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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday, August 18, 2018              

D2:  Sister Doyle suggested doing some kind of brick work around our trees, an idea we had seen on the internet, so I went early to Wasatch Shadows to look at what they had to offer. I got some prices and then went to Walmart for some dark brown mulch. I looked at their offerings as well. While there I also visited Lowe’s.  It seems like they all have the same things.

       I went online and looked at some DYI videos and they looked relatively simple (for a healthy person). I tried digging around one of the trees, but gave up, exhausted. Sam came by and picked up the bobcat that has been in front of our house for two days.

        I was excited to see Lincoln play, so I drove out to the West Jordan complex. I have never seen so many cars in all my life. I finally found a parking spot and rolled my oxygen over to the field. The game was tied after two OT’s, so they went to penalty kicks. Lincoln nailed his penalty kick, but two bad kicks by his comrades led to Sparta getting the win.  The kids were exhausted! Matt was there on the other side and I waved to me as I crossed the field to the referee’s pavilion. I only recognized one person—Roland.  He was very happy to see me and gave me a hug.

        Angie came by and dropped off some poster paper and new markers.  She gave me some directions for a couple posters with the promise that I might get some more!  I continued working around the tree, but gave up when I hit a couple roots.

        Aubs texted me saying John was in pain and could I get someone to help give a blessing? I called Dan and ten minutes later we were ready to go. Dan anointed and I gave the blessing.  Once home, I began work on one of the posters.  The first one is always the hardest. I get better as I warm up and then look back on the earlier ones and think of things I could/should have done differently.

         I worked and re-worked my talk throughout the day. I’m still not satisfied, but I am trusting in the Lord to give words to my ideas tomorrow
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Friday, August 17, 2018

 Friday, August 17, 2018          Top soil spread / D2 to doc, no news is… / Lunch & planning with elders / DMV for handicap hangers / Sandra and Jared’s reception  

D2/MK:   I took my oxygen into Dr. Hardman’s office just to show I was still using it. She said my C-T scan showed the smallest improvement, but my oxygen exchange levels were unchanged.  She gave me the impression that I will be on oxygen from now on.  She even mentioned the portable units as a possibility.  I was a little discouraged.  On the way home, I stopped at Costco to get gas.  

       Sam’s son-in-law worked all morning spreading and leveling out the top soil. We used two truckloads.  He and Sam worked most of the day...they are finished and have been paid   Sam came into the kitchen to get a drink of water. He sat on one of our stools and destroyed it!   Such cheap stools!

        I came home to set the table for lunch. Sister Doyle had already prepared a delicious seven-can chicken taco soup and set out, chips, cheese and sour cream.  We had juice and rolls and dessert set out, too.  Elders Westover and Pearce were on time, and we had a nice lunch with some planning afterward.    We asked about Elder Westover’s final days on his mission – last district meeting Sept.4, final interview with Pres. Lansing on the 7th, SL Temple on the 11th, then gone on the 12th!  His plan is to register for Pathway!   Elder Pearce has until next August!!!  

       Mom collapsed downstairs in front of the TV with her eyes closed, while, I worked on my upcoming talk in the Edgemont Ward Sunday as companion to high councilman Fabio Pontes.  I tried to listen to the spirit, but there’s so much I wanted to say (about The Proclamation on the Family) that I couldn’t organize it very well.  I took a break -- I went to the DMV at Point of the Mountain and got two handicap hangers good for a couple of years (Dr. Hardman wrote out the request). I could have gotten plates, but I didn’t want to go all the way back to the car to get the registration. 

        The Bradshaws asked if we’d like to go out to eat and maybe play a game or two.  It was decided we’d go to the Sandra-Jared wedding reception and then meet them at Brick Oven.   Minutes later, Dan called back – change of plans!   He and Jolene needed to be at a granddaughter’s birthday party at 7!  

        We drove out to Jared’s parent’s house and joined hundreds of guests seeking parking for blocks, then walking quite a distance more…Matt & Mary were in front of us and Angie & Mark behind us.  We met Steph inside (she’d been with the bride & groom since 9 am). We met Andy, Camie and Lily inside and John & Aubrey and Mark appeared while we sat for refreshments!   It was a lovely reunion for us among a reception of joyful friends and family there to celebrate this happy union!!!!!     

        The house and yard were beautiful and the line loooong.  We talked with several people and waved at others.  We chatted with Lisa, who was on the EF France Tour of 2007 with her son Sam.  Sam was an incredible high school kid then and has continued to excel in an impressive manner in the years since – missionary in Nogales, Mexico, a graduate of Brown and Harvard with honors. He has learned French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish.  He's in France now.  It was great reminiscing about the tour, too.  Steph and Sandra were on that tour, too!  

       Lily went to be tested for pneumonia because of her horrible cough -- doctors at Instacare had her go to the hospital for more tests and gave her an antibiotic.  She hasn’t heard the results yet.  Matt mentioned attending “Newsies” at Hale Center Theater with Mary and meeting Kevin, Janell, Ry and Asher there, too!   Kev and family had been with the Mitchell family in alifornia (at the beach at Oceanside while Vostis were there) and came to see Vostis in Draper to pick up a backpack for Rylan's scout camp this week! As we were leaving the party, Denny stopped to ask the tall, attractive blond why she looked so familiar –“I’m Heidi Hatch, news anchor on channel 2.”  Why, yes, indeed!  

       At the end of the evening (8:30), clouds rolled in, a little rain started coming down, and the thunder roared.  It brought a freshness to the air that we haven’t felt in a long time.  

It poured for quite a while on the lingering guests – Vostis, Steph, Mark were under a canopy and just continued visiting.  We got a bit on the freeway.





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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday, August 16, 2018:              the grass is gone!  

D2/MK:  I got off to a good start and hit the mall before nine.  Sam arrived with the bobcat a little after that and began scooping up the rows of cut grass and putting it all into the dumpster.   

        Sister Doyle had suggested I get my hair cut before the weekend, so off we went to the barber school. Tyler wasn’t sure what “high and tight” meant (a military expression for the military haircut), so a more experienced young man came over to show him how to do it.  He was a great instructor, but I still had him go to the waiting room to ask Mary Kaye to come back to give the final OK.  She made a couple suggestions and they completed the job.  I gave them each a tip.  

        From there, we went to Dr. Miller’s office to pick up another month’s supply of free samples of Eliquis, while negotiations are being made.   She received the samples and then was asked to fill out an application-for-patient-assistance!  Oh, la la!   She spoke up to Bri, then to Sara – “I have filled out this application already, and I have added pharmacy records and IRS papers months ago!”    

       They searched their files more extensively, and voilà, there they were – dated May 8th!  It wasn’t clear whether or not they had been faxed to Eliquis.  In any case, there was no response on file, so they were going to re-apply.  Mary is certain that she won’t be eligible because we haven’t paid out-of-pocket money to the required amount on our insurance, so she asked what will happen if she has to discontinue Eliquis?  She made her own suggestion – “How about a full-strength aspirin?”  Of course, the decision isn’t for the patient or the nurses to make.  It will require another appointment with Dr. Miller or Ballantine.   She asked for a second month’s of samples and Bri reluctantly complied, but MK is anticipating a long time before anything is decided!  

        Aubs texted me to remind me about picking up John at Lone Peak Hospital.  I headed over there a little after 1:00.  I waited outside in the lobby until they invited me in.  He was really groggy and in quite a bit of pain and without a gall bladder!  They gave him oxycodone, and he started feeling a little better.  He asked for a Dr. Pepper and some crackers and the nurse brought them to us both.  We also enjoyed some Lorna Doone cookies.  Finally, he was ready to get dressed and be discharged.  I brought him home. He leaned on me as I guided him to his bed.  He eased in between the covers and went right to sleep.  Aubs came home a little later with Lincoln in tow. He had played a wonderful game of soccer, and his team had won.  

        Pete Jensen came over and we discussed changing/adapting the sprinkler system for the new grass.  He turned off the front sprinklers temporarily, but allowed the back ones to go on. We added five minutes to the last station because the center of the grass is always dry. He’ll add the longer drip system next year rather than dig up our flowers.  I can hand water them.   

        Sister Doyle and I picked out some new names for our MLS visits.  MK called Betty Lee to ask to be able to visit her – she said yes.  We said a prayer and were off.  We had tried to visit Sister Lee unsuccessfully twice before today and were happy to have her consent now.  I double-checked the address and found out she lives on Serpentine, not on Sego Lily!  Crazy!  We had a wonderful visit her, in spite of a very noisy dog on her lap.  Her husband died a little over a year ago (she recited the year, months and days exactly) and is still trying to adjust to his absence.  Because he never mentioned them getting sealed in the temple when he was alive, she is hesitating now on her own.  Hmmm. We’ll visit with her again.  We kept our visit short and sweet. 

        We got empty houses on a couple of unannounced stops, but found Jeremy Larsen home, preparing the enormous “trailer” for a weekend camping trip to Rockport Reservoir with his side of the family.  His wife, Gabby, was gone, teaching gymnastics with their 5-year old daughter.  She arrived as we were leaving but walked inside and looked neither right nor left, totally ignoring us.  I’m glad we had such a pleasant visit with Jeremy before she got home!  

        It was getting after 8:3, so we moseyed up to Smith’s to buy ingredients for tomorrow’s dessert -- and Mom spent the rest of the evening making chocolate cheesecake.




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