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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

 Monday, December 17, 2018:    

D2/MK:  Picked up the elders at 8:15 and took them to Walmart for their weekly shopping and hung around until they were done.   Apparently, they didn’t need much because they didn't take as long as usual. Two other sets of missionaries were there that early, too. 

            At 1:20, I bounced over to Costco to get my ears checked. I had to wait a long time to get in, and then I was there for at least an hour while he gave me every imaginable test.  He checked my previous exams and said that my hearing has deteriorated since then but is still in the normal range except for the extreme high-end range where it plummets like a rock.  He didn’t think hearing aids would do much for me.  I was just hoping that there had been miracles invented since my check 18 years ago, but, no. 

        While that was going on, Sister Doyle was with her ministering sisters, Dorothy Larsen and Marilyn Walters.  They visit a long time and always get into the area of doctors, hospitals and ailments, but not to the point of discouragement or depression.  She had their peanut clusters and card prepared in advance.  Yippee! 

        We went shopping at Walmart for many items on a written list!  We chatted with Sandy Zone Leaders Elders Cronin and Rodriguez, as well as with Draper Zone Leaders, Elder Brettschneider and his new companion Elder Find from Weisbaden, Germany.  We detected no accent!    

       When we got home, we went our separate ways, I upstairs and Mom, down. I watched an hour interview with Jordan Peterson and was swept away by his unflappable answers to pointed questions. He is incredibly articulate.  Mom ate her supper of tuna sandwich and tomato soup while watching a Hallmark movie, Christmas Detour.  

         We had clean clothes and clean dishes to put away before bedtime.




Tuesday, December 178 2018:   District Council @ Zone Bldg./ Subway/ 

D2:  Took a hot, leisurely shower and shaved and got myself ready for the day. We picked the elders up at 9:45 and were the first in our district to arrive after Elders Reyes and Carroll. We were missing the Murphys because of her second knee operation.  Part way through the council my chest started hurting and I had to get up and walk around for some time before it returned to normal. It was a little scary.

            Instead of role plays, Elder Reyes had the two new elders bear their testimonies. Elder Carroll’s was especially touching because he has a high-pitched voice and has been bullied because of it throughout his life, so much so, that he tried to commit suicide. We got to see him in a whole new light. We brought my chocolate chip cookies and they went pretty fast. Someone else had brought some chocolate candies, so it was a calorie-filled meeting!

            After getting out, we went to Subway and treated the elders to a delicious lunch. I had a six-inch steak and cheese sub and it was delicious. We dropped them off and came home to rest. I was surprised when I got a call from the Spanish elders asking me to accompany them (as per protocol) when they taught two young ladies in the Flint Chapel. I naturally said yes and was working on my Spanish when they called back several hours later to cancel. The girls couldn’t come.

            Sister Doyle made a list of neighbors to visit and give treats to and I lettered and decorated the envelopes to give them a personal touch. She always writes something nice inside.  We didn’t go visiting, so we dithered away the rest of the day. Mom did request a recipe from Aubs for our missionary lunch on Friday—chicken enchiladas!  

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

 Sunday, December 16, 2018:  D2 to Park Ward Council / Canyon Rim Ward block / Internet repaired / 2 MLS visits / Missionaries with Bro. Pontes.  


D2/MK  I attended the 10:00 Park Ward Council this morning and was impressed by Bishop Hamideh’s organizational skills and ability to cut to the core of each problem.  He asked me to visit the Whites and Fogels again – the women are not attending church!  

        I picked up Sister Doyle for 11:00 Canyon Rim Ward meetings pleasant sacrament meeting, Gospel Doctrine Class and Relief Society and Priesthood.  It does feel good having Roger & Edie among us again. 

       After church we came home quickly so that we wouldn’t miss our Comcast 2-4 window.  The tech showed up shortly thereafter and repaired our internet by changing out an old connection wire.  Oh, I hope that will be the last repair needed forever! 

      I put names on some envelopes while Mary Kaye wrote a sweet note in each matching Christmas card.  We headed out to deliver as many gifts as possible -- we only found Steve & Teresa Jensen and family and Don & Maren Marion home.   We had a short, positive chat with each of them. We’ll return and get the ones we missed tomorrow and write cards for the remaining gift bags, too. 

        At 7:00, we were at the home of Bro. Pontes and the six young missionaries.   It was a time for all of us to get better acquainted.  We told stories and jokes and had a very relaxed time together.  There were many stories about Elder Redmon, which surprised us, but we all agreed that he was deeper than we probably knew.  Elise had made cookies and we all washed them down with a glass of milk.  It was a really fun evening.  Elder Pontes was visiting Sagecrest Ward and learned that Pres. Kent and Sister Karen Hilton have received a mission call to Japan ( Pres. Hilton served there in his youth) -- he will be a financial administrator of sorts. We left our gift bag and card with Fabio & Elise, then drove Elders Mounce and Foderara to the McCormacks’ house to get their bikes to ride home.




Saturday, December 15, 2018: 

D2/MK:    No walking again!   I just couldn’t psych myself up to go.  Instead, I texted several families in our ward and reminded them of our Christmas dinner tonight.  Later, I did go to Costco to get some clear plastic sheets for our journal pages, but they were out.  I stopped by the hearing center and made an appointment for Monday.  It’s been ten years since I’ve had my ears checked.  

 I continued on to Angie’s house to deliver two photo umbrellas and their stands. She made me a waffle and it tasted sooo good!  Finn was more excited than I’ve seen him in some time, jumping and barking and running around.  Angie had me read several of Luke’s essays while I was there. They were quite good! I corrected a few things but was impressed by his flow.  Everything seemed to fit together so smoothly. 

On the way home, I stopped by Smith’s to pick up a prescription.  I was going to go through my emails, but all of a sudden, our internet went down. I went through the usual procedures, checking connections, unplugging the modem, and restarting my computer.  Nothing. I called Comcast and they had me do everything again.  The tech finally agreed that my internet was indeed not working. Duh! He scheduled someone to come out tomorrow between 2 and 4.  In the meantime, our landline phone is not working either.  Grrrrr…. 

As I was getting into the Forester, I saw Roger and Edie drive by, home from their mission!  I followed them down to their house and saw the family out in front.  I honked, waved, and then zoomed out to Herriman to meet Lily and her friend who were preparing their hair for the dance. It was a girl’s choice.  They weren’t ready yet and they still had to run grab their dates (Lily’s was Chad), so I was stuck there for half an hour. 

Finally, I got a text and zipped out to the lake behind their house, The Cove.  It’s a beautiful place, but the sun had gone down, and it was freezing cold.  I had to use her camera because mine can’t pick up the ambient light and the pictures don’t look as good.  I could barely pick them out in the viewfinder, but we managed to get some good pictures anyway. 

I hurried home to change for the ward Christmas dinner but couldn’t find my sparkly bulb necklace.  I figured Mom had absconded with it for the evening.  When I got to the church, my suspicions were confirmed. It looked really good on her, though, so I left it alone.  There was a jazz combo playing and it was wonderful, some of the best music I had heard in a long time.  It was Bro. Baird (who used to live in the Edgemont Ward) and three friends. I was too late for food (ham, green beans, Jell-O salads, baked potatoes and rolls) but managed to grab a piece of pumpkin pie.  Mom had arranged to get picked up by Bette.  They were glad for this time to get caught up on each other. 

We were pleased to see that the Leaser kids, the Beardahl sisters (and Grandma), and Steve and Teresa Jensen in attendance. 

 At home we got another call from Comcast asking me to check my internet again.  I went through the same routine as before (see above) and with the same results.  I guess they think that the system will automatically repair itself and they won’t have to send out a technician. 

        The Parkers (our coordinating MLS couple) called and asked if they could drop by. Sure!  It was 9:00.  They brought a plate of a variety of homemade candies – Elder Parker had grown up with his family’s candy company, but this was his first time in years to work at it!   They really look good.  We talked for a long time.  I ran to the kitchen and gave them one of our goodie bags, complete with quote from Sister Burton.  Great minds think alike.   Our peanut clusters are tasty but certainly a lot simpler than their many specialties!

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