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Saturday, January 28, 2023

I used my morning perfectly, including my reading in both The Book of Mormon and the book, Far Above Rubies.  Then I did a most marvelous work until 2:00 – I cleared multiple areas in my computer room where I had neat stacks of important papers, ranging from mail, to copies of important speeches, to pages from Book 3, to photos to send to Gordon and friends.  It took a long time so that I knew exactly what I had before deciding to save (and where to save) or throw away or give away!!!  I found items I had worried were lost, too!!!  It was a really rewarding job well done!!!  I was worn out.
             I needed a break and opened a can of yams (with a hand opener – I threw out the electric opener a few weeks ago and should replace it soon), added butter and brown sugar and called it lunch! (so good)  I ate downstairs so I could watch 2 or 3 episodes of “100 Days, My Prince.”  I love it.
            The days are getting longer – it doesn’t get dark until almost 6:00.  I called Bette to remind her of tomorrow morning’s study group at 8:30.  She wants to go with me and Linda.
            I sent a text to Carol & Ted Butterfield, letting them know I’ve been thinking of them and Steven all week and asked about him -- their return text said:  He’s “home with wound vac and IV antibiotics but doing better thanks for asking”  When Ted isn’t having his own dialysis appointments, they are visiting Steven . . . their car is usually not across the street.
          Dave Wallace, Clark’s brother, passed away this week.  He has had weekly dialysis appointments, but I don’t know the details of his passing.
             Back upstairs, I watched The Five,  Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, then podcast Scripture Gems on Matthew, Mark, Luke.  Then I watched The Chosen, S 3, ep. 6!  Very interesting – setting us up for something big in episodes 7 and 8.  I think they are going to be shown in theaters as were episodes 1 and 2.  I’ll watch some local news/weather and go to bed with the hope of getting another good night’s sleep to be alert for the early morning get up!

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Friday, January 27, 2023

Thursday, January 26, 2023:   Happy Birthday, Oakley!
            I was up at 8:00, made the bed, dressed, took my pills, ate cereal, played my game challenges, read from my new book “Far Above Rubies.”  I like it.
            I worked on Book 3.
            At 2:00 I heated a frozen entrée and ate in front of the TV downstairs . . . just as I feared, I couldn’t remember the exact title of the historical drama (something about 100 days, Prince), so it did not come up.  I took a title off the list from Steph – “ID … something…” ) at least I have the list to look at.
            Kevin sent a text that he would come about 3:30, and he did – he went right to work, first -- pouring 2 bags of salt pellets into the soft water tank, then bringing up the Christmas storage pieces (moose box, tree tote, decoration box, and bags to cover poinsettias).  I expected that to be enough, but he proceeded to fill them and set them aside for the next person to put away!!!  We still had a half hour to visit – I loved hearing about how he prepared his boys for snowboarding with terrific YouTube instructors!!! 
            He said that, yes, John had volunteered to go along with the Young Men last night to help with the group who preferred snowboarding to skiing, which included Nixon and Lincoln!!!  His own snowboarding years were ages ago, so it took him a while to get into it again!!!  His boys really loved it!!!
            Kevin left here at 4:30 to play pickleball with John , Vosti and Blaine, then at about 6:30 he will drive up to Layton to help Mark with something!  He and John have a pickleball toutnament on Saturday!
            Angie called and we talked about her rough day, returning to school after missing a day – naughty kids.  Then a rough day with Levi, too.  She is attending sacrament meeting in the home ward and 2nd hour classes in the Singles Ward with Mark and really enjoys them!  She bought Ashley some lunchables and dropped them off at her work – in the building between Sandy City Hall and the Réal Soccer practice field.  So thoughtful.  I mentioned not being able to remember the complete title of 100 Days, and when she hung up, she went online and found it for me – “100 Days, My Prince.”  For crying out loud, that was quick.  I’m going to go downstairs right now and try it!  Got it . . . it’s good!
            Mark posted on GroupMe that he and Kevin got the large TV up on the wall!  Hope Kev’s home now, too.

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Wednesday, January 25, 2023:   INR was perfect / 2 buys at Deseret Book / JCU / Walmart / Subway / finished one drama and eager for the next / good work on Book 3

            I’m sleeping in a more natural way now that I don’t have unnatural early morning appointments.  I didn’t do my usual morning routine, though, and just got myself ready to go to my 11:00 INR appointment!  I did notice that someone had shoveled my driveway and took the time to tape up my “thank you” sign.  The roads were only wet.  My blood tested 2.3 – hallelujah!!!  I will stick with my Coumadin dosage and not need to return for my next INR for a whole month.
            From the office, I drove to Draper Peaks to cash in my $20 gift card at Deseret Book from Linda & LeRoy Jensen.  I chose Tamara Uzelac Hall’s book, “Far Above Rubies” – I had heard her interview on LDS Profiles, and her approach to writing about this Proverb was intriguing to me, and I knew I wanted to read it!  It’s an autographed copy.  I also bought  Bro. Ridges’s book “The Book of Mormon Made Easier,” Part 1 (1 Nephi through Words of Mormon).  When John was here Sunday, he said he and Aubrey were reading The Book of Mormon together each night and asked if I had the Ridges’ books – well, I have the parts 2 and 3 but I must have loaned out #1, so now I have it, too.  I’ll share it with them when I see them next.
            From the book store, I drove straight up State Street to 9400 South and went to Jordan Credit Union.  On Sunday, John had worked out my problem with the computer not recognizing my password and in the process, had me check getting into the various sites on my menu bar (whatever it’s called).  I went to the Jordan Credit Union and got in nicely and looked over my checking, regular savings and Elite savings . . . I  needed to go in person to clear up my checking – I’ve been having withdrawals from my savings account to cover every checking withdrawal – stupid.  So I transferred money to checking!!!  Then I asked the difference between the 2 savings accounts – regular interest is about .1 something, whereas the Elite interest is 1. something.  Okay.
            From that worthwhile stop, I went to my Walmart for a few journal/scrapbooking items – WiteOut, adhesive squares, invisible glue, yellow highlighters.    I stopped at FedEx to make a copy for my book that didn’t do well on my personal printer.  I may need to use them for a few other pieces I’m concerned about.
             It was lunchtime, so I stopped at Subway for a 12” Italian BMT sandwich!  At home I carefully took my purchaes into the house then came out to pick up my mail and put the cover back on my car window.  I changed into my lounging outfit, took my lunch downatairs and watched the final episodes of “Under the Queen’s Umbrella.”  Yep,  I loved it.  Netflix wisely posted another historical K-drama before I shut off the TV, and because I didn’t wanr to have to search for it at some other time and chance losing it, I let it come on, then once establishing it, I closed it – hopefully, I’ll get it to return when I ask for it again – “100 days a Prince,” I think.
             I returned to my Book 3 project and was successful getting more important pages done.  It is so hard, tedious, sometimes confusing.  But I’m encouraged with each little thing I finish.

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