and Pres. Shane Cook. It was a nice meeting. Bette sat with us.

       I checked my pulse, and it was really low (40), so I got up and walked quickly up and down the halls.  I finally got it up and returned to sit in the back with Danny and Jolene.  We stayed for our Sunday School lesson on David and Bathsheba and enjoyed the ensuing discussion, relating the story to us by deciding that David worried more about his reputation among the people than his standing with God.

        We left in time to get into our seats in the Park Ward sacrament meeting.  Sister Sonia Smith was handing out programs and the chapel was packed. Everyone was there to see who was going to be the new bishop.  Pres. Monson released Bishop Boyer (6 ½ years) and his counselors and called Bro. Hamedeh as the new one.  The two bishops and their wives gave touching testimonies about the work and the blessings of service.  My pulse was low again, but Sister Doyle showed me how to move my legs back and forth to bring it up.  It worked!  My number went up to 50, and I didn’t fall asleep.  Nor did the people watching me...

         We came home and ate lunch downstairs while watching a replay of the World Cup Finals on TV – France (4) v Croatia (2)!  We knew the final score already, but it was still fun to watch.  The center ref was excellent.  France's coach, Didier Deschamps, is only the third to win the World Cup as a player and a coach!  

        We were surprised and pleased when the Vostis showed up: Angie, Mark, Luke, Levi and Finn.  I checked the freezer, but we didn’t have enough ice cream to make shakes, so I passed out ice cream sandwiches and bars.  When the Doyles didn’t rush right over, we went across the street to let Finn play with Truman and stir up the family from their sleep and/or game-playing (Fortnight). 

        We had been invited to go attend the 8:30 Edgemont Ward missionary meeting with the mission leader, Bro. Alex Wilson, and his ward missionaries, both Despains and Bro. Homer Lewis and Elders P & Q.  He did a good job discussing the elders’ visits and when they could go again. The Despains sounded really confident in their work, as well.  It was a well-run and effective meeting.  Our assignment is to visit Virginia and invite her attend the Gospel Principles Class during the Sunday School hour! And to try finding the Farleys on Fridays.  

        Back home, Mary got herself ready for bed, washed and set her hair and watched Endeavor with me.  I heated up some soup to cut my hunger pangs.  


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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday, July 14, 2018:       D2 mall walk, visit to Bob Langford /  MK composes weekly missionary letter 

D2/MK:  The sky was overcast as I drove to the mall today. There were very few people going around with me and I pulled my tank proudly behind me.  When I got home, I pulled out my old mower from the shed and visually inspected the shed inside and out.  I decided it’s time to get a new one or refurbish it.  After pulling a bunch of weeds and spraying some others, I tried to start the old Honda mower, but to no avail. It needs a minor overhaul to get it running again.  I should have put the gas stabilizer in it. I took it up to the side of the house.  Repair? or DI?

        I took our old newspapers to the recycle bin at Edgemont and a huge box of slightly used clothing to the Deseret Industries. On the way back, I pulled into Bob Langford’s driveway and sat with him on his porch. We chatted about our lung problems and I discovered that he is on oxygen 24/7, too. We made jokes about old people and how we are always comparing our ailments. Then I bid him adieu and came home. 

        Once there, I heated up some burritos for lunch and added a lettuce and tomato salad on the side. I read the newspaper and my scriptures and did the Sudoku for fun. We owed some money to Angie for food at the Family outing, so I drove a check over to their house. When I mentioned the crumbling condition of my shed, they advised me to check out the ready-built ones at Home Depot.  I did on the way home, but didn’t care for any of them. I think it would be fun to build one, but I doubt that I could muster up the energy. 

       It took a loooong time to compose the missionary letter because MK summarizes an account of each visit we make during the week – divided into separate wards.  They are masterpieces and she’s certain the bishops don’t have or take the time to read them! 

       She also finished up the editing and printing of the June blogs and put them into plastic sheets and into the 2018 loose leaf notebook. 

        She made us pork chops with steamed broccoli and cauliflower on the side. It was really good. We ate it while watching two episodes of The Closer downstairs. It’s a cleverly written show with bits of humor, romance, and murder.  Three loads of laundry got washed and dried and we put our newly-laundered sheets on our bed.  

        I spent the rest of the evening looking at DYI shed-building. I also watched Jordan Peterson's You-tube video again. He’s a motivational speaker. I wish I had his knowledge and his calm demeanor under fire!



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