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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Friday, September 23, 2022:     Terrific FOCUS on The Book

            I did the right things to fill my morning, then with 2 photos to get re-sized, and the envelope to mail to Gordon & Julie, I drove up to Help-U-Mail at 2:30.  The photos turned out great for one page in The Book.   The slides that were scanned to Linda’s computer and then sent to my email were a big help – I had a BIG day changing many pages, improving and refining others.  What a job!!!!! 
            I heated a frozen entree for my lunch with a delicious fresh peach dessert from John & Aubrey – it was a treat to them from a neighbor!  I watched the finale of “Run On,” but I had many, many questions at the end.  Sigh!  I watched 2 episodes of my new drama, “Memories of Alhambra.”  Intriguing.
            It was hard to leave the TV, but The Book upstairs was calling me.   I worked for more than two more strenuous hours.  Amazing.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

Thursday, September 22, 2022:  Household chores / haircut by Ellen / Shop Smith’s / Dinner with Kevin & Rylan / Titan mows the lawns / John trims yard and visits

            WOW!  What an interesting, fun day!!!  I had had an odd sleep pattern last night, though.  I miss the woman’s voice for helping me to get in the mind for sleep.  I guess it was a week’s introduction and now I would need to pay for the service.  Last night, when I could tell that I wasn’t going to fall asleep naturally, I turned the TV on to the BYU channel – the app says I fell asleep 1 hour after going to bed.
            I got up at 9:00.  I took my pills, played my game challenges, read a chapter of Helaman where he prayed that his wicked people suffer famine rther than die in combat.  It was a sad period for the righteous.
            I typed a couple of things for The Book, then made my bed, dressed in my sweats, did a few odd jobs – kitchen clean-up, washed a batch, made a grilled sandwich and ate downstairs to watch an episode of “Run On.”  I thought I was on the finale, but there is one more. 
            Ellen called to say she was free to give my real hair a trim, so I went right down.  We had a good visit while she worked on me.  She gave me the birthday card she had left behind when we 4 girls went out to lunch last week.  It’s so sweet, I’ll include it with all my birthday pages.  She showed me the display she has to set up for Saturday’s Stake Emergency Preparedness Fair.  I was pleased with it’s clean look!  Earlier today she spent with daughter Marjorie in North Bountiful.  Her stake has a tradition in the 4-Thursdays prior to General Conference, the women have a special speaker – today was Sister Bednar.  Then we talked about our K-dramas, too.
            I had seen Titan at Butterfield’s as I drove down to Ellen’s.  I rolled down the window and asked if he had plans to mow my lawns . . . he said, “Yes, later.”  I knew I needed a $5 bill to go with the $20 I already had, if I was going to pay him, so after leaving Ellen’s, I drove to Smith’s.  Ellen had reminded me that I was to have 2 dozen cookies to donate for our booth on Saturday, so while at the store, I selected some pretty cookies and at the check out, I got my $10 bill changed to 2 $5 bills.  I was thrilled with how things were going so efficiently.
            At home again, I got a call from Kevin.  The two were on the freeway about to Lehi and were planning to meet me for dinner prior to their night’s performance at the Hale Center Theater –“The Unsinkable Molly Brown.”  They were thinking Mexican food, so I recommended LaCosta in my neighborhood (94th & 10th) . . . and only 10 minutes from the Theater!  I was there first.  The menu prices have escalated in the last year.  However, price wasn’t an issue, but I was happy to have a cheese enchilada “side order” and Rylan, too, was satisfied to have a chimichunga “side order.”  Kevin had the chimichunga meal, which included rice and refried beans – in the old days there would be lettuce and tomatoes, too, but no more.  The guys also had a dessert – fried ice cream and Mexican cheesecake.  We talked about Lamanites and Nephites and Mayans and Aztecs.  When the “Oculus” was brought up, I told them about a new K-drama I think I’m going to really like “Memories of Alhambra.”  He thinks he’ll get Janell to watch it with him – it mixes real life with virtual realty!
            We parted ways.  When I got home, I had both John and Titan working in my yard!!!  Titan was finishing the mowing and John was trimming with the weedeater and cutting out the Russian Olive “weed tree.”  I paid Titan, then caught up on news from John! 
            One day this week a tall woman walked into their house, high on some kind of drug, startling Aubrey and boys, then scaring them when she was guided back outdoors and seemed to be lost and angry!  Tony, next door, rushed over about the same time John arrived (riding his one-wheel) and apologized profusely, and came to get her – a party guest going home with her date and getting disoriented!  He’s been apologizing everyday when he sees John!  Then John has been to visit the newly-released stake president and the wife who has just given him divorce papers.  It’s a tough scandal for the neighborhood and friends.
            It was a big day for me, all in all!  My life is calm, quiet and rather pleasant at this time period. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Monday, September 19, 2022:    Dentist / Burger with Aub’s macaroni & tomato salad / episode of “Run On” / hours improving pages of The Book, Matt will look at it on Wednesday / emailed Gordon for help or authorization to use his story in my Book – he made some corrections and additions!  Julie called back to discuss genealogy she sees on FamilySearch – I doubt the data she related to me on Nello’s kids/ Bidet was a success / no lawn mowing / poor eating


Tuesday, September 20, 2022:    More detail work on The Book / cooked sausage & prepared stuffed mushrooms/ brought down 2 pictures of trees (broke 1 frame) from my computer room shelf for sharing at Relief Society social / arrived at church before 6:30, 30 ladies in attendance – highly successful evening – my table with KLynneJohnson, Janice Sorenson, Jeanette Oc…, Barcy Burns, RosaLee Joseph, Darlene Loveall and Gayle Moon next to me. / home at 8took out bins to street / left housewotk undone / no lawn mowing – where isTitan? / poor eating


Wednesday, September 21, 2022:    Poor sleep – missed app speaking / got up late, nosebleed / INR appt at 11 – great at 2.0 / shopped local Walmart for prescription refill, new 5x7 frame, several frozen entrees / brought bins back to the house / put away purchases and made lunch to eat downstairs / dozed / returned to upstairs to work on The Book / Roger and Edie walked up to get the slides I want scanned to the computer at Linda’s / Kevin will be going to Hale Center Theater with Rylan tomorrow – do I want to join them for dinner before? Yes! / left housework undone again / no Titan -- grass is 8” / better eating / Heavy rainfall at 7 p.m / Matt came to see if I was on the right track in my book prep – he gave me in confidence with my efforts / I had a nosebleed when Matt came – Noah gets them from time to time, so I sent a nose “twizzer” home for Noah (ER gave me 3 to take home a couple of months ago).

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