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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday, May 25, 2019: 

 D2:   Karen Barnes sent us their info about our trip to Branson next September. We wanted to be on the same flight. The price had already risen $30 between last night and this morning! We’ll wait until Monday morning before booking our flights because we want to see who else is going. MK doesn’t want to go if most of the group isn’t there.  I’ve always wanted to go, so it doesn’t make any difference if we’re missing someone.

        The dreary, rainy weather made me skip the gym today. I wish I’d gone. When the sprinkles stopped, I went outside to begin breaking up the cement. I started at the back, which was a mistake because I couldn’t break anything. When I moved up to the front, I was surprised that it was easier and began to have more success. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t too hard, either. I was able to get a ten-foot stretch pulled out, but lost energy and went inside. My to-do list went by the board and it was not a very productive day.

        I spent most of the day perfecting and tweaking my talk for tomorrow. I moved, added, changed, rearranged several times trying to find the perfect flow. It took a long time, but I think it’s okay the way it is.

        When we looked at our calendars, we saw that we hadn’t really settled on a time for our visit with the Jarvis. We quickly began to scramble and sent the Badgers an email with our contact info. We got a reply later and said we would meet them at 1:30 at Plates and Palates. But when the time rolled around, we found out that they were closing the restaurant early!  I suggested Smokin’ Bones, a BBQ place that Stephi introduced us to some time ago, just a short distance up the street. Everyone agreed that it was a good choice. I had the brisket sandwich with Cole slaw.  Mom had the Pork Sandwich with the Cole slaw, too.  I loved mine! We talked forever!

        John and Aubs came over later and were showing us some homes they were looking at. They are getting excited to move.  Stratton was there showing them what they needed to fix, repair, paint, clean, etc. they’ve even changed all their can lighting to the same bulbs for brightness and consistency. Bro Brinkerhoff  fixed their broken garage door and put a door pad outside.

       The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in front of the TV.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday, May 24, 2019:      

 D2/MK:   I had intended to accompany Roger and Edie to the gym, but when I called Saw Jockey, they said I was first on their list to cut the cement. I quickly texted Edie and cancelled and then went out side with my measuring tape and, using chalk, delineated the path of the cut all the way back. It was tiring, having to kneel, measure and then mark every few feet. 

        The worker arrived and went right to work with a giant machine. It didn’t take that long and the cut was deep and straight. When I asked about breaking up the cut piece and getting rid of it, he said that was up to me. What? Breaking up and getting rid of the cement would be another $500!  Well, that will give me something to do in my spare time. 

        I hadn’t slept well, so I had little to no energy and did nothing significant all day. 

       MK made a delicious veggie dish for our FEM dinner tonight (titled “Veggies in a Cloud” in our family cookbook), and we headed to Karen & Fred Johnsens’ house about 6:00, arriving on the dot of 6:30 along with Karen & Doug Barnes. Sharon & Dan Boskovich and Pauline & Doug Todd arrived just minutes behind us.   

       Dinner was wonderful-- grilled chicken, fabulous beef sliders and au gratin potatoes with our mixed vegetables in the creamy parmesan sauce (cooked to perfection), fresh fruit chunks & dip  from Sharon, a wonderful and tasty strawberry drink from Pauline, and a homemade gourmet chocolate cheesecake from Karen Barnes.  Everything was a hit and kept us at the table a long, long time.

       Conversation eventually led us to the basement to see the recorded Late, Late Show, featuring Comedian James Cordon and his Crosswalk Musical (tonight's was Aladdin) and karaoke time in the car with celebrities (tonight’s featured an old one with Beatle Paul McCartney).

        Then Doug Barnes shared his travel plans for our group to go to Branson, Missouri!  (Sept 28-Oct 4).  He said that he and Karen will be going with or without the group, and he would like our responses by Monday night.  It will be a marvelous week, if all couples would be able to go!!!!!  We have such a hard time ending our time together on these dinner nights, that a week together would be a thrill!!! 

             We gathered in the living room to continue our discussion of C. Robert Line’s book, Endowed with Power.  Page 104 has a poem composed by the author, and Doug Barnes, a rather musical genius himself – had sung the poem to several tunes in our hymnbook and was so impressed that he sent Bro. Line a message on his website, offering to compose music for it.  Doug had received a response just today and read it to us – he had been pleased at Doug mention of our group reading his book etc. and he said he had entered the poem into the Church competition and that someone has already begun composing music for it, but he will keep Doug’s offer on file, in the event things change! 

      It was a marvelous five hours together! How we love these people!

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

 Thursday, May 23, 2019:  D2 to gym, begins building, writing talk & lesson / MK makes lasagna, gets perm by Ellen 

D2:   I enjoyed my time at the gym this morning and felt refreshed when I came home.  I had nothing much planned, so I began my gate project. The weather was cold and blustery, but I pushed through. I was set up on the patio. Cutting, drilling, and screwing the frame together turned out to be harder than I anticipated. Fortunately, I had two drills, one for drilling holes and one for screwing the boards together. 

         I spaced out the pickets to see how I wanted to place them. I probably did too much because suddenly I had to stop and lean against the house.  There was a pain or ache in my chest, too, so I went indoors and hooked myself up to my oxygen for a long while and just sat at my computer and rested. I worked on my talk for this Sunday as well as my priesthood lesson.  I love studying the gospel!  Last Sunday I was approached about leading the discussion in priesthood meeting this week, then last night I got a call asking if I’d be willing to speak in sacrament meeting to replace someone who backed out.  

 MK:  I put a lasagna together early in the morning, then at 10:30 drove down to Ellen’s to get a perm – the first in many, many years. She recommended I get a haircut soon.  The perm is very good.  I’ve left it in the curly state – no blow-drying, no setting.  It air-dried quickly, then I put my wig on, and we drove over to Walmart to buy the veggies for my part of tomorrow’s dinner with our FEM group.  

          It rained frequently throughout the day.  There has been so much rain this month that the flowers, trees and newly-laid sod are all thriving!!!  It’s too wet for mowing. 

     We ate our yummy lasagna (with spaghetti squash), while watching TV together downstairs, then I waited to set the dishwasher until Denny finished showering. 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019:    D2 to gym, to Vosti, to shop for tools and microwave / session and dinner at JRT with Wallaces & DuPaixs

 D2/MK:   Roger and Edie picked me up at 7:30, and we journeyed to the gym.  Instead of free weights, I wandered around and explored the machines. I really enjoyed it.  I’d been intimidated by them and have been avoiding that area of the gym. I felt really good afterward. 

       At 9:45, I took the elders to their Zone Multi-District Council Meetings at the Flat Iron Mesa Stake Center. From there, I drove straight to Vosti’s office place for my monthly adjustment.  I felt great when I came off the final table and was surprised at how limber I was. 

     Next, I stopped in at Home Depot to buy a sanding belt and tack clock for my building project. Then, I went to Costco and bought a new microwave oven! No more slamming the door or picking it up and dropping it to make it work! Finally, I took the old microwave to The Appliance Man to be recycled.  It felt good to let it go.  

         Early this morning, Clark and Ellen invited us to go to the Jordan River Temple for the 3:40 session. Mary’s initial response was a negative nod, but she relented, washed and set her hair, hoping it would hold up for a session.  When Ellen called back, she said yes. The Dupaixs would pick us up at 3.  It was a sweet experience and we enjoyed the new shorter version.  Was that another new film? 

      Afterwards the six of us went downstairs to have dinner in the cafeteria.  Since the restoration, the cafeteria is set up differently than in the years we enjoyed the twice-a-week meals from July 2002-July 2008!  Tonight, I had chicken, Mary had cod.  What a nice surprise to meet Fred Johnsen on his dinner break just then, too!!!  Didn’t realize he was an ordinance worker!  We are looking forward to our regularly scheduled FEM dinner on Friday at Johnsens’ house!  What a shock to discover that someone took Edie’s temple bag – good grief!  Hope it was unintentional and is returned straight away – nothing similar had been left behind! 

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