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Friday, May 20, 2022

Thursday, May19, 2022:    Made 3 button projects / Kevin visits
I slept until 9:30, which made my morning shorter.  I still started off with my reading in the Book of Mormon – to Alma 58.  Then I did my game challenges and pulled out the glue gun and glue sticks, my last 2 canvas boards and some bowls for sorting the Bauer buttons.  It was 12:30, so before going further, I made a brunch of hash browns and eggs.  Delicious.
              Kathy C. Cooper called and caught up on my doings and I hers.
            The rest of my afternoon was spent making 3 button projects – there are 3 Bauer sons, so one for each.  I found a relevant “thought” to paste into the center of each heart: “Moms are like buttons. They hold everything together.”  It was necessary to take up space to allow for the number of buttons available.   The 3 were very different from each other . . . 1 in brown & tans, 1 in blues & greys & blacks, and one with all white buttons on a blue heart.  They were pretty. The few buttons not used I kept in the Baggie and called Ellen to take them all off my hands.  Of course, she was shocked that I had them finished and came up for them   She really liked them, too!
              I heated up a frozen entrée to eat downstairs at 6:00.  Just as I finished eating, Kevin came in!!!  What a pleasant surprise!!!  He and John had played pickleball earlier.  He had aches and pains all while he was here.  He checked on the Skylight and then put himself on the friends list, approved by me on email.  Then we gathered tortilla chips, salsa and cheese dip for his snack and returned downstairs to watch Jeopardy, as well as Wheel of Fortune. He caught me up on the progress of the selling of one house and the projected time line for moving into the other – looks like a couple of months!  It was a fun 2 hours with Kev.
              I returned upstairs to relax until bedtime . . . watched Midsomer Murders, local news, and Bull.

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Wednesday, May 18, 2022:   Aubrey pulled the weeds /nap / love the Georgia period / podcasts

            I was surprised to discover that last night’s typing of the May 11, 1968 letter from Columbus, Georgia, had NOT been saved!!!  I have learned that the Spirit is ever present and when something seems to go awry, it’s actually “for the best.”  I was not upset -- I had been so sleepy at the time I was typing last night, that I didn’t mind doing it again.  It did take a long time, but it is so newsy and interesting I enjoyed the re-typing.
            Ellen came to my door with a Baggie of buttons that had been Karlene Bauer’s.  I guess Joel passed it on to Ellen and now she was giving them to me to make something clever with them – okay.  I’m game!  I asked if Clark had been the one to pull the weeds from my east wall – he was in the car and responded, “no.”  I texted John to ask if it had him or Aubrey –“yes – Aubrey did.  She picked up a Weed Eater and decided to pull some weeds before leaving.  She likes you.”  She was the one that I thought of initially!  Sweet.
              I had to sleep a couple of hours in the afternoon, then I watched, listened to two “Come Follow Me” podcasts on this week’s reading, Deuteronomy 6-8, 15, 18, 29-30, 34.  First, Scripture Gems and then Follow Him with guest Bruce K. Satterfield!!!  Bro. Satterfield stole my heart at BYU-I Education Week years ago.  He is great on this assignment.  I took many notes.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022:  a secret weed-puller / Clark makes repair / typing for Book 3

            A good sleep and wake up . . . got up at 7:00 to pray, read to Alma 54 (meeting the 2,000 stripling soldiers), made my bed, dressed, ate peaches on toast, and carried out the recycling trash.  And, lo, and behold, there was a surprise awaiting me – someone had gathered and put in the trash bin the few weeds I had pulled and tossed on the driveway!!!  Then my eyes went to the wall towards the street, and I saw that the weeds had been pulled from among the flowers!!!  What?  When was that done?  Who did it without my noticing?  Oh, my, who do I thank?  It looks so nice now!
            At 11:00 Clark came to work on the leak in the sprinkling system pipes in the round “box” by the front door.  He was dreading the job but the broken piece was easily recognizable, and he was able to buy the 2-part replacement at the local Lowe’s for $16.  He got it in place and cleaned out the “box of the sand and dirt packed around the pipes from the leak.  He was pleased it had gone so well, so fast.  I gave him 2 raspberry donuts to take with him and paid the $16 to his Venmo account.
            Marilyn Walters called as my faithful ministering sister!  We had a good visit.

            I have been lost in time as I’ve been re-typing letters from April 1968 – Columbus, Georgia.  I have been re-living a very exciting part of my history, Denny’s history.  Amazing, to say the least. 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Monday, May 16, 2022:  The official beginning of Book 3

            Read to Alma 51 . . . well into the war years.  I completed the proper morning routine, then pulled out the album that begins “How Did You Two Meet?”   I’m going page by page, leaving some pages out and removing the color sheets, leaving many pictures behind etc.  I have some good questions for Matt and Steph regarding the scanning and continuing.  I am seeing this as really going to happen!!!!!  It’s taking a lot of time, but I am excited to do it.  I find myself wanting to speak to Denny about a photo, a memory, a revelation.  I hope he gets to see this book when it’s finished!!!!!  These first years of marriage hold a magic and excitement that holds a special joy that cannot be expressed in words, but I feel it as I go through these pages!!!!!  It covers the years from the return from our missions 1963 for me and 1964 for him through 1968, when we arrive in Naples!!!!!  It includes our meeting at the Y, dating, marriage, my teaching in Salt Lake City and Columbus, our BYU graduations, activity in the North 17th Ward , the Columbus Ward, and the Agusta Ward, his military training and successes in Army Basic Training, AIT, OCS and additional training as a 2nd Lt. (Ft. Dix, New Jersey, Ft. Benning, Columbus, Georgia, Ft. Gordon, Augusta Georgia, and Allied Forces South, Naples, Italy).  What should the title of this book be?

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