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Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018:   Mall walking, missionary correlation lunch / Office Depot / MLS visits  / John comes over to visit us 

D2/MK:    I zipped off to the mall and got in 2.4 miles. I was surprised to see three more stores closed on the top level.  I came back to take a shower and set the table. Sister Doyle put in the taco casserole so it would be hot when the missionaries showed up for lunch & correlation.   It was delicious, though MK thinks she’ll not save the recipe.  We also served apple sauce with cream on top. They love mango juice and drink two glasses apiece each Friday. They’re used to Klondike bars for dessert and still like them.  We did our usual planning and then they looked over our souvenir swords up close -– those of El Cid from Toledo, Spain, and the medieval one from Germany, and the conversation slipped into Samurai swords and Japanese fighting.  

        We headed out to Office Depot in Draper to buy some tags for our Christmas ornaments because there is no place on the ornament to print a name.   We had thought to look at another grey rocker for the TV room, but the traffic was horrific, so we just came home and prepared some names of people  for MLS visits 

        We caught Bellview Ward’s Bro. Kener coming out of his garage just as we parked.   He was very sociable and reminded me that he knows both John and Andy.  He and Andy played football in their days at Jordan.   John had worked with him for a while at Discover Card some years back.  Because he was preparing dinner for the family, he asked if we could come back on Sunday.  Yes. 

       We decided to visit our own Carolyn Roylance and parked at her house.  Max Dickson, next door, was outside, so we went to visit with him first.  He recited “November Again” from memory.  He has a wonderful repertoire of poems.  He was pleased when I was able to recite a poem he taught me “My Walks With Pleasure and Sorrow.”  His daughter-in-law has composed a marvelous poem about him that he shared with us!  We recommended that it be read at his funeral – he has already asked her to do so.  I’d like it for mine, too! 

      Then we walked next door to visit frail little Sister Caroline Roylance.  She was thrilled to see us!  We chatted for some time in her front room decorated with Christmas décor from last Christmas – she was sure her son Bryan wouldn’t be alive to celebrate this year.  She asked about Bishop.  She had talked with Bob Langford, just home from the hospital. As we were leaving, she asked if she could have the sacrament brought to her home. We’ll check on it.  

        We came home for a light dinner and were just cleaning up when John came over. We talked for a long time about a myriad of topics.  He said that he had run across the street to see how it felt to run.  He asked if I could drive Lincoln to his 9:30 indoor soccer game tomorrow morning at Gardner Village.  I said yes.  I’d like to watch him play.  John will be going into work, and Aubrey will be with Nixon at his game. 

       We also are hanging out at the Vosti home during Levi’s birthday party tomorrow night.  It will keep us awake for the BYU football game televised LATE!  Angie will be in Moab with Mark, running his 50th race (a 50k this time) in this, his 50th year.  They’ll probably be home before the party ends.







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Thursday, November 15, 2018

 Thursday, November 15, 2018:   D2 to Dental apt /  


D2/MK:    I didn’t eat this morning because I had a dental appointment with Dr. Glassett.   I flossed and brushed to make sure my breath was minty fresh.  Mellissa did the usual cleaning and took x-rays. Dr. G showed me that I needed a new crown and made an appointment for December. 


        I came home and made myself a scrambled egg breakfast, complete with turkey bacon.  I’ll have to learn how to make real omelets.  On our cruises, that was my breakfast of choice.  I got caught up on my mission reading in Galatians and personal study in the Book of Mormon.  


        Sister Doyle found a recipe online for a taco casserole and cooked the hamburger and layered the parts -- soup & sour cream, tortillas, meat and taco sauce, then cheese and stored it in the fridge overnight for tomorrow’s lunch with the elders.


       We considered families to visit and set out for their addresses.   We found the houses after much searching, but neither family was home.  We had discussed that we can always stop by families within the Canyon Rim Ward, so we went to see the Seipels.  Like us, he was downstairs, watching his TV and Suki was upstairs watching hers.  She called him on his cell phone to come.


       We had a great hour’s visit!   I began talking with Rudi about soccer and was amazed to hear about his life and his involvement with the building up of soccer here in Utah.  He is in the Utah Soccer Hall of Fame! Our wives had a lot to say to each other, too.  So glad we went there.  Suki was effusive in her expression of gratitude for our coming.


        When we got home, Mom whipped up some spaghetti.  It was so delicious, and I was so hungry, that I ate too much. I dare not weigh myself tomorrow! 


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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018:   D2 shops, takes elders to Mission Office / MK gets Coumadin schedule / Good shopping together / Roger & Edie called /  MLS visits 

D2:   I was getting into my running clothes when the missionaries called, asking if I could take them to their interviews at the mission office at 10:15.   I calculated the time and decided to stay home and finish some other tasks first.  I grabbed some coupons and went up to Smith’s to do some shopping – milk, mango nectar, 7-Up.  Then at the appointed time, I picked up Elders M&R and dropped them off at the mission office. They said they’d get a ride home. 

MK:  I called Miller’s office and got the schedule for my Coumadin for the week – identical to last week.  Are they double-checking?  Well, it will be interesting to see if my blood registers a thin 1.4 next Tuesday again. 

       At 1:00, Sister Doyle and I went to Dollar Tree to buy an assortment of items; Christmas ornaments, birthday cards, candy, calendar, etc.  Just as we were walking in, we got a call from Roger and Edie. They were excited that we had moved the Nielsen Christmas Party to a date after they return. It was good to hear from them.  We continued on to Walmart to return a couple items bought last week and bought a few ingredients for Friday’s lunch with the missionaries.  We each made ourselves a ham and cheese sandwich when we got home. 

      After relaxing for a while, we made a list of possible MLS visits and took off.   First stop was an area of relatively new, pretty townhouses in the Park Ward.  Jennie Richards greeted us with such joyous expressions of pleasure.  It was so sweet!  She pointed to her granddaughter, June, lying on the couch, and announced to her, “These are the Bishop’s parents!”  Then she explained to us that the little girl was quite sick with fever and throwing up and asked if we would consider coming back another time.  Yes, of course!  First, though, she just had to say how deeply grateful she has been each time she sees Bishop sitting on the stand the last three Sundays, looking healthy again.  Her exuberance was very infectious!!!  She is a friend of Kellie Collison.  She hasn’t been active for 17 years but has been coming to the Canyon Rim Ward faithfully for a few months with Kellie. 

       Before stopping at the Fogel home, we stopped at Jennifer Jones’ house – no one answered our knock, though we’re sure everyone was home.  Okay, we’ll leave them alone – figuratively.  We’ve asked Elders Mounce & Redmon to pick them up to teach the young boys

        We went to Kathy Fogel next.  She clearly recognized us instantly and was just very pleased we had come to visit!  Her mother Noreen was on the couch and her daughter Mary was just leaving to go to work at Desert Star Theater – we mentioned that our granddaughter Ashley was beginning a job there on Friday!  We had a wonderful visit with Kathy and Noreen.

       Our last visit was to Angela & Doug Christensen of Canyon Rim Ward.  We took a copy of the manual “Come Follow Me” to leave with them.  They have a guardianship of Angela’s brother’s three children—RJ (12), Conrad (8), and Shy—(4).  However, they spend every weekend with one parent one week, then the other the next.  Angela works two jobs (daycare & Maverick convenience store) and works on Sundays.  Doug is a school custodian (knows our Angie).  Doug’s 18-year old daughter, Kaylie, is moving in now, too.  She’s a sweet girl.  We had a good, positive visit and ended with prayer. 

     We felt happy with our visits and called it a night. 


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