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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018:               

D2:  I slept well until almost 8:00 and it was glorious. We did our usual morning activities until picking up the elders for our district meeting.  It was a fun meeting and went smoothly led by our cute Elder Vegamorra.  We dropped off the missionaries and Sister Doyle got ready for her lunch date with Bette Brown. When she left, I went to the Subaru dealership and had them perform the 12,000 mile checkup: oil and filter change, the usual checks, tire rotation, and the cabin filter change. While waiting, I took advantage of their free lunch: sirloin tips, sweet potato fries, and salad.  They even washed and vacuumed the car!

        From there I went to Home Depot to buy four grey pavers for the fountain foundation and a bag of Sakrete for our new mailbox installation. I got home right after Mary Kaye was dropped off by Bette. Verona Lewis was a no show.

        Mary was contacted by Sister Mortenson to bring in a salad for Sister Linda Jensen who had just undergone an operation. I went to Smith’s and bought some groceries for ourselves and for Linda’s salad.

        We dropped the salad off at Sis. Mortenson’s place and then continued up the road to Betty Lee. She was glad to see us again and we felt good about our visit. She was recovering from a fall which discolored her face.  We came home and waited for our 8:30 missionary meeting with Bro. Pontes and the other missionaries. 

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Monday, September 24, 2018


 Monday, September 24, 2018:  D2 joins the service brigade /  Emily & Jeannie work for Aubs / D2 orders portable concentrator /  landscaper has ideas / Dupaixs called / D2 visits Carol

D2/MK:   I slept poorly through the night, so I got up and plopped myself in front of my computer at 6:00. I read several DesNews stories on line and checked my email, Facebook, etc.  I picked up the elders at 7:50and we headed up to Little Cottonwood Canyon to the house where we had our Zone Conference last week.  The owner, Bro. Romero, had our Sandy Zone elders load wood onto his truck and trailer and then stack it in front of his house down below. We probably saved him ten hours of hard work. 

        I began singing “How Firm a Foundation” as we began unloading, and the elders joined in, singing as they formed two lines to go from the truck to the house.  We did this twice and piled an amazing stack of wood for his winter’s supply.  It was a fun group.  Presidents Bishop and Peters were both there to supervise.    

        After dropping them off, I noticed a van at the house across the street and worried that Aubrey had come home from school.  I went to the door to check on her – surprise!  It was Emily & Jeannie there to do some “secret elf” cleaning and straightening.   Sweet!  

       I ordered my portable Imogen oxygen concentrator online, realizing that I’m never going to get better, and I might as well face it.  It was suggested by my doctor, in the first place!  My salesman was very personable and helpful.  I got a good deal -- $2,465 – two batteries, backpack, many cannulas… 

        After calling John for permission to visit, Sister Doyle and I went to the hospital.  While stopped to read the board for John’s new room number, one of the nurses asked, “for John Doyle?  Room 5.”  Andy was there already and I guess I looked like the two of them!  

       John looked really good.  Dr. Z had a pic-line put into John’s upper arm, anticipating the time he goes home and take care of his own meds.  However, until the sporatic back pain leaves, he’ll have to stay in the hospital.  He ate two or three bites of his ham & cheese panini sandwich, which proved a bit much.  Andy was going to Provo after his visit to sign a contract (or whatever it’s called) for a new job!  A good friend and neighbor, Bro. Beutler, recommended him at work, and Andy was very happy with the job and pay – educational software.  So great!  He left and we got a phone call from Scott, our landscaper, so we also bid John goodbye – his eyelids were beginning to droop.  

       Scott and I talked about where to put our new mailbox, when he could start on our job, and a few other odds and ends.  It won’t be for at least another week.  Mom is really worried about the grading/leveling of the dirt which has been trodden underfoot by everyone, but I assured her that if push came to shove, I would pay Scott’s workers to make it perfect.  Scott suggested that I get pavers to put under the fountain to give it a base and make it level.  He also thought it a good idea to do “deep, slow watering” around the two trees to allow the water to sink deep into the soil and force the roots to go down instead of just below the surface of the grass, which I’ve been doing daily for several weeks now.   

        The elders called late in the afternoon for a ride from the district building where they had been playing basketball for today’s p-day activity.  The Heckers must have taken them there earlier.    

       Roger and Edie called while I was across the street checking in with Aubrey, but Mary waved at me, and I came a-running. They wanted to check up on John’s condition. They’ll be coming home in December!  Jeannie & Brent closed on their new house in West Jordan today!  We hate to lose them!  

        I got ambitious and went outside to rake and dig.  I worked on the area right in front of the house where the flower box used to be.  I didn’t feel too tired while doing it and I was pleased with that. I noticed Carol sitting in her front yard, so I went over and told her that I had purchased a portable oxygen concentrator and she was glad to welcome me into the bad lung support group.   

       After dinner, Mary and I coordinated our calendars and organized some visits for this next week.  There are many people that we need to re-visit and check on their progress.  


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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday, September 23, 2018:  D2 to ward council, then own ward with MK / Ochsenhirts visit / elders excited for Beardahl baptism/ John not doing well, back pain  


 D2/MK:    I left to meet the elders at the stake center but came upon them, walking with five members of the Swahili family down Antimony.  When they arrived at the Flint chapel for the 9:00 Sego Lily Ward meetings, Elder Redmon and I went into the Edgemont ward council while Elder Lyse stayed with the family in the Sego Lily sacrament meeting. We didn’t get much accomplished in the council and left a little early.  The oldest Swahili daughter took the littlest daughter home, but the other three stayed for Primary. One of the sisters in the ward offered to drive them home afterwards. 

        I took the elders up to the Turquoise building for the 11:00 Sagecrest Sacrament meeting, then I went home to pick up Sister Doyle for our own ward’s meetings.  Sacrament was very interesting with high councilman Jensen and young Richard Colunga.  Dan Bradshaw was called to be a counselor in the new stake Sunday School Presidency.  Gospel Doctrine class was about Hosea & Gomer -- Bro. Hossman did his usual good job directing the discussion.   High councilman Bob Porter taught a final lesson on ministering in our priesthood group, Sister Annie Post gave the same message in Relief Society. 

        Aubrey sent an update during priesthood meeting to Steve Morrison about John and requesting no visitors.  Several sisters caught Mary Kaye alone to ask her about him.  It was difficult for her to try to explain the situation because of her conflicting emotions.  She feels a peace that Heavenly Father is a part of the whole thing and that all the fasting and prayers for John have been taken into account and are the reason he is still alive.  But not knowing the will of God has been very hard.  We want him to recover and our hope is deep and earnest, and heartbreaking, too.  We weren’t aware that the ward was fasting for John today, but when it was made known to us, we fasted, too.  She’s been teary all day and not interested in MLS visits. 

       Jeanette and Werner came by at 3:00.  We’re quite attached to each other!  They are so very faithful!  

       The elders came over tonight with good news -- Lexus Beardahl has chosen her  baptismal date for Friday, October 12 (Columbus Day).  It couldn’t be Saturday, the following day, because that is an all-day youth event at the huge Institute building on the UofU campus with great speakers and other events. 

       I gave the elders a ride home, and they asked if I could take them to a service assignment for all the elders in our zone for tomorrow at 8:00 a.m., cleaning up the property upon which we held our Granite Quarry Zone Conference on Thursday.  I said yes, of course.  Mary Kaye checked on the boys after Aubrey returned to the hospital.  They were okay and not really interested in help from grandparents.


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Saturday, September 22, 2018

 Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018:     Fun day at HOGle ZOO with Angie, Matt and 7 cousins / Fun evening watching BYU beat McNeese / John get another CT scan, back pains bad      

D2/MK:  I slept in until 8 and felt good, so I got dressed and went walking (only 1.6 miles). The smell of smoke was in the air but cleared out later with a light breeze.  It was a glorious day.  I drove to Wasatch Shadows (which is going out of business) and bought some stump killer.  Brother Joseph and I had already drilled holes in the apple tree stump, so I just poured the liquid on.  I have yet to do the weeping willow stump down below.

        I hired Oliver to come over and fill in the trenches around the house, covering up the conduit. He did a good job, broken finger and all.  I still need to water it down so it will settle and then rake it out so it’s level.  There are two yards on Antimony getting raked and graded in preparation for sod – we’ll stop by Monday to ask “the process.”  Are they doing it themselves? Having landscapers do it?  Want to hire out to do ours? Mom is paranoid that we’ll lay sod over the many “swells” and dips. 

      While Aubrey was at the hospital, Angie thought it might be nice to take the three  kids and Levi to the zoo rather than have them stay home unsupervised.  She announced the idea to other family members.  Matt wanted to bring his three boys, too.  They happened to be at the hospital just then, so agreed to meet our carload there at 3:30.

      The place was packed and both Angie and Matt had to park in a lot across the street.  Wisely, our first stop, once inside, was to gather and pose for a group shot: Grandma and grandpa, Angie, Levi, Matt, Noah, Gabe, and Sam.  Oliver, Lincoln and Nixon.  It was warm but not overly so. We met Cherie Joseph and her boyfriend Kelly plus his daughter and her baby. What a happy coincidence! 

        Mom and I walked slowly while we sent the others off ahead.  Mom has finally recognized that her discomfort in walking is caused by her feet. She even sent me on ahead to join the others eventually.  She said she’d take her time going from bench to bench and enjoy people-watching.  However, not wanting her to miss the experience, Matt went back, rented her a wheelchair and pushed her around!  She swallowed her pride and admitted that it was far better to be with the family, enjoying the animals and seeing what a beautiful park the zoo has become over the years!

       We were especially impressed with the mother leopard and her son’s playful antics—he would sneak up and try to pounce on her. She avoided him most of the time, but finally let him catch her…the trainer said it looked playful but was actually mom teaching cub how to hunt in the wild.   The baby giraffe was just four days old!  The small climbing park and waterpark were great for the visiting children needing a break from the walking and standing.  Our group kept moving until a 6:00 departure!

        We headed to our local Sandy McDonald’s and the kids got shakes, smoothies, fries or whatever they wanted.  Mom and I got burgers, knowing that we didn’t have much at home for dinner.    All went to the respective homes for the remainder of the evening.  Steph stopped by to see John and Aubrey at the hospital. 

       Mom and I settled down to watch the recorded BYU vs McNeese game.  It was great, fast-forwarding through the half-time and commercials and time-outs.  The Cougars played really sloppy at first but finally got back on track. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the win (30-3). 

        After the game, we switched over to the Air Force/USU game to see how the Aggies were doing. We watched until the end of the first half and then upstairs to relax in front of our computers, checking out Facebook and writing blogs.  Much worry about John.










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Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday, Sept. 21, 2018:     Lunch with missionaries / visit to John / Wasatch Shadows        
DK/MK:   Our morning was primarily spent preparing for lunch with the elders.  I vacuumed and set the table, while Sister Doyle prepared the meal: Sloppy Joes, baked beans, and a pasta-tomato salad.  I took time to walk in the neighborhood…I stopped at Steve and Emily’s, and we talked about their London experience with Elder & Sister Wallace, probably a once-in-a-lifetime trip. They didn’t see the temple because it was closed for repair, but did the sights of London, and outside London to Bath and Stonehenge etc.  

        As I was walking up Sego Lily with my oxygen tank in tow, a young man pulled over and asked if I needed help going somewhere.  I thanked him for his kindness and said that I was just taking my daily constitutional, getting my exercise.  Wow, I must look more decrepit than I feel!    

       At home, I got the shovel out and dug up some root volunteers that have sprung up from the flowering pear.  I also put the hose out for a slow and deep watering, hoping the roots will not spread out but go deep down.  Probably 20 years too late.  

       Well, we waited for the missionaries, but they came not until 1:00.  They had been teaching a lesson. We served up our meal and they ate heartily. We did a little planning for Sunday, and they were off.   

       We went to visit John.  We stayed for almost an hour, and he seemed at ease.  However, his blood test showed the white cells have increased – more infection…new? He was given another antibiotic.    He won’t be going home today.  Dr. Z is in San Francisco...his Japanese assistant came in to see John and after reading the day’s chart called Dr. Z to “come home.”   His assistant has had no sleep in days with two liver transplants and John and others to check on.  Yes, Dr. Z, please come home.  

       We left when the physical therapist arrived to get John on his walk around the nurses’ station.  Our hearts are broken, as we realize just how serious John’s condition is.  Our prayers are continuous, and, though, we have a deep feeling of peace, we wonder how long this must go on, what more needs to be done by the professionals, what more can family, friends and others do to be helpful.  We worry about Aubrey.  I met Aubrey later, taking Nixon to a soccer practice.  She had spent her day at school, Lincoln had fallen and had a concussion, she had not gone to the hospital and was fighting back tears.    

       Mom had been suggesting I get my hair cut, so on our way home, I turned off towards the barber school.  Scott, an older man retired from the army, did a decent job and Sister Doyle only suggested “less definition on the right.”  

        When we turned onto 10th east from Sego Lily to home, we were surprised to see Andy Minchew, Mike Colunga, and Bishop Koch’s son struggling with their car.   I let Mom off at the house then went to see if I could be of help.  There must be something wrong with the ignition because it wouldn’t turn off the engine. The steering wheel was locked, so we couldn’t push it. Finally, we got the wheels released and pushed it down to Clint Larabee’s house.  The boys borrowed Sister Minchew’s car to go to the Jordan football game.  

        Mom was dead tired from having to wait for my hair to get cut!!!!!  It was an hour & a half OR MORE.  It’s a popular place, always busy, crowded.  She’ll send me alone next time!  Don and wife Maren had placed the conduit in the trench, attached it to the main box in back, and were covering it up with dirt in the back.  I’ll need some help to finish filling in the rest of the trench, though.   How great to have the new electrical outlet for our outside needs!!!  

        We watched several episodes of The Closer before going to bed. I also saw part of the USC/Washington State game.





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