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Monday, March 18, 2019


Sunday, March 17, 2019: 17, 2019:  Church Church / Visit John /Corned beef & cabbage


D2/MK:  We enjoyed a relaxing Sabbath morning, reading our scriptures and studying our SS lesson in Mark and Luke.  I watched Music and the Spoken Word, but didn’t recognize the songs, which is a distraction for me, so I didn’t enjoy the half hour much.


      We took the boys to church while Aubrey tooled up to be with John.  The older two boys passed the sacrament and Nixon sat on their usual row alone (2nd row east side) until they joined him, although we did invite him to sit with us


     Bro. Mike Ramsey (ward Young Men President) spoke as did Bro. Stella, a high councilman who is a convert from Argentina. The stake primary presidency was released and Jocelyn Jensen was made president (daughter-in-law of Edith & DeVon) with Edie DuPaix called as a counselor, and Jessica Brinkerhoff called as secretary.  Nice.  Melissa Moon was released as counselor – she is in Thailand for 10 days, visiting a friend.  Wonderful!


        Sunday school was nice. Danny Bradshaw filled in for Bro. Wheeler and led a wonderful discussion. 


        MK made us a delicious corned beef and cabbage lunch to break our fast.  I couldn’t resist having two servings. I may pay for that tomorrow when I hop on the scales, but it surely was good! 


     I texted Aubrey to ask if it would be okay to visit John, and she said yes.  We asked the boys if they wanted to come along. Oliver was playing with a friend, so he said no, but the other two jumped at the chance.  I skipped 1300 East because it is so bumpy and went out 9th instead. It seemed to go quicker and more quietly.


        John was in good spirits.  The tube clearing out his stomach has been removed, so he could talk.  Emily & Steve Morrison showed up to say hi, too.  We stayed for an hour and then took our leave, getting the boys home in time for their bedtime.  Dr. Murday will see John tomorrow with her decision of surgery or not.



Sunday, March 17, 2019:             St. Patrick’s Day!

D2:  We enjoyed a relaxing Sabbath morning, reading our scriptures and studying our SS lesson in Mark and Luke.  I watched Music and the Spoken Word, but didn’t know the songs. We took the boys to church while Aubrey tooled up to see John.  Bro. Ramsey spoke as did Bro. Stella, a high councilman who happens to be from Argentina.

        Sunday school was nice. Danny filled in for Bro. Wheeler and led a wonderful discussion. 

        MK made us a delicious corned beef and cabbage lunch to break our fast. I couldn’t resist having two servings. I’ll pay for that tomorrow when I hop on the scales. We decided to go visit John and asked the boys if they wanted to come along. Oliver was playing with a friend, so he said no, but the other two jumped at the chance. I skipped 1300 East because it is so bumpy and went out Ninth instead. It seemed to go quicker and more quietly.

        John was in good spirits and we learned a little more about his condition. The Morrisons showed up to say hi, too.  We stayed for an hour and then took the boys home.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019


 Saturday, March 16, 2019:       

 D2/MK:  I was up early, so I filled the dishwasher with last night’s dishes and got it going.  MK was still sleeping, having exhausted herself yesterday with the dinner preparations.  Angie and Matt both texted me about Aubs, but I only know what they know, so I directed them to her.  Later, I saw her take off, presumably to the hospital. 

        I was surprised at 9:30 when I got a Facetime call from Clark and Ellen in Paris! They are so brave to travel on their own.  News today mentioned a new, fierce protest  in Paris by the “yellow vests,” showing angry crowds and a burning auto at the Arc de Triomph.  But Wallaces are planning to get around on the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus, and I’m guessing the drivers will be well aware of, and avoid, any public dangers for tourists.  Ellen’s phone was stolen, so that put a damper on things, although they do have a spare one that takes pictures.  They are staying in a Holiday Inn near Notre Dame.  Wonderful.  They have a trip to Normandy planned with a tour bus.  Mom woke up to listen to them but stayed out-of-sight in her nightgown. 

     We didn’t hear much from Aubrey other than one text, stating that John is miserable and depressed and the doctors are in a quandary because although John needs an operation, it’s too soon to do so. His body is not strong enough.  MK and I are fasting for him, as are many in the ward. 

        I zipped up to Smith’s and bought some milk, bread, frozen peas and then corn’d beef and cabbage, for tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner.  I can hardly wait!  

     Roger called to ask if we wanted to go with them to visit Harry Gillespie down in American Fork at a wedding reception -- his grand-daughter is marrying a Dupaix relative!  I jumped at the chance to do something.  Sister Doyle didn’t feel like going -- she’s concerned about John & Aubrey and prefers to “mope” quietly alone.   I prefer to do something to distract me.  Roger and Harry had relatives to talk to at the reception, but I didn’t and was always standing on the outskirts.  But it was fun seeing Harry and Ellen again and we talked about getting together on a more regular basis.  Ellen said she had a cookbook that she wants to give the Dupaixs and us. They are on the Keto diet and suggested we try it…MK had read about a deal on the Keto cookbook just yesterday on sale for $9.99, but I poo poo’d it. 

   Mom asked me to call Lincoln or Oliver to see if they were home.  The house looked still all day.  I got Oliver, but he talks in clipped words and so I didn’t learn much – I think he and his brothers were with Wades.  Friends are so good to step in to care for the kids! 

     Angela sent a text, letting us know that she and Mark had had a good visit with John & Aubrey. I am always impressed at the support our kids give to one another.


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Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019:   D2 drives John to ER /  dinner prep / D2 picks up boys from school / FEM dinner book discussion a success / John remains in hospital with another surgery looming 

 D2/MK:  We were awakened at 7:11 by a phone call from Aubs.  John was miserable and could I take him to the St. Mark’s ER?  I dressed, cleared the frost from the windows and drove across the street to pick him up – he walked out slowly and in obvious great discomfort and distress.   There was a minimum of talk on the ride with him moaning all the way.  ER took him right in, of course, and I stayed for a while as they put an IV into him and started their pain protocol.  After a while, the pain subsided and he was okay.  I stayed around for a while until he told me I could go.  This does not look good, and again the fears crop up: 

Aubrey Hansen Doyle‎ to Doyles  4 hrs -- John is back in the hospital. He was having some intense abdominal pain with extreme vomiting.  The CT shows a lot of scar tissue that is wrapped around his intestines causing a major blockage.  

        At home, I went to work on my to-do list: papers to Edgemont, giant box to DI, and my suit to the cleaners.  We vacuumed the front room and spare room, cleaned the bathrooms and hung new towels, put up a spring wreath on the door and geraniums in the wrought iron hanger on the outside wall, and, in general, got the house ready for our FEM dinner tonight. 

        Around noon, Mary browned each porkchop and placed them all in the crockpot with a couple cans of cream of chicken soup & milk.  Then she made gravy with the pan of pork drippings to add to the rest and set the timer for a slow cook.  

       We took a break and ate lunch downstairs while watching the new Inspector Barnaby on Midsomer Murders, recorded last night (KUED is in season 14, we jump around when watching the show on Netflix).  It was a nice break.  

        We got a call from one of Aubs’ teacher colleagues, Ann-Marie.  She asked if we thought it would be helpful to have pizza delivered at 6.  We thought that was a safe bet for the boys and thanked her and agreed to try to learn from Aubrey how best friends/family could be most helpful in the days ahead!  We were very grateful to her and those with her.  Aubs will be, too. 

        Aubrey had asked me earlier to pick up the boys after school, so I was at Butler Middle at 2:40.  Lincoln had called to remind me in advance after the last time when I forgot and was late.  I appreciate any reminders.  He made a thoughtful suggestion: “If Nixon is home already, don’t mention that dad is in the hospital.  He’ll be upset and cry.”  I was touched.   However, Nixon had gone to the hospital with his mom, instead of going home.  The sun was out it was beautiful. I told the boys they were having pizza for dinner and they were excited!  

     Mary and I spent the rest of the afternoon setting the table and getting everything ready for the dinner.  Just before 6, the Domino’s pizza guy arrived at our house with three boxes, including one dessert cookie pizza, and I took him across the street.  I gave him a nice tip (Andy would have been so proud!).  We’ve never had food delivery that I can remember. 

        Ten minutes later, Doug and Pauline Todd were the first to arrive. They brought an exotic salad with a bunch of unusual ingredients, jicama, for example and pomegranate dressing.  Dan and Sharon showed up next with her delicious orange rolls.  Doug and Karen Barnes came next with a delicious green bean/pine nuts veggie dish.  Finally, Fred and Karen arrived with a delicious frozen strawberry dessert that was heavenly. We provided ice water and/or Welch’s grape juice.

         Naturally, we all congregated in the kitchen, talking a mile a minute about this and that. We never run out of things to talk about.  When everything was still hot and ready, we sat down around the table and had the prayer (I asked Karen Barnes to give us the prayer, fearing my voice couldn't get through my coughing). Mom’s slow-cooked pork chops were to die for and the mashed potatoes & gravy, as well.  All the dishes were superb!  You won’t find this quality of cooking in any restaurant!  Conversation flowed like the tangy grape drink I concocted (adding ginger ale) and seemed on-going, even while we were eating. 

       Dinner over, we remained seated at the table for another hour.  We announced there was a second bathroom for their use behind the spare room and then talk of the house led us to show them the TV room and lower room.  They were complimentary and surprised at all the areas in the two separate sides of the house. 

     We convened in the front room and pulled out our study book, Endowed with Power, bC. Robert Line.  I began the discussion, but it soon took wings as we went from one quotation to another.   Everyone had loved the book!  Most of our talk revolved around Adam and Eve and the Creation.  It was agreed that we continue the discussion next time – May 24th at Johnsens’ house.  Wow, what an evening! Because of our early start, we were able to end at 10:30, probably the earliest ever in 40+ years.  It was especially good for the Barnes and the Todds because they have a long way to travel home.  We tidied up a little, but most had been done right after dinner – we put things to soak and decided to do the work in the morning.  Aah, what a marvelous evening. 

 Aubrey Hansen Doyle So they are holding off on surgery. Surgeon is trying everything she can think of to avoid surgery because with his history she can’t do it laparoscopically so it would be his third gutting in three months. The worst timing to do a second surgery is 2-6 weeks after a surgery.  He is right in the middle of that window. So, she has given us 72 hours and a list of complications she is watching for.  If things don’t ‘correct’ themselves in 72 hours it will be emergency surgery. 
Aubrey Hansen Doyle   He has an NG tube down his throat suctioning his stomach and is NPO for 72 hours. She is considering starting him on TPN (IV nutrition). She has him back on a pain pump so his body can relax as much as possible.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

 Thursday, March 14, 2019:         National Pi Day!     

D2/MK:  There was a light covering of new snow on the car this morning, but the weather is supposed to clear up today and get warmer over the next few days. I was still a little concerned about yesterday’s prognosis on my medical condition, so I didn’t have the energy or desire to do much.  Finally, I asked Mary to make me a to-do list so I could be more productive.  

        And what a list it was: Collect trash and recycling and take out to bins, take one more Christmas tote and three artificial poinsettia plants to the storage area, and put away the target box & BB gun from the front room to the basement,  and dispose of the artificial Christmas tree still in the front yard.  It doesn’t sound like much, but all that movement and going up and down stairs really takes it out of me.  

        We were watching TV and eating lunch when Mom got a call from Bette Brown asking if I would do some art work for her granddaughter.  Mom, of course, said yes.  Cortney had been asked by an elder in her mission to take pictures of his proposal to his girlfriend – on a beautiful decorative chalkboard-with-doors and I was to write, “Will you marry me?”  She gave me the materials and I went right to work on it.  It was fun working in a different medium and on black.  It took me very little time and she was very appreciative and complimentary when she left with it!  

        I had just sat down when the doorbell rang again. It was Elders Maple & Foderaro, seeking information about the many houses on the ward map with no names attached. They stayed for an hour as we went over the maps. I tried to give as much info as I could, but it’s been a long time and I’m out of the loop.  The sun was shining brightly when they left and it was gorgeous out!  When they asked if there was anything they could do for us, I said yes and had them put our old Christmas tree to the east side of the house. 

        Mary Kaye dusted and vacuumed the front room and kitchen and scrubbed the bathrooms in preparation for our visitors tomorrow. I took a bunch of things downstairs and put our Halloween totes up on the shelf.  Things are coming together!   She does a lot of cleaning and arranging that is not related to the dinner – areas of the house that will not be seen, but she loves the excuse to work throughout the house.  She has done small tasks over the course of the week and feels the Lord has helped her so that she doesn’t have to do anything too strenuous at any given time and yet feels she has done good work. I feel the same way.  

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