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Saturday, June 16, 2018

 Saturday, June 16, 2018:    Happy Father's Day! 


D2/MK:   No walking today for either of us.  I kept up with the missionary reading plan by reading in Matthew up to chapter 16.  I love the New Testament!  I’m going through the Book of Mormon, too, as is Sister Doyle.  After a very late breakfast, I drove the car on to the lawn and washed it from top to bottom.  While the hose was out, I watered the dead spots in the lawn and the flowers in pots and along wall.  Inspired by my success, I went inside, took out the sliding windows of the large front room window and washed them cleaned them thoroughly.  They are somewhat spotted by the hard water, but aren’t as noticeable as those on the big window in the middle.  

        In the late afternoon, I bounced over to Walmart to return the cargo pants I had bought yesterday.  I went to the post office and mailed an envelope to Rich and Julie Kroff containing MK’s lengthy account of our trip to Spain 49 years ago.  From there I went to Best Buy to turn in our old printer for recycling.  They told me it was not worth the money to fix it.  On the way home, I stopped at Shopko and found some cargo pants that seem to fit and are long enough.  I even took the time to try them on. 

         Mary Kaye has been frustrated at the intermittent “freezing” of programs on the TV next to her computer.  It is very annoying and has been happening more and more frequently, so I contacted Comcast.  A technician chatted with me by text.  He said that something is amiss, and I could either turn the control box in for a new one or have a technician come to the house and check it out.  It’s free, so we chose the latter.  He will come on Monday. 

        Oliver mowed our lawns, and I called to ask John if he’d come by sometime to lift Mom’s tote of clothes up to the shelf in the storage room.  Done.  He shared more of the marvelous Book of Mormon Live experience! 

   When he left, I zipped over to Taco Time for some food to bring home.  I ate while watching highlights and commentaries of the World Cup games.  MK watched a Miss Marple movie while putting blog pages into plastic sheets and into the loose-leaf notebook. 

        After prayers, I did my nightly check of locking doors and opening windows.  As I was walking into the kitchen I stepped in a puddle of water. I realized at once that when I vacuumed the coils under the fridge the other day that I must not have replaced the drain tray properly. I sopped up the water, removed the grill and put the tray back in its proper place. 



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Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018:    

  D2/MK: I turned to the Book of Matthew this morning and continued my mission reading up to chapter 14, then I began my next reading in the Book of Mormon.  I set the table for lunch before I left to go walking at the mall.  I got a late start, so I didn’t walk as far as normal, eking out only 1.4 miles.  I vacuumed the front room when I got home and then took a shower.

         Sister Doyle had cooked up a pound of bacon, sliced an avocado an onion and a tomato, set out the lettuce, sliced cheese, condiments, buns and potato chips -- in preparation for the hamburgers for our elders’ lunch.  The house smelled good when they arrived.  We used the George Foreman Grill for the burgers…really good!  Both boys had two!

      We planned our Sunday meetings; we both have investigators we hope will attend church!  We also planned our Monday lunch date to be to La Costa – Elder Bowen’s first choice for food is Mexican.  Pres. Lansing also gave him permission to go see his grandparents on Monday, expecting that Elder Bowen will not be returning to Sandy in the next nine months of his mission.   

         I called about my DNA results, thinking they were going to mail them to me. Mary got hers a long time ago and I was expecting mine to come.  The young man said no, that the results were posted on their website and I just needed to check in.  Oh, for heaven's sakes.   I did so and found out that I am indeed 44% Irish,  26% Scandinavian, and 18% British.  And I have Mormon pioneers through Grandma & Grandpa Olney!   


       At 3:00, we drove to the Vosti homestead to walk the dog while Bishop & Sister Vosti and sons attend Youth Conference.  Finn was in his cage and showed no emotion when we came in.  I was surprised.  I put him on a leash and we were off.   Sister Doyle stayed in the house to guard it as she took a nap on the couch.  Finn and I met Donna Smart on the street and Finn acted a little funny.  She has several dogs, I guess, and he wasn’t sure how to behave.  Finally, he walked up to her, plopped down, put four legs in the air, and waited to have his stomach scratched!  I was a little embarrassed.

        I walked him all the way up to Eastridge and back.  It might be close to a mile and some of it is uphill.  I should have taken my oxygen, but it seemed like too much trouble.  Now, I wish I had.   

        We came home and collapsed in front of the TV.  We watched part of The Wrong Mans (a crazy BBC comedy) and the first half of World Cup soccer -- Egypt vs. Uruguay.  Mom fell asleep, of course.   

         I spent much of the rest of the afternoon organizing and copying down names given to us by the Sagecrest Ward.  I even called a few people there to get extra information.   At 9:00, I went back to Angie and Mark’s and grabbed Finn for his second outing.  We went a slightly different route and he left no lawn untouched by his snout.  I met the woman from Peru who speaks a little French, although she wasn’t all that willing to try with me.  I also met a man way down the street who drives an electric BMW, a beautiful and quiet car.  They also raise potbelly pigs.  Finn showed no interest in them, however.  The husband is a Mason. 


        I checked my phone and had walked 3.5 miles today. I could feel it…






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Thursday, June 14, 2018

 Thursday, June 13, 2018:      

D2/MK:  I was up early and on my way to the 8:00 MLS tech class where I learned about our “Area Books,” the missionary records of those who have been taught in the past.  The record-keeping is very sophisticated these days.  I came home determined to get started, but not immediately – I had to take Sister Doyle to have her nails done at 9:30 at Walmart.   

         I stayed and pushed the cart with my oxygen tank in it a couple of laps inside the store.  I picked up some cash from Granite Credit Union and a pair of shorts, but couldn’t find an adapter between a lightning plug and an RCA plug.  I talked with Bro. Moss and his pal Mr. Pitts (“brother of Harry”) who were seated at a table in the in-store McDonalds.   When Mary was finished, we just walked around the store and picked up some odds and ends.  

        We went home to put away our purchases, then headed over to Costco.  We stopped first to get the car filled up with gas ($2.99).  Then we went inside to return some shorts that were just a bit too short for my comfort and pick up my “computer glasses.”  We also picked up some Chia seeds, highly recommended by Sharon Boskovitch for providing energy.  We’ll see what it does for us!  She had raved about a particular yogurt she loves, too –Kefir.  We found a Kefir smoothie in the yogurt section of Walmart and see what we think.  We bought a treat to have on hand for kids -- bread sticks and Nutella dip, since we’d be having Oliver, Linc, and Nixon with us for a while in the late afternoon.  

        When we got home, I realized I didn’t have my $150 glasses!  Eek!  Back we went. Sister Doyle checked the cart-return area and then went inside to the optical department, then to the Lost and Found room, and voilà!  They had been turned in!  Whew!  

        A lesson was scheduled at 11:30 this morning with the elders and Karmyn and her mother, Kandy, but when Kandy texted the elders that she would have to miss it, they called us to chaperon.  We advised that they text back and tell her it was necessary for a parent to be with her and could she make later in the day.  She said 4:30!  They called us back and said they couldn’t make it and asked if we could.  YES! 

        So we planned a short message and a couple of short videos with a fridge note and went to the house at the appointed time.  Karmyn chose her mom to say the opening prayer.  It was really sweet and she sounded like an active church-goer!  We began by showing a short video about how Christ’s original church was organized, then lost, then restored by Joseph Smith.  Mary Kaye took it from there, bringing Mom into the teaching by asking her how old she had been when baptized.  Kandy told about her own conversion to the gospel when missionaries taught her and her brother in Magna when they were young teenagers!!!   What a revelation.  It was great.  She went on to say that her three sons had each asked to be baptized a couple of years ago and were taught by the missionaries, too, and that Karmyn had made the same request on her own.   

        Kandy shared her philosophy of having structure in the lives of her kids, and it went along perfectly with Sister Doyle’s plan to emphasize the need for Karmyn to have that support to establish a habit of regular attendance.  It was truly a miracle!  We gave her the sheet for the fridge: “Let’s all go to church together, no matter what!”  The added “no matter what” was a last-minute addition that Mary had just heard today on BYUtv’s The Food Nanny and went along perfectly with Kandy’s remarks now.  Beautiful!  We ended with a video about the importance of the Sabbath Day and the sacrament.  Karmyn volunteered to give the closing prayer.  It was wonderful.  We were on cloud 9 because it was BCSI: brief, clear, simple, and interesting.  It was 5:00. 

        We turned into Opal Circle to find our three little boys selling origami with Emily’s kids selling lemonade.  Emily had been caring for the boys and Truman while John & Aubs were attending BofM Live.  We were to feed them dinner.  We offered them a ride, but they said they’d walk up on their own shortly.  We took the box of origami with us.  When it came time to eat dinner, we were thrilled to hear that the boys wanted to eat at Zupa’s!  Perfect!  They had their usual: Wisconsin Cheese soup, bread and grilled cheese sandwich for O & L and chicken striprs for Nix.  

       We suggested Grandpa’s chocolate malt for dessert afterwards, but the boys jumped out of the car and headed home to play.  We didn’t think too much of it until we got a text from Aubs wondering if their kids were at our house.  I ran across the street (an exaggeration) to offer my help in looking for them, but found out that they had returned to the Morrisons’ place to play.  J & A shared their wonderful experience at the stake YW/YM event!  It sounded really great.  

        I came home to find Mom on the chair outside waiting for me.  We went inside and  watched a new TV find -- Mum, a funny, touching BBC program.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday, June 13, 2018:   

D2/MK:   Our trash bin was full of grass and limbs, household trash and and an old tent, so I took it out to the street.         

       I was preparing myself for my dental appointment this morning when I got a call from Dr. Glassett’s office.   I was told that rather than the two of us having separate appointments; we could just come in together at 2:10.   So Sister Doyle was available to pick up Bette and zip off to the mall for their mile walk.  I thought I’d do some walking, too, but realized that I had left my oxygen tank in the car!   That’s twice now!  My bad!  

        When she got back, I washed the car, paying special attention to the windows.  I used the glass cleaner that we got from Superior Water many, many years ago, and it worked like a charm!  No spots or streaks.  Why have I not used it before?  It was in the food/storage room, out of sight!  I also pulled some Morning Glory out of our lawn.  I overdid it a bit and had to go inside for oxygen and rest.

        At the dental office, we were taken in at the same time for our treatments.  I thought I was getting a post put in today, but it turned out that they just took an expensive ($100) scan of my jaw bone to see if I have enough bone density to put in the post in my NEXT appointment.  Mary had an x-ray that showed she had, indeed, broken off a portion of a crown, which will now be replaced on July 30.  He smoothed the edges for her until then. 

        From there we went to Kevin’s work place to drop off the toothbrushes and toothpaste that had been left behind by his sons on the weekend’s sleepover across the street.   Kevin had played two games of soccer this morning and was sleeping on a cot upstairs at work when we got there.  On our way home, we stopped at our local Smith’s to pick up my prescription and a few items.  

        I got a call from Steve Morrison, asking to use my SLR camera for tomorrow night’s “Book of Mormon Live! Youth activity.”  Sure!  

        We were happily surprised when Bro. and Sister Ochsenhirt dropped by to minister to us… ACTUALLY, MK had made the home teaching appointment with Werner on Sunday and didn’t think to tell me!  We had a nice conversation about getting old and our health problems and commiserated one with another.   Jeanette is Werner’s partner since Paul Skoubye has decided to stop his church-related duties.  Oh, my!  This is a worry!   

       When they left, we started our own ministering, calling some people whom we have seen and talked to as missionaries in the past couple of months.  We had planned on going out for unannounced visits, but our success rate at finding people home has been dismal, so we stayed home and just telephoned people on our lists.   

        Sister Doyle was wonderful as she chatted with various members -- she claims to dislike talking on the phone, but with matters of importance, she's wonderful!!!   She got an appointment with siblings LeRoy & Linda Jensen for next week, prior to Linda's appointment at the Huntsman Cancer Institute to learn just how far her bladder cancer has gone.  She's too young for this.  MK’s lengthy visit with Virginia on the phone was amazing and happy!  She has met with the bishop, and he sees her close to getting a temple recommend.  In the meantime, he has given her a limited-use recommend to do baptisms-for-dead, so she can go to the temple with both daughters before Megan leaves for the MTC. She had had an appointment with a specialist to treat her migraines and she is optimistic.  It was a great visit. Then MK’s visit with Nada was particularly good, too!   

        I made one call to a family whose parents are never home, but whose kids know us from our many attempts – the Tarbets.   When I asked the good husband about his wife, he said that she has moved out with the kids and that they are divorcing.  I expressed a sadness and asked if we could come visit him-- he was very anxious for us to do so.  He sounded sincere.  I think he needs someone to talk to (with whom to talk).  We were touched, remembering how hard the experience was on our own sons.  It was a good decision to make the calls!  We felt great about our ministering efforts tonight!  

        Later, I took the screen off the bottom of the refrigerator and sure enough, the coils were covered in dust.  I vacuumed the coils so the fridge will operate more efficiently.  If you haven’t done this in a while, you really should!  Some models have the coils in back.   MK folded her winter clothes into a tote for storing until November.








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