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Monday, April 23, 2018


Monday, April 23, 2018:      Ashley announces on FB that her baby is a boy / Morning chauffeuring Elders / made enchiladas / visit from Vostis / John uses elliptical


D2/MK:  We got a text from the elders asking us if we could take them to Walmart at 10:00 to do their weekly shopping.  Sure!  We picked them up, drove over, and went inside, too.   Sister Doyle and I did our own shopping.  They had bought themselves take out lunches from McDonald’s (inside the store).   
After loading everything in the car, we were off to Ocean Mart (the largest Asian food store in Utah) where we spent a long time looking at the most amazing collection of foods ever.  Elder Mang was in his glory and we had to pull him out of the store.  He had gotten permission from Pres. Lansing to go out of his area to shop at the specialty market.  Elder Bowen considered buying a small Budda figurine but it was $60.  
Our next stop was in Riverton, Elder Bowen’s last area.  Both elders needed bike stands and after seeing what was available in Walmart, Elder Bowen knew the bike shop in Riverton had better selections.   And then home.   It was noon.    We dropped off the elders, then noticed Elder Mang had left his lunch bag in the car, so we returned to deliver it and then continued up to Subway to buy ourselves a sandwich!  Subway sends a daily special on Denny’s phone and today’s was “buy two, get one free” sale – one each for lunch, one for him for later.

        Mary Kaye has been wondering what to serve at tomorrow night’s Progressive Dinner because they are all teenagers with different tastes.  When asked, Elder Bowen said, “Anything that you have served us for lunch on Fridays would be great.”   She was pleased!   After a while she decided on chicken enchiladas.  And off we went to Walmart to do a bit of shopping for that recipe! 

       When we got back, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why our Epson printer won’t recognize a brand-new ink cartridge.  I looked on the internet and tried several solutions, all to no avail. I called Epson’s tech support and painfully tried to understand a young man with a heavy accent from India. I’m sure what he said, but it didn’t help fix the problem.  Very frustrating.

        We were pleasantly surprised when Angie, Mark, and Levi popped in in the early evening. We had a nice chat.  They had been to Luke’s coed soccer game at nearby Lone Peak Park!   

       After they left, I pulled out my Subway sandwich and ate it for my dinner.  When I went downstairs to rest, Mom put the enchiladas together (2 pans of 8—should have some for Friday’s lunch with Elders Bowen & Mang).





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Sunday, April 22, 2018


Sunday, April 22, 2018:   Stake Conference / Maggie’s lesson with Elders / MLS visits


D2/MK:  Another warm, beautiful Sabbath (73 degrees)!  We attended our stake conference today and were richly rewarded.  The speakers were great, sincere, and inspiring…Pres. Monson and Smith, the Tolmans, Bro. Porter and Elder Mark L. Pace.   I was pleased to see Pres. Tolman (who called me to be a temple worker in the Draper Temple) and his wife on the stand.  I was surprised to have him mention me by name, along with the Harmons and Brinkerhoffs and several others that have worked there during his time there.   He had paid attention to the prelude music (by Donna Johnson at the organ) and listed every one, and even noticed that she had changed keys in the middle of each one while playing them! He is an accomplished pianist himself and used to play for our preparation meetings...more...


         After lunch, we relaxed for a while before the elders showed up and we drove them to Maggie’s house for another lesson. It was on the commandments and went really well.  Looks like she will be baptized next Sunay along with her 8-year old sister.  We brought the elders back to our house to pick up their bikes.   We stayed in our clothes and after a brief rest, we decided to make some visits.


        Bro. Bob Porter had given us his inactive cousin’s name several weeks ago, so we made him our first visit.  He answered the door and was friendly, but we could tell that there was a lot going on, so we told him we would call him before another visit—we just wanted him to see us first so he’d know who we are when we call.  He didn’t say no, so we’ll follow up soon. 

        We stopped by Nada Linnarz’s house, and she was glad to see us.  Her son Adam and his wife Summer have moved into an apartment in Midvale but call several times a day to check on her – they helped her pick out a “watch dog,” and just got him today!  She put him in the laundry room while we were there, not knowing how he’d behave with us and whether or not he’d zip out the door and run!  Nada seemed really good, although she said she is still having migraines.


        We dropped by the Rosencrans’s place and found Nick and his son and daughter out in front yard.  Wife Michelle had just left for work.   We had a good visit in the lovely warmth of the outdoors with the soothing sounds of the glorious water feature – he designed and it, which is his daily business, too.   Oh, it’s beautiful!   He had spent today in his backyard building a complicated playset!  He’s young.  We mentioned we are the bishop’s parents, and he immediately remarked what a great guy he is!   He said he will be taking over the 7-8 year olds in Primary because his wife is overwhelmed!  Good for him.  I hope he does.  We said we’d look for him Sunday, as we prepared to leave. 


         Sister Doyle suggested we go to see the Youngs before going home.  Perfect timing!!!  They had been all weekend at their cabin and were showered and ready for our visit!  We gabbed forever, a lot about genealogy and DNA testing, etc.  We think we’d like to try it!  Steve wanted us to know that he still loved everyone in the ward and will come back to Church, but admitted that he is trying to resolve some problems.  So glad we had this visit.


        We heated up some left-overs and ate downstairs while we watched Masterpiece’s The Unforgotten and then Maigret.  And then it was time for hair-curling and bed.




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Saturday, April 21, 2018

 Saturday, April 21, 2018:  D2 goes to boys’ soccer / MK shops & accepts to help with Progressive Dinner / Both attend evening session of Stake Conference /Baby announcement from Mark & Chanelle 

D2/MK:  We awoke to a beautiful day.  I saw John outside with the kids and asked about his schedule for the day.  Lincoln had a game at Bonneville Junior High and Oliver one at Millcreek Park.  They overlapped, so both parents were involved.  I went to the last half of Lincoln’s game and had a great time.  I heard someone yell encouragement at her son in French, so I got up and quickly introduced myself.  She is the mother of Noah, one of Lincoln’s classmates and is Oliver’s French teacher.

        John and Lincoln took off for Oliver’s game and I followed.  I got to see the second half of that one, too.  After the game, I went to the referees and congratulated them for their good job on the game. They seemed pleased.

        After making myself a sandwich, Sister Doyle and I made a trek to Walmart for food supplies. It’s a fun place to be because there is such a wide assortment of people coming and going with piercings, ugly tattoos, and bizarre outfits – along with some very good, conservative, happy, friendly souls that we can easily relate to!  MK bought perfume.  We both came home and relaxed in front of the TV together. 

        Tamra Short called to ask if we’d be willing/able to participate in Tuesday’s YM-YW “Progressive Dinner?”  YES!  We’ll serve the entrée to 10 or 11 youth and give a short lesson on table etiquette.  Looking forward to it!  Chanelle & Mark announced on the family-only Facebook that they are expecting a baby!!!  They are ecstatic and all the Doyles' comments were, too.

        We got dressed for the adult session of our stake conference and made it just in time. We sat on the second row next to the Morrisons and Wades.  John and Aubs were behind us.  Both had extreme sunburns on face and arms!  We were pleased to see Pres. and Sister Peters, the second counselor in the mission presidency, on the stand.  Later, during their talk, they had us stand, along with Elders Mang and Bowen, to be recognized.   They stood together to give their talks on examples of “ministering” examples.  Nice.  All of the speakers and talks were fantastic…President Monson and the young brother and sister spoke on temple and family history experiences with ministering, too.  I wish I had brought my notebook to take notes.  Our new Area Seventy is Stephen Pace and he showed the video with Presidents Nelson, Oaks and Eyring bearing testimony of the power of “ministering” for us in these latter days!  Then he explained more on the way it’s to work and bless the lives of our people.  He remarked that he had three random thoughts come to him that he felt were important to throw into his speech before closing -- tithing, and his personal testimony of the calling of the new prophet/president.


         John came over afterwards and took in the bag of salt from our car for our water softener. He stayed and talked for a while afterwards about the things that had been said during the conference and how useful it was to him as a bishop.  We told him what we had learned from Theresa about can we help?


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Friday, April 20, 2018


Friday, April 20, 2018:     


 D2:  After sleeping through the night, for once, I got up refreshed and ready to go.   The morning went smoothly


 MK:     Actually, the morning went so smoothly that I would put it into the category of miraculous!  From the moment I got up and said my prayers, I glided through each task with ease, and it was noticeable even as I was executing the tidying, the cooking of taco soup, the washing and setting of my hair.  And Denny, too, briskly set the table for lunch and carried the 5 large oxygen tanks from the center of the front room to the space behind the loveseat, out of sight.   Everything was ready for our lunch & planning meeting by 10:00!   That’s when Harry Gillespie called.  He and Ellen were in town and wondered if they could stop by for a visit!  YES!  They came by 20 minutes later, and we had a marvelous visit – once our medical issues were discussed, we spread our wings a bit,  and we talked for two hours. 

         We were just about to invite them to our weekly lunch with the missionaries when they rose and said they had to leave.  Had they known how good Mary’s taco soup would be, I’m sure they would have stayed!  The elders were on time and we enjoyed a delicious lunch together. There wasn’t as much planning as usual because we have stake conference this Sunday and there will be no ward council meetings. They did ask us to visit Maggie with them tonight.

        My side was beginning to ache, so I took some Tylenol and went downstairs to relax and watch golf.  I may have slept a little bit, too.  After a while, I went back up to the computer and played with it for a while.  Just before six, we got dressed and went to teach Maggie with the missionaries.  The elders used my iPad to show a video on baptism and the lesson went really well. Interestingly enough, we had met Maggie the night before while visiting the Browns, but hadn’t known it.  We came home and got undressed and ate dinner.  Later, Sister Doyle reminded me that we were supposed to visit Bro. Saldivar with the elders at 8:30.  We jumped back into our missionary duds again and met them at the appointed time.  Unfortunately, he was not there, so we moseyed back on home, where we collapsed for the rest of the evening.

       I hopped on Netflix and watched a French comedy with Gerard Depardieu called La Dream Team. Picture The Bad News Bears, but with soccer.  





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